Did you inspire to maintain body fitness in your home? Okay, in this Sole F63 Treadmill review, it has a discussion of everything that is needed that can please people to keep their physical body fitness.

Sole F63 has been one to the top over the years, In terms of reliability and price. The equipment is undoubted with no exception since Sole has continued to upgrade its model by upgrading the engine and parts.

In addition, the F63 treadmill can reach an incline of 12 mph (miles per hour) and fifteen percent — two qualities that are standard for models costing a few hundred more.

Although this may be missing in the department of workout programs, the real functionality of the F63 is a worthy attribute.

The Sole F63 Treadmill has a stable construction. Apart from this, it owns a  reliable motor drive power, weight limit, and unit weight, and also the F63 has an engine with 3.0 horsepower, a weight capacity of 325 lb.

Still, there are no established criteria for measuring these requirements so that what AFG considers to be a 3.0 horsepower might be different from NordicTrack.

But if you compare at all these requirements together, you can see that the Sole F63 Treadmill’s weight also provides credibility to the other two specifications.

Sole F63 is one of the heaviest treadmills in this range of prices that can be understood from some oomph behind their promises and their quality.

Overview of the Sole New 2020 F63 Treadmill

The sole company, for the first time, introduced the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck on the F63 treadmill. The F63 treadmill consists of shock absorbers that aid in reducing joint effect and reduce noise.

Sole reports that their Cushion Flex Whisper Deck cuts collective effect by 40 percent since there is no means to know the Sole’s unit of measurement.

When you equate the shock absorbers of the F63 treadmill with a treadmill with no shock absorbers, the absorbers of the F63 will reduce the impact by 40%.

Regardless of the 40% authenticity argument from Sole, the Cushion Flex Whisper Deck is just a term given to a treadmill consisting of absorbers.

Sole also advertises Fold Deck style for quick assistance. Well, this is Sole’s way of saying that the F63 treadmill folds as you probably guessed.

Next is the unrivaled technology for adjusting the handlebars. Given the eloquent explanation, Sole simply describes switch on the handlebars changing the velocity and incline.

While the four buttons don’t specifically boost the structure or durability of the F63, they can probably make improvements to your exercise strength simpler.

The F63 folding treadmill has been revamped and now includes a 20″ x 60″ running board, a 3.0 CHP engine, and 10 improved training programs.

The powder-coated steel frame is designed to hold steady at a top speed of 12 mph on the track.

Workout improvement is shown on a 6.5″ Oled, which can be combined with the mobile application Sole Fitness for wireless monitoring and exchange of fitness stats.

The software is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, so you can see the success on your smartphone in real-time, no matter what tech you buy.

Additionally, the Sole app will connect with other devices such as FitBit and MyFitnessPal so that you can continue to use whatever services you’re comfortable with, and save all of your fitness records in one place.

As for additional features, the F63 also has a built-in tablet organizer, Bluetooth audio speakers, and a connector for USB charging.

Eventually, you may see the term ‘LCD screen,’ which integrates entirely. This is the region where the embellishments of Sole are somewhat farfetched.

Rather than drawing attention away from the basic LCD screen of the F63 treadmill, Sole tried to make it look like the screen is doing more than it actually does.

Unlike other consoles in this price range, the F63 panel can not support fitness apps or web-capable applications.

Alternatively, all the screen for the Sole F63 can do is show all your exercise data on a screen, which is about the same complexity as the computer for your car radio.

Who Is It For?

Sole F63 is a treadmill entry that could be used by:

  • Easy cyclists or people who walk. This tool is not suitable for people who desire to have a heavy training
  • Limited space users due to its lightweight and conveniently folds up
  • People who want to possess basic software and does not have any additional subscription-based apps
  • Those who are looking to have a quality type which has a price that is convenient for many people
  • People who desire to exercise their body fitness in silent equipment
  • You’re searching for a budget-friendly treadmill
  • You’re new to exercise at home and want a quick yet high-quality treadmill to get you going
  • You’re looking for a reasonable over – the-board guarantee
  • High-quality, robust treadmill essentials matter more to you than luxurious accessories

Running Surface of Sole F63 Treadmill

At 20″ by 60″ for a folding treadmill, the Sole F63 offers good space. There’s plenty of kick-back as the deck stretches out behind you. On Sole machines, the motor hood sits a little high. At the highest point, it rises 4″ from the deck and is just below the console.


The F63 offers ample training variables, with a decent incline set. The incline is a beneficial benefit since it is intended for those searching for a lower-impact exercise such as cycling or moderate jogging.

