Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 Elliptical Trainer Review

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The Sunny SF-E3804 is a more comprehensive version of the Sunny SF-E3803. Although these two exercise machines have a similar design, the SF-3804 has a few added features, including a slightly longer stride and a higher weight capacity.

It’s a heavy-duty elliptical, one of Sunny Health & Fitness’s models debuted in 2018. It boasts 8 levels of resistance, a 286-pound capacity, and a dashboard that records all of the key training stats, as well as a BMI and a Recovery function.

It’s ideal for mild to medium aerobic exercises, muscle toning, stamina building, and weight loss. It’s also a cost-effective machine compared to most light-commercial versions, providing excellent value for money.

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Parts and Construction

Although the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 has a steel frame, it contains various ABS pieces. The flywheel and pulley covers, pedal trays, and a few other tiny covers are all heavy-duty ABS.

All-steel frame sections are painted with a corrosion-resistant paint finish; gray is the only color offered for this trainer.

Compared to other ellipticals, such as the NordicTrack SE9i, the completely constructed equipment is not very huge.

It is, however, 54″ (137 cm) long and 25″ (64 cm) broad, so it might not be the ideal match for a tiny space. It’s also a good idea to allow at least two feet of space around it for easy access and use.

The Sunny SF-E3804 is around 81 pounds in weight (37 kg). It isn’t a very heavy machine, but it has enough weight and a low center of gravity to provide great stability.

It also has two adjustable stabilizers on the back of the base bar. The frame of the machine does not fold.

However, its front foundation includes wheels that allow it to be moved if necessary. Like most other elliptical cross-trainers, the Sunny SF-E3804 has two sets of handlebars.

One is stationary, while the other is movable. The machine’s front mast is directly linked to the fixed handlebars. They are not adjustable, but they have stainless steel pulse sensors that allow the console to monitor your pulse if you hang on to them.

The pedals’ bars are directly linked to the movable handlebars. However, they cannot be locked, so they will continue to move as long as you pedal.

They feature extended handles at the top with ball grips. They don’t have the same sensors as the fixed handlebars, and they don’t have any built-in resistance controls.

The rubberized grips on both handlebars provide maximum comfort and hand adhesion.

Step-up Height

To begin with, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3804 has a heavy-duty pair of pedals that can accommodate people weighing up to 286 pounds (130 kg).

The pedal trays are tough ABS with a textured surface and inner protectors for added foot stability.

However, unlike other more costly cross trainers, such as the Bowflex BXE216, they are not adjustable and do not provide additional padding.

The elliptical route is slightly tilted forward since it is an elliptical trainer with a rear driving mechanism.

For this reason, the pedaling action mimics a gentle descent down a soft slope. This might be viewed as a benefit because the workout will focus more on your glutes.

It’s also worth noting that the machine isn’t equipped with an inclination mechanism. For this reason, you won’t be able to change the elliptical path’s location.

The Sunny SF-E3804 has a modest stride range. It is 13.5″ in length (34 cm). The machine should easily accommodate people up to 6’2″ (188 cm). The stride may be too short for taller people.

The height of the pedal step-up is approximately 8″(20 cm). The pedals, however, are approximately 14″ (35 cm) above the floor level at their tallest position.

For this reason, the machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (51 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level

A manual magnetic resistance mechanism is included with the Sunny SF-E3804 elliptical trainer.

This implies the machine doesn’t have an internal motor, and the panel doesn’t automatically change the resistance.

You also don’t need to connect it to a power outlet; the only power source it requires is two batteries for the console.

The resistance mechanism of the machine is made up of an internal magnetic brake that is coupled to the tension dial on the front mast.

The magnetic brake travels closer to the flywheel as you turn the dial clockwise, increasing the intensity of the internal magnetic field and making pedaling more difficult.

The machine has eight different tension settings.

The first one has a low level of pedaling effort. The 7th and 8th tension levels, however, provide significantly greater resistance, allowing for a faster increase in heart rate and a more intense workout. A heavy-duty poly-v belt is used in the machine’s internal powertrain.

The pedaling action is, nevertheless, quite quiet. In addition, unlike a chain, a belt does not require lubricating regularly.

Two heavy-duty, solid steel crank arms are included in the crankset. The pedal bars are directly attached to the crank arms, with ball bearings at the connection locations for a smoother pedal motion.

The pedal bars and pedal trays, as previously stated, are intended to accommodate individuals weighing up to 286 pounds (130 kg). The internal flywheel, last but not least, is perimeter-weighted.

Its actual weight is unknown; however, it is likely to be in the 20-30 pound range (9-13.6 kg) based on the machine’s weight.

It maintains a very continuous momentum. It also allows you to cycle backward.


The Sunny SF-E3804 elliptical’s console is battery-powered, as we discussed earlier.

Two AA batteries are required, which are provided. It has a huge LCD screen that is separated into six portions. The smaller panels at the bottom display speed, RPM, time, distance, calories, and pulse.

Speed and RPM are displayed in the same section but reverse order. The top, bigger portion allows you to choose whether to have one of these metrics displayed at all times or to use the Scan mode, which displays each one for 6 seconds.

Only imperial units can indicate speed and distance (MPH and miles).

For metric units, there is no option. The console is also not telemetric. This implies it won’t detect your pulse with a wireless HR chest strap.

For this reason, you’ll have to rely on the sensors included in the fixed handlebars to get a pulse measurement. There are no pre-programmed workouts on the console.

It does, however, feature time, distance, calorie, and pulse target settings. If you set a target for time, distance, or calories, the console will display how much longer you have until you accomplish your objective.

If you set a goal for heart rate, the console will beep when you reach the target rate. There’s also a BMI function and a Recovery feature.

The pulse sensors are required for the Recovery feature. It calculates the time it takes your heart to recover to a normal BPM after an exercise and assigns you a fitness grade between F1 (best) and F6 (worst) (poor).

The BMI (Body Mass Index) tool determines your body fat percentage based on personal information such as height, weight, age, and gender.

For this reason, you can keep track of your fitness level and weight reduction using these two programs. A tablet holder is also included in the console.

This add-on consists of a tiny ledge above the console display and is large enough to hold any tablet.

In addition, the top area of the console has a grid with heart rate zones that you should strive for based on your age to improve your aerobic output, fat burn, and other benefits.


The drive and resistance mechanisms have already been constructed, linked to the base frame, and covered ABS covers.

However, the machine still has to be put together. You’ll need to connect the connections, install the console, and attach the base bars, front mast, pedals, moving arms, and stationary handlebars.

This may take more than an hour. However, the handbook includes extremely clear assembly instructions and diagrams and a set of basic equipment for assembly.

The machine’s internal components don’t require any maintenance, at least not for a long time.

For this reason, in terms of maintenance, it’s merely advised that you wipe away any sweat that may have been collected on the frame at the end of your workout and check for loose bolts or parts regularly.

Lubrication of the unit’s joints may be required from time to time.

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