Soozier A91-145 Power Cage with Lat Machine Review

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Aosom Fitness released the Soozier A91-145 as one of their power cages in 2021. It shares many of the same characteristics as the REP Fitness PR-1000. It doesn’t have plate storage on the base frame, but it does include an extra set of pull-up bars. It also has a decreased weight carrying capability.

The Soozier A91-145 is built of rectangular steel tubing and is very conventional. All of the frame’s steel sections have a corrosion-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish. The color chosen is black, which is currently the only color available for this model. The safety bars and catchers are the only pieces that aren’t painted. Stainless steel is used to make them.

The cage, when fully completed, isn’t particularly huge. It is around 61′′ (155 cm) in length and 46.5′′ (118 cm) in width. However, at least three feet of clearance on each side of the unit, and at least four feet in front, are advised for easy access and the ability to complete all exercises without difficulty.

The height of the unit is approximately 86.5′′ (220 cm). The A91-145, on the other hand, will not fit in a room with a 7-foot ceiling. In addition, the ceiling should be at least one foot above the cage so that you can properly do all of the pull-up exercises.

The catch bars and safety bars on the cage’s four upright bars each have 26 adjustment options. The lowest one is around 20.75′′ (53 cm) from the ground, while the largest is about 66′′. (170 cm). The adjustment holes have a diameter of 1.96′′ (4.97 cm) and spacing of 2′′ between them (5.08 cm).

The power cage is also somewhat hefty. It weighs around 200 lbs when all pieces are put together (90.7 kg). As a result, you won’t need to secure it to the floor because it provides sufficient stability on its own. Its base bars lack pre-drilled holes for this reason, although they do come with plastic covers and rubber pads for further protection and stability.

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Workout Station

The Soozier A91-145 contains five exercise stations, much like any other power cage with a lat attachment. These are the following:

Cage in the center. The cage itself, of course, allows you to securely conduct squats, curls, shrugs, and other exercises while utilizing a heavy barbell. The equipment does not come with a barbell or weight plates, but it is generally designed to work with 7-foot Olympic barbells.

Station for pull-ups. A multi-grip pull-up station is attached to the frame’s top rear bar on the Soozier A91-145. With a broad grip, close grip, or parallel grip, it allows you to conduct a variety of pull-up and chin-up workouts. It has PVC foam sleeves on the side grips for better contact. Because the front top bar of the cage is cylindrical, it may also be used for pull-ups. It does not, however, have any additional grips.

Station with a lot of pulleys. The lat machine’s major exercise station is here. Lat pull-downs, tricep press-downs, and a variety of other high-pulley cable workouts are all possible with it. The package also includes a lat bar. It features curved grips with PVC sleeves and measures around 38′′ (96.5 cm) broad.

Station with a low pulley. The low pulley on the machine may be used to do seated rows, standing rows, stand-up curls, and other low pulley workouts. The cage comes with a short bar and a little extension chain for the low pulley. It’s about 16 inches (40 cm) long and has rubberized grips. However, a kickback ankle cuff is not supplied.

Station for dipping. The dip station comprises two dip bars that may be attached to the cage’s upright pillars. They’re about 14 inches long (35.5 cm) and feature rubberized grips for better contact.

Weight Resistance

First and foremost, the Soozier A91-145 power cage is rated for an 800-pound maximum load restriction (363 kg). Both the catch bars and the safety bars are affected by this.

Although power cages are designed for larger weights, this is a good option for home usage.

The lat carriage’s weight load limit isn’t defined. On the other hand, the wires should be able to sustain at least 500 pounds (226 kg). The lat carriage’s pegs can hold regular 1′′ weight plates, but they also come with Olympic adapters so you can use 2′′ plates. The cage comes with two pairs of spring clips.

The Soozier A91-145 has a maximum user weight limit of 330 pounds (150 kg). This holds for both the pull-up bar and the dip handles. If you’re under this weight, you should be able to do weighted dips and pull-ups without difficulty.

Exercising Options

At least 40 workouts can be performed with the Soozier A91-145 power cage.


The user must completely assemble the Soozier A91-145 power cage. You’ll need to put the base of the unit together, then add the pillars, shut the cage with the top bars, and then install the lat attachment and other accessories.

The work is not difficult, but it may take many hours to complete. The directions for construction are rather straightforward in the handbook. Assembly tools are not supplied.

To maintain the cage, all you have to do is keep it clean, wipe away any sweat that may fall on the frame after an exercise, and check for loose bolts and parts regularly. The lat attachment’s pulleys may also require lubricating from time to time.


The Soozier A91-145 is a power cage that may be used at home. It has a lat attachment that works with both normal and Olympic plates.

There are five different fitness stations (cage, pull up, high pulley, low pulley, and dip). There are 26 attachment places for the dip bars, safety bars, and catch bars, with a maximum load capacity of 800 lbs. Overall, it’s a power cage for people of all fitness levels, with over 40 exercises to choose from.

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