SF-T7878 Manual Treadmill Review

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The Sunny SF-T7878 is a non-motorized, lightweight treadmill released in 2019. The machine runs manually and is specially designed for home use only. It has a dual flywheel system that helps in smooth belt motion.

The console of the machine can show you important exercise data. A magnetic resistance system is equipped with 16 different tension levels.

You can fold the unit when not used and have an incline system. If you aim to perform cardio exercises, tone your muscles and improve stamina, then this treadmill is an excellent fit for you.

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What I Like About SF-T7878 Treadmill

The Sunny SF-T7878 manual treadmill has many pro points that make it a widely used exercise machine. Below are some of the positive things that I liked very much:

  • Heavy-duty treadmill with strong deck and frame.
  • It is delivered completely assembled.
  • Zero to little maintenance is required.
  • Excellent warranty on frame and parts.Frame 3 years / Parts 180 days
  • Weight-bearing capacity up to 300 lbs.
  • The stabilizer on the front base can be adjusted.
  • Transport wheel attached for easy shifting of the machine.
  • No power connection is needed to operate the treadmill.
  • While in use, the machine doesn’t make noise.
  • You can set goals for time, distance, and calories to burn.
  • Small size footprint.
  • The treadmill is foldable, and the soft-drop hydraulic system helps in effortless unfolding.
  • Multiple grips, single-piece handlebars, non-slip side rail covers are attached.
  • Magnetic resistance with 16 distinct levels.
  • Incline facility available with 7%, 8% and 9% inclination.
  • Track time, speed, distance, pulse rate, total distance, and calories burned on the exercise meter.
  • A dual flywheel system is attached for smooth and constant belt movement.
  • Shock absorption elements are attached to the deck.
  • Run as fast as you want with self-powered belt action.
  • Tablet holder included in the treadmill.

What I Don’t Like SF-T7878 Treadmill

There is no LED light on the console, and no horizontal position for the deck is available.

The unit also doesn’t have a water bottle holder.

Frame and Construction

The Sunny SF-T7878 has a solid and steady frame. The body is steel, making the machine a heavy-use treadmill for exercise.

The side rail covers and flywheel covers are made of ABS parts. The treadmill can bear user weight up to 300 lbs, approximately 136 kg. The steel parts of the machine have a corrosion-resistance coating with a black powder finish.

As I said, the machine is a non-motorized one; it is smaller in size than any other model of SF treadmills.

When you unbox and ultimately fix the unit, the machine’s floor space is approximately 56″ length x 26.5″ width (147 x 67 cm).

It will be better to leave 2 feet of space on the side for easy usage.

The Sunny SF-T7878 treadmill has a transport wheel for easy shifting and adjustable levelers.

The assembled unit weighs 110 lbs (50 kg approx.), making it one of the stable treadmills available in the market.

The machine has a fantastic folding design, and you can lock it in an upright position when not in use.

It has a soft-drop design with a hydraulic cylinder that helps smooth and easy unfolding.

The folded dimensions are 28″ depth by 26.5 inches width. The treadmill has a curved front upright bar that helps keep the machine stable enough throughout the workout session.

The handlebars are welded with the upright bars, and transversal bars are also welded.

The handlebars have a multi-grip design, and side grip areas also come with similar facilities to provide extra balance.

While working out, the machine’s front grips help in a stretched-out workout.

Running Area

The Sunny Health and Fitness treadmill SF-T7878 model has a rubber belt that provides sufficient running area.

The running area covers approx 47.5″ L x 17.5″ W (121 x 44 cm), and users up to 6′ height can comfortably use it.

The deck has two solid rollers that help in the smooth motion of the belt.

When you use the machine, the flywheels spin along with the industrial-grade ball bearing attached to the flywheels.

It is because there is no pulley system. Users up to 300 lbs can use the treadmill, and any weight group person can use the machine for light to a high-intensity workout.

The internal running board is rigid, and there is no extreme flex. The deck has cushion elements that help reduce vibration during exercise sessions.


The Sunny SF-T7878 has a deck with an adjustable incline. The deck on the front side always stays higher than the other side deck, no matter how you adjust the incline.

The incline system is manual and has an adjustable rear bar. As per requirement, you can manage increments in 7%, 8%, and 9%. But you can’t adjust the increment while working out.

Step-up Height

When it comes to the step-up height of the Sunny SF-T7878 manual treadmill, the front deck stays at approx 15″ (40 cm), and the rear deck stays above 5″ (13 cm) above the floor.

When you set the level into the highest position, the machine raises to some extra inches.

So it is better to place the machine at a place where the ceiling is at least 20″ to 22″ (51-56 cm) higher than the user’s height.

Motor and speed

The Sunny SF-T7878 doesn’t require a power source as it is a manual treadmill. You can use the machine depending on your strength. It means to run as fast as you can because there is no speed limit.

The treadmill has a magnetic resistance system, and the front roller has a dual flywheel.

Both flywheels are equipped with the front roller, which weighs 11 lbs and plays a vital role in stabilizing the movement.

The two flywheels are attached to the tension dial on the left upright bar.

The bar is connected with a steel cable. The internal magnetic break comes closer to the flywheel when you turn the dial clockwise.

This helps in a higher belt movement. The treadmill has 16 different resistance levels, and the lowest one provides resistance generated by the weight of the flywheels.

If you want the belt to be more challenging to move, adjust the dial and increase the resistance as per requirement.

The machine helps in high-intense training and exercise to build your strength and stamina.


The Sunny SF-T7878 treadmill is a non-motorized machine, so the console doesn’t relate to the belt speed adjustment or resistance.

The console has an LCD, but there is no LED light attached. You can track time, speed, distance, calories burned, total distance covered, and pulse rate.

Distance and speed are measured in miles and MPH, but there is no option for metric units. There are two sensors equipped into the front bar that helps in tracking your pulse rate. But the sensor is not telemetric hence does not pair with any wireless HR chest straps.

As the machine doesn’t have a power source facility, the meter needs two AA batteries to make it usable.

There are three buttons for Mode, Set, and Reset. The mode button helps in selecting one of the mentioned workout sessions. The Set button gives you an option to set workout goals about calories burned, distance and time.

At the same time, the Reset button clears all inputs and sets the machine to zero. You have to press the Mode option and start walking to start the console. If you leave the machine unused for a few minutes, it automatically goes into sleep mode.

The console unit has a tablet holder above the display section so that you can use your tablet while working out without covering the statistics section.

Apart from this, the heart zone diagram placed above the tablet holder shows heart rate using data like your age.


The Sunny SF-T7878 comes fully assembled, and all you have to do is unbox and start using it. Users need to adjust and lubricate the belt before using the machine in some cases.

You will receive a manual instruction guide with the package that guides you on using and maintaining the machine.


The machine requires significantly less maintenance and just regular lubrication. Keep in mind to clean the belt regularly to prevent dirt and textile fibers into the rollers. It is recommended to check bolts and broken parts and fix them whenever needed.

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