Merely raising the deck will increase the intensity of any exercise. To order to reduce joint pain or affect complications, this allows users to remain low-impact.

Throughout comparison to the anterior quads prominent throughout athletics, the incline will also improve posterior muscles.

Noise Level

The F63 is remarkably quiet. And you would be impressed at how smoothly the engine works during both speed and interval changes.

This is one place where Sole excels— although these devices do not have all the extra bells and whistles, they offer technical consistency.

Because the F63 lies near the floor, that also tends to reduce some of the noise.

This treadmill will work best for those who need to exercise quietly without distracting neighbors or roommates.


The F63’s 3.0HP engine isn’t the most efficient, but it does what it wants. All speed and incline settings are controlled by the engine.

This motor was impressively quiet. And speed is controlled and consistent. There is no gap in velocity changes.

The velocity remained constant through changes to the incline. The slope can be turned up to 15 percent and performed at different speeds, going from 2 mph to 3.5 mph and then six mph. And the motor reacted smoothly at each location.


#1. Has 3.0 HP frame

For stability, the equipment is constructed on a steel frame that has a solid base. The frame assists the comfort and thick handlebars for convenience with a spongy grasp. The frame of 3.0 HP locomotive can assist people in the running; however, that exercise is not adequate for practice.

#2. Spacious Surface

On a treadmill of this scale, the 20″ x 60″ running area is appropriate. Many folding treadmills sell just 55″ tread length in this cost brackets; hence the additional 5″ will make a difference. With its finely textured surface, its belt is sturdy for foot support when users want to walk.

#3. Compatible Speakers

The treadmill is sensitive to Bluetooth. Hence users can easily connect their devices and play cool songs on the speakers. It allows users to set their hands, which are freephone in listening to music.

#4. Adjustable Clips on the Device Holder

One advantageous feature on the F63 is the keeper of a phone or tablet that is protected at the top of the screen. This has an elastic brace, which secures most gadgets snugly. It helps you to watch a video while driving, read a book, or access data on your computer.

#5. Included strap and grips.

Pulse Grips and Chest Brace Included Many treadmills do not have a chest strap anymore. This is one more excellent feature on the F63.

The chest strap provides accurate heart rate measurements and shows them right on the phone. EKG pulse grips are on the handles should this choice be chosen.

#6. 6.5″ LCD White, Back-lit Display

High, digital numbers make the show transparent. Unlike many of the latest treadmills which look like a front-mounted TV, the Sole F63 holds the software basic.

The downside of this is that consumers do not get burdened with unnecessary features.

The F63 does not need WiFi to operate and to use the services, and you do not have to pay monthly subscription service.

If you already have a TV in your fitness room, have no interest in the extra equipment, or have your own workout routine and don’t need to watch lessons and trainers on your treadmill, this is a great machine.

#7. 10 Onboard programs

Sole F63 provides a few simple programs such as Manual, Rise, Fat Burn, Cardio, Power, HIIT. There are also two programs for heart rate, each hitting max 60 percent and max 80 percent. There are also two User Profiles open.

#8. Easy Assist Folding

Although the F63 has a sturdy frame and a good-sized roof, for simplicity, it folds up and locks up. Just catch the steel bar at the deck base and lift; there is no release button to flip on the boat.

Pull the yellow lever on the right underside of the deck to unlatch, and it will open. A mechanism of hydraulic release under the deck brings it softly back to the floor.

There are four wheels as well, which allows rolling and slipping out of the way easily.

 Sole New 2020 F63 Treadmill


  • Has a Robust 20″ by 60″ frame
  • Can be folded, especially when not in use
  • Has Unlimited motor and frame guarantee
  • Does not need Bluetooth or a membership to run; simply turn in and go
  • Provides heart rate brace synchronizes with the two onboard heart rate systems
  • Lightweight but provides a 325 lb weight range
  • 3.0 hp motor is a silent and quick adjunction
  • Silent during use
  • Easy to operate
  • A broad range of programs


  • Minimal tech features
  • Not suitable for heavy practice


The F63 provides a generous guarantee providing unlimited coverage for the frame and motor; three years for components, floor, and electronics; and one year’s service.

The Verdict

The F63 has managed to be one of the best treadmills under the $1,000 price range over the years.

Sole has consistently improved the product while retaining its simplicity rendering it an attractive investment if you are searching for consistency.

Although the F63 looks simplistic relative to the other treadmills on the market, it has been produced reliably with the price. Sole always reveals they’re ready to stand in their warranties behind their label.

With the competition raising their price tags, it has decided to lower the price of the F63.

So we thought the Sole F63 Treadmill is the best buy in this price range.