Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7874 Treadmill Review

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The Sunny SF-7874 treadmill is a budget-friendly running machine equipped with a 3.0 HP motor and specially made for home use. It is a middle-range exercise machine with a motorized incline setting that can be inclined from 0 to 15% so that you can exercise comfortably. In addition, the machine is comparatively compact in size and can fit into any place easily.

It has a hydraulic deck collapsing system, and the entire unit is strong enough to bear user weight up to 285 lbs. In addition, SF-T7874 has an LCD console with a backlight that consists of a BMI number cruncher and 18 exercise programs.

If you aim to tone your muscles, improve your stamina, achieve weight loss goals and perform light to intense cardio training, this machine is the best fit. Moreover, it is quite possibly the most affordable treadmill accessible to continue with your health and fitness target.

What I Like About SF-T7874 Electric Treadmill

Some of the interesting positive things that can assure you to make SF-T7874 your exercise partner is listed below:

  • The machine can bear weight up to 285 lbs because of its strong construction of the frame.
  • The deck has a shock absorption design on each side.
  • The console shows time, speed, distance, pulse rate, calories burn, incline details, and other workout data in a single place.
  • Very easy to set up the entire machine due to its easy assembly nature.
  • Zero to little maintenance is required.
  • The incline is motorized and can be set between 0% to 15%.
  • It comes with a speed 3.0 CHP motor that provides a speed ranges from 0.6- 11 MPH
  • On an increment of 0.1 MPH, the speed of the machine can be adjusted, and you can find your favorable speed to do exercise.
  • The LCD with LED backlight is 7” with multiple panel options.
  • A water bottle holder and a built-in music system are included with the machine.
  • Enjoy burning fat and build muscles with 14 different pre-set exercise programs with three custom programs.
  • Easy fold design and built-in transportation wheels.
  • A warranty period of 3 years for the frame and 180 days for parts.

What I Don’t Like About

The Sunny SF-T7874 is a fantastic workout partner, but there are certain limitations like no tablet and gadget holder included with the unit. The console section is not telemetric, and you can’t connect the machine online.

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Frame and Construction

The Sunny SF-T7874 treadmill comes with a strong steel frame and incorporates a few ABS parts additionally. For instance, the fronts of the side rails are made up of ABS and have a rubber layer on top to forestall foot slippage. Furthermore, the engine cover and the front dashboard that joins the control center are also made of ABS material.

When you completely assemble the unit, it needs 70″L x 31″W (178 x 79 cm) of floor space approximately. For safe and easy access, it is recommended to leave 2 feet of space on both sides of the machine.

The folding treadmill weighs about 153 lbs (69 kg), making this comparatively heavier treadmill than other models available in the market. It requires a minimum of 2 persons for the first time assembly, and once done, it becomes easier to shift from one place to another with the help of an equipped transportation wheel.

One more plus point about this treadmill is its excellent folding design which helps you lock the deck when not used. You can lock the deck in an upright position and save more space. When the deck is folded, the length and height reach 45’’ and 62’’ respectively. Hydraulic cylinder is equipped in its folding mechanism to deliver an effortless unfolding of the deck that protects it from unexpected damage.

Its construction is done superbly with an amazing paint finish and has a sustainable powder coating on the metallic body. In addition, the powder coating helps the machine from abrasion and corrosion.

Running Area

The running area of the treadmill is 54” L x 18” W, i.e., 137 x 46 cm. It can bear user weight up to 285 lbs (130 kg) which is a plus. Two cushioning elements are equipped with the deck, which are fixed on the front side to alleviate shock generation during foot strokes.

It helps you concentrate on doing exercise rather than thinking about the associated pain. SF-T7874 treadmill can be useful for users up to height 6’ and allow them to stride completely.


Furnished with a motorized incline framework, the Sunny SF-T7874 treadmill can be adjusted from the console. Apart from this, you can also control the incline from the left handlebar section.

