Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7971 Flat Folding Treadmill Trekpad Review

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The Sunny SF-T7971 was launched in 2020 and is a low-profile treadmill. It is a slim folding treadmill trekpad with an arm exerciser that provides a speed range of up to 4.0 MPH.

Designed especially for home purpose use, the Sunny SF-T7971 LED display helps track time, speed, distance, steps, and calories burned. You can use this machine for light exercises, stamina improvement, muscle toning, and weight loss. The folding design has a soft-drop system that helps in easy folding and unfolding.

What I Like About the Sunny SF-T7971

When you plan to buy any exercise equipment, it is always necessary to know the merits and benefits you will enjoy. Here are some of the pro points of the Sunny SF-T7971:

  • The machine has a super slim folding design.
  • You can store the machine in an upright position.
  • The treadmill is delivered completely assembled.
  • Transport wheels attached for easy transporting.
  • Speed ranges between 0.5 to 4.0 MPH.
  • Speed can be incremented on 0.1 MPH so that you can take up your pace to work out.
  • LED display to track time, speed, distance, calories burned, and steps covered.
  • Zero to little maintenance is required.
  • The machine comes with an excellent warranty.  Frame 3 years, Parts 180 days.
  • Adjustable arm exerciser.
  • Oil reminder function and auto turn off the function.
  • Shock absorption is equipped in the deck.
  • Foldable trekking sidearms.
  • Remote control facility.
  • The trekking arm has Start and Pause option along with speed control.

What I Don’t Like

Along with some positive sides of the treadmill, there are some drawbacks to the machine. You can’t read your pulse as there is no pulse reading function available. Apart from this, there is no workout program equipped with the treadmill.

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Frame and Construction

The Sunny SF-T7971 is a super slim design construction. It has a steel frame, and the machine has various thermoplastic elements. The side rail covers and motor covers are made up of thermoplastic elements.

The steel parts of the frame are corrosion-resistant paint finish and painted in grey color. At the same time, the arm exerciser has a chrome finish for its top parts.

The treadmill is not so heavy and weighs only 86 lbs (39 kg). The assembled machine can be moved by two persons with the help of a transportation wheel.

When the machine is unboxed and set up, it doesn’t acquire large space like commercial treadmills.

The unit is 57’’ (145 cm) long and 27’’ (69 cm) wide. It is suggested to leave two feet of space on each side of the deck and at least three feet at the rear for easy and safe usage.

The Sunny SF-T7971 has an amazing folding design with a soft-drape type. You can fold this machine in an upright position to store and clean the unit whenever required. When the deck is folded, the machine’s height becomes 52.8’’ (134 cm).

As the folding design is equipped with a soft-drop system, you can easily unfold the machine without much effort. This way, you can prevent any mishaps and damage to the unit. The Sunny SF-T7971 has a length-adjustable arm exerciser included in the lower section of the frame.

The grips are integrated speed controls, and a magnetic key is attached to the left grip that can be attached to your workout gear.

This helps you to stop the belt if you take any wrong steps. You can fold the arm exerciser alongside the deck and can use the treadmill under a desk.

Running Area

This folding treadmill allows you only to walk and provides a walking area of 47’’ (119 cm) length and 16’’ (41 cm) wide.

A person under 6’5’’ (196 cm) can easily exercise with the machine as the unit is not so large. The machine has a weight-bearing capacity of 220 lbs (100 kg).

The belt has several layers with a non-slip top layer and is designed to minimize static.

Unlike other Sunny Health and Fitness models, SF-T7971 doesn’t have large and adjustable cushions. But it has eight shock absorption elements in pairs four each side of the metallic rails.


There is no incline facility available with the Sunny SF-T7971 treadmill. But the deck is not completely horizontal and is approximately inclined by 1°.

Walking on the treadmill may need extra difficulty compared to other machines with horizontal walking platforms.

Step-up Height

The step-up height is pretty low. The front stays approx 5’’ (12.7cm) above floor level, and the rear has a height of 4’’ (10.1 cm) approx. The machine can be stored under a bed if there is a space height of at least 5’’ (12.7 cm)

Motor and speed

The Sunny SF-T7971 is a trekpad that is specially designed for walking exercises. So it doesn’t have a powerful motor. Unlike other Sunny Health and Fitness models, SF-T7971 doesn’t specify its horsepower but ranges between 1 to 1.5 HP peak powers.

But you can be assured about a long exercise schedule with the machine. Sunny Health and Fitness recommend that users keep the power off for at least 10 minutes after every 2 hours of usage for treadmills’ safety and long life.

Like other Sunny Health and Fitness models, the SF-T7971 model also doesn’t create a loud sound. When you are using the machine, you can hear a mild sound that is not unbearable.

As a machine specifically for walking purposes, your cadence can’t make high noise. It also doesn’t consume more electricity. You can use the machine as much as you want without thinking about the high payments towards electricity bills.

The machine has a speed range of 0.5 MPH to 4.0 MPH, and it can be incremented to 0.1 MPH. The speed adjustment controls are in the right arm exerciser, and the machine has a remote control to control several commands.


As a trekpad treadmill, the Sunny SF-T7971 doesn’t have a conventional treadmill console.

An LED display shows time, speed, distance covered, step counts, calories burned. Speed and distance are displayed in Miles and MPH units.

The machine doesn’t have a pulse reading function, and you can not read your pulse via any means. There is no control option attached to the console.

But the moving arm has Start and Pause options with speed adjustment controls. You will also get a remote control to control all functions.

The console of the machine does not include any exercise program. You can’t also set any exercise goals with it. There are only two modes available, manual and stand-by.

The machine reminds you to lubricate it after 188 miles are covered. The power-saving function helps turn off the machine if it is left unused for more than 10 minutes.


Like all other treadmills from Sunny Health and Fitness, SF-T7971 is delivered completely assembled, and you can use it by simply unboxing and connecting it to the power source.

The package includes all necessary instruction manuals and a 5 mm Allen wrench to adjust the belt whenever required.


One of the best things about the machine is it doesn’t require much maintenance. Keep in mind to clean the walking belt to avoid damage to the machine due to dirt and textile fiber. Don’t forget to lubricate the machine after using it for 188 miles.

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