SF-T7820 Auto-Incline Treadmill Review

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Released in 2019, Sunny SF-T7820 is different from all other Sunny Health and Fitness treadmills models.

It falls under the category of heaviest treadmills of its range. But like other treadmills from the Sunny, SF-T7820 is also specially designed for home purpose use, and it can’t fit a commercial unit.

The Sunny SF-T7820 has a motor with 2.5 HP power and an inclined system with 0% to 15% incline facility as a mid-range treadmill.

The unit’s console offers 36 pre-set exercise options so that you can make yourself busy with new and beneficial workouts to stay fit.

But the console is not suitable for online connectivity. Overall, the Sunny SF-T7820 is a midrange treadmill designed for cardio training, stamina building, and weight loss. To know more details about the Sunny SF-T7820, keep reading the article.

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What I Like About SF-T7820 Treadmill

SF-T7820 has many pro points that encourage a health concerned person to buy it as a mid-range treadmill.

  • Strongly constructed body and bears user weight up to 285 lbs.
  • It comes with a transport wheel for easy shifting.
  • Adjustable stabilizer.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • The machine comes with a fantastic warranty.
  • Frame 3 years / Parts 180 days
  • Zero to little maintenance is required.
  • Incline facility with automatic inclination from 0 to 15%.
  • Pulse sensor attached.
  • 36 pre-set workout programs.
  • Three users can add their profiles to the unit.
  • BMI program is present.
  • Internal and external deck cushioning allow you to enjoy low-impact exercise.
  • The deck can be folded and unfolded with a soft-drop unfolding system.
  • The speed of the unit ranges from 0.6 to 12.6 MPH.
  • The range of speed can be adjusted with an increment of 0.1 MPH.
  • Large size LCD (7 inches) display with LED backlight to check details.
  • Accessories tray attached to the dashboard.
  • A tablet holder is present.
  • Controls for gradual and quick incline and speed adjustment.

What I Don’t Like SF-T7820 Treadmill

  • Every machine has flaws against several plus points, and so does the Sunny SF-T7820 treadmill.
  • The machine has many more facilities to enjoy, but it doesn’t have a cooling fan attached.
  • You can not connect the console to the internet, and it fails in online connectivity.
  • There is no included sound system to enjoy music while exercising.
  • Apart from these, the treadmill is the best fit for every fitness freak as it satisfies all other necessaries.

Frame and Construction

The Sunny SF-T7820 has a structured and robust frame that provides stability to the entire unit. The frames and other parts are steel and coated with corrosion-resistant paint. The assembled unit weighs around 196 lbs (89 kg).

The unit has several ABS parts like the motor cover and dashboard integrated into the console side rail cover. The rail covers are rubberized at the center to protect you from foot slippage.

So it doesn’t slip or hurt when you need to stop, pause or get off the machine. When the treadmill is assembled completely, it looks comparatively large and covers floor space of 69.5″ Length x 34″ Width (176 x 86 cm).

Three-foot clearance space at the rear and two feet on both sides of the unit is recommended for easy and steady use.

The Sunny SF-T7820 has a foldable deck and uses a hydraulic cylinder that slowly lowers and helps smooth unfolding the machine.

The chances of damage become negligible with the technique, and the machine can be folded and unfolded quickly whenever required.

The length becomes 49″ (125 cm) when it is in a folding condition. The front base of the metallic frame has an adjustable stabilizer so that you can level the unit perfectly.

A transportation wheel is attached to the unit that helps easily shift the machine whenever required.

Apart from these features, the Sunny SF-T7820 has multiple shock absorption elements attached to the unit that helps in reducing vibration.

Two of the elements are placed under the center of the deck and are more oversized.

There are six cylindrical internal cushions to reduce the generated stress on your joints when you work out, and they are placed at the middle and rear of the machine.

Running Area

The Sunny SF-T7820 has a running surface of 55″ Length, 19.7″ Width (140 x 50 cm). It might seem smaller than other brands available in the market, but the machine’s running area is enough for users up to 6’2″.


The Sunny SF-T7820 is a motorized treadmill with an incline system. You can adjust the incline from the console, and for this, the machine should have a power source.

One of the best things about the machine is that its incline is automatic. Some of the programs can auto-adjust while you are exercising.

The incline ranges between 0% to 15%, and a gradual with quick adjustment facility is available on the console.

The range increment can be adjusted by 1%, and the quick controls can select between 3, 6, 9, and 12 incline levels.

Step-up Height

The treadmill has a step-up height of approximately 10″ (26 cm). When the incline setting is on a high level, the front part of the deck becomes high by a few inches.

So it is suggested to fix the machine at a place where the ceiling should be at least 15″ – 20″ higher than the user’s height. By this, you can avoid any mishaps during exercise.

Motor and Speed

Like the ASUNA 7750 model treadmill, SF-T7820 has a motor with 2.5 HP power. This machine supports long-time workouts and running as a powerful and robust treadmill.

You can use the machine at full speed without worrying about overheating issues.

The machine can bear user weight up to 285 lbs (130 Kg). Small flywheels are attached to the machine to reduce vibrations and provide steadiness to the motion.

The speed range of the Sunny SF-T7820 is between 0.6 and 12.6 MPH. You can increment the speed with a micro-adjustment facility of 0.1 MPH. This helps you find your comfortable pace for workouts, and you won’t hurt yourself while doing exercise.

The treadmill’s incline has a gradual speed adjustment facility for quick speed selection. The speed can be adjusted with 0.1 MPH, and if you press and hold one key for more than 2 seconds, the speed will be adjusted continuously.

You have to hold the key until you find your favorable level. The quick selection of speed options is 2, 4, 7, and 9 MPH.


The Sunny SF-T7820 is a mid-range home use treadmill with a programmable console with 7 inch LCD with an LED backlight.

You can check every data related to your workout session under different subsections. The console displays data like time, speed, distance, pulse rate, calories burned, incline levels, etc., in a single place.

Distance and speeds are shown in the metric. To check your pulse reading, you have to use integrated sensors.

The machine is not telemetric thus can’t read your heart rate via a wireless transmitter. The console section also shows BMI (Body Mass Index) function as per your gender, age, height, and weight.

By inputting these data, you can calculate your body fat and focus on losing extra weight with the help of its several workout options.

There is no Bluetooth connectivity in the console. Hence it can’t access any online fitness applications. But 36 pre-set workout programs help in practice training.

Three different user profiles can be created with the machine. When using pre-set programs, the machine automatically adjusts the incline and speed to exercise smoothly.

You can save your custom program data with the machine unit for future use.

The treadmill console has a tablet holder attached just beneath the display. But there is no sound system attached to the unit to play music while working out.

It doesn’t have any charging port facility. But the machine has two accessory trays to hold water bottles and small accessories.


The treadmill comes half assembled like the deck, incline and drive motors.

You have to fix the two front masts, the console, and small covers. Required tools are included with the package, along with a guide manual provides complete instructions.

It will take nearly half an hour to assemble the whole unit, and two people are needed for a smooth assembly.


The machine needs less maintenance than any other model of the Sunny SF-T7820 treadmill.

You have to periodically lubricate the deck for the long life of the machine.

Always keep the belt neat and vacuum under the unit in regular intervals. It is also recommended to keep the screws of the machine tight and cross-check for loose parts and alignment to fix them.

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