Never forget to connect to power when you want to adjust the incline. As the unit’s incline framework has a small size motor and lifts which is placed under the deck’s front part, it elevates slowly when you try to adjust the incline.

The incline can be incremented by 1%, and the ranges provided for incline are from 0% to 15%. You can also choose between 5%, 10%, or 15% for quick and easy selection.

Step-up Height

The step-up height of SF-T7874 is approximately 9’’ (23 cm) with a maximum incline of a few more inches in its front. Therefore, always keep in mind where you place the machine; the ceiling height should be a minimum of 22’’ or 23’’ (56-58 cm) higher than your own height so that you won’t face any risky situation.

Motor and Speed

The Sunny SF-T7874 has approximately 1.5 CHP. It conveys a peak power of 3.0 HP, which makes it a mid-range engine.

It has a little flywheel to limit vibration and advance a smooth development for the belt. The motor has an amazing micro-adjustment of speed which ranges from 0.6 to 11 MPH that can be incremented by 0.1 MPH whenever needed. Thus, it gives you the likelihood to track down the specific speed that accommodates your speed and step.

There are control options in the console to adjust the speed gradually and are fast determination controls of 3 MPH, 6 MPH, and 9 MPH.


The console of SF-T 7874 is a mid-range programmable one and offers several exercise programs to help you achieve fitness goals. The console is equipped with a 7 inch LCD with an LED backlight display that can show you time, speed, distance covered, pulse rate, incline, and even calories burned.

Please note that you can get speed and distance either in Imperial or Metric units. However, the console can’t be connected online or connect to any Bluetooth. It is also not telemetric so that you can read the pulse without the help of a wire. To know your pulse rate, you have to use equipped sensors in the front handlebars of the unit.

The Sunny SF-T7874 offers 14 pre-set, 3 custom, and 1 manual workout option so that you can train yourself to stay at your place. The manual program starts the treadmill and adjusts the incline speed as per your choice throughout the training session. The pre-set program has 20 different sections with 1/20 of the set time duration. You can customize the duration for every program, whereas, by default, it is 30 minutes.

Another best thing about the treadmill is, it can major your BMI, and all you have to do is input your age, gender, weight, and height to the machine.

SF-T7874 can help 3 people create their profile giving details like gender, weight, height, and age. Customization of exercise programs is also possible to use whenever needed.

The console area consists of a music system with 2 speakers on both sides of the display. You can connect to smartphones, gadgets and play MP3 using a 3.5 mm aux port audio. Apart from this, 2 cylindrical and big water bottle holders are attached to the unit so that you can stay hydrated throughout your exercise session.


The Sunny SF-T7874 comes pre-assembled like any other treadmill in the market. Motors with deck, rollers, and several parts are already fitted into their place, and you have only to attach the console, 2 front masts, and some small covers to make it ready to use. The package includes every essential kit along with a manual on how to assemble the unit, and you can assemble the entire unit in less than half an hour.


When it comes to the maintenance of the treadmill, people think it will cost them more compared to the purchase price. But the truth is, this treadmill requires only a bottle of lubricant to grease the belts regularly for smooth use. You will also get an instruction manual to use the lubricant.

Apart from lubrication, another concern about treadmills is to keep the running belt dirt-free and restrain it from textile fibers and small objects that can harm the unit.

So, you have to clean the running belt regularly and intermittently examine the unit for free or harmed parts to re-fix or supplant them before mishaps occur.

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Final Thoughts

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7874 model is a mid-range treadmill that’s apt for home gym use. Fitted with a 3.0HP motor and having a motorized incline from 0-15%, the LCD console shows details of the chosen speed, inclination levels, and the preset workout program chosen for the workout.

It’s a durable and sturdy machine, people weighing up to 285 lbs can work out using this treadmill. We can use the SF-T7874 model for muscle toning, stamina development, burning calories, and light-to-intense cardio training. Though not an affordable piece of the unit, we can be guaranteed good value for money for the price paid.

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