Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3862 Elliptical Trainer Review

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Sunny Health & Fitness announced the SF-E3862 as one of their latest elliptical trainers at the beginning of 2019.

It’s also one of their most durable and compact ellipticals to date. It’s a mid-range machine for home usage, equivalent to the AFG Sport 5.5AE or the XTERRA FS380 in terms of specs and functionality.

The Sunny SF-E3862 elliptical trainer features a steel tube structural structure. It has a solid build; the pedals are certified for a 265 lbs (120 kg) user weight capacity, which is rather impressive for a bike of this level.

Several ABS parts are also included with the machine. ABS is used to make the covers for the drive and resistance elements, the top sections of the pedals, the console casing, and a variety of other minor covers.

All of the steel parts have a corrosion-resistant paint finish, and the color utilized is black, which is the only color available for this Sunny Health & Fitness elliptical.

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Construction and Frame

The completed trainer is slightly smaller than the Life Fitness E1 model, but it still takes up around 63 x 21 x 53 cm of floor area.

Moreover, a usage area of at least 110″ x 70″ (280 x 178 cm) is recommended for unrestricted operation and access.

It is a pretty heavy item in weight; with the frame fully constructed, it weighs around 125.7 lbs (57 kg). Hence it is advised that it be transported and installed by two people.

Once built, however, one person may carry the machine. It includes two big, rubberized wheels on the front base that make it easy to move and a strong lifting handle on the back base.

This elliptical trainer’s foundation comprises the back section with the two rails and the front part with the driving mechanism.

The rails feature aluminum coverings on top to allow the pedal wheels to travel more smoothly.

The machine’s base has six points of contact with the ground.

Each point has a stabilizer that may be adjusted. All of these stabilizers include rubberized pads that give a good floor grip.

Two big pedals are included with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3862.

They have a non-slip surface and a front outer border that gives the foot more stability.

They don’t have foam padding like other commercial machines’ pedals, but they include articulation.

Consequently, depending on how you put your feet on them, they may adjust their angle by up to 12.82°, delivering a more pleasant ride.

The pedal bars contain huge rollers with internal ball bearings that give a smooth, sturdy, and silent operation.

The pedals are attached to the machine’s moving arms, much like most other ellipticals.

You won’t be able to keep them in place if you try. Consequently, as long as you pedal, the moveable arms will move.

Finally, on this machine, there are two sets of handlebars.

The one is movable, whereas the second is immobile. Long grips with additional ball grips at the top are featured on the mobile arms.

The console can monitor your pulse by holding on to the fixed arms equipped with stainless steel pulse sensors.

Step-up Height

The elliptical path on many front-drive elliptical trainers is slightly slanted rearward.

Consequently, the workout may make you feel like you’re walking up a soft ramp.

The Sunny SF-E3862 is an exception to this rule. It has a horizontal elliptical path. However, each step adapts to your stride thanks to the flexible pedals, improving comfort and lowering joint impact.

The machine has a medium stride length of around 18″ (40 cm).

Consequently, users up to 6’0″ should enjoy a comfortable range of motion with the equipment (183 cm).

The range of motion may be limited for taller users. Even if you’re taller, you may still benefit from a fairly consistent exercise on this machine, depending on the severity of the session, pace, and resistance.

The pedals are approximately 10″ (25 cm) above the floor level at their lowest position.

On the other hand, their highest position is around 16″ (40 cm) above floor level.

Consequently, the machine is advised to be placed and used in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (51 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level

A motorized magnetic resistance mechanism is included in the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3862.

A magnetic drum and a servo motor are part of the internal machinery. Consequently, the machine must be linked to a power supply. Moreover, the resistance may only be changed via the console.

The internal motor alters the pull of the magnets when you pick a different degree of resistance, increasing or decreasing the pedaling effort.

The resistance mechanism is also automated, meaning it can vary the resistance based on the training program selected.

This Sunny elliptical trainer has 16 resistance levels.

The lowest level has the least amount of pedaling effort, making it ideal for anybody who needs recovery training or a low-intensity workout.

The 15-16 levels, on the other hand, provide a reasonable amount of pedaling effort, allowing you to get in a more strenuous exercise.

The internal flywheel’s weight isn’t indicated, but it’s substantial enough to provide constant pedaling action and momentum.

It’s also bi-directional, which means you can pedal backward on it if you want to.

The Sunny SF-E3862, like most other workout machines with magnetic resistance, has a belt drivetrain with a poly-v belt.

This has several advantages. To begin with, you won’t have to go through the trouble of disassembling and lubricating the covers.

Second, the pedaling action is extremely smooth and quiet, nearly entirely silent.

Finally, compared to a chain, the action of the belt causes less vibration.


A mid-range console is included with this elliptical trainer.

It lacks Bluetooth and internet capabilities and compatibility with any online fitness programs.

It does, however, include a variety of programs and features to keep you motivated.

To begin, the console has a 6″ LCD with a blue LED backlight and rather big numerals, which makes it easy to read.

The display shows time, distance, total distance, speed, RPM, watts, calories, heart rate, and goal heart rate, among other vital training information.

There is no metric option; speed and distance are only displayed in imperial figures (MPH and miles).

On the other hand, the pulse reading must be done using integrated metallic sensors.

The console is not telemetric. Therefore an HR chest strap will not monitor your pulse.

There are 24 fitness routines accessible on the console.

The first (P1) is a manual program that allows you to manually control the resistance during your workout.

When using this software, you may also pick objectives for time, distance, or calories, and the display will indicate the remaining value from the specified goal.

The P2-P13 programs have been pre-programmed.

Each one includes 12 profiles with 16 resistance levels to choose from.

Watt Control is the purpose of the P14 program. You may choose a goal value for your Watt production here. P15 is an application that calculates your body fat percentage. The gadget can compute your Body Mass Index based on your height, weight, age, and gender (BMI).

HR-based programs are the P16 – P20.

They expect you to utilize the pulse sensors. P16 stands for “Target Heart Rate.” You may set a goal for your heart rate, and the console will alert you if your pulse drops below that level.

The P17-P20 programs are Heart Rate Control programs with predefined HRC goals of 55, 65, 75, and 85 percent, respectively.

The console will automatically alter the resistance during any of these programs, boosting intensity if your pulse falls below the specified heart rate and lowering intensity if your pulse rises over it.

Finally, the P21-P24 applications are for Custom Users.

Each one allows you to build and store your exercise profiles, which you can then re-use as needed.

Additional factors such as age, height, weight, and gender can be defined for each specific user program.

There are no other features on the console, such as a cooling fan or a sound system.

It does, however, have a tablet holder. In addition, the top half includes a grid with the heart rate zones that you should strive for based on your age to improve your aerobic output, fat burn, and other benefits.

This is a benefit because many other machines only show this grid in their manuals, so you don’t always have it with you when you’re working out.


The machine’s drive and resistance components are pre-assembled and affixed to the front base frame.

However, all of the other components must be assembled. Put another way, you’ll need to attach the adjustable levelers to the front and rear bases, join both of these base frame sections to the main body and attach the console mast, pedal bars, pedals, and moving arms, fixed arms, and console.

This may take up to two hours of your time. On the other hand, the handbook has extremely clear assembly instructions and a set of basic tools.

Internal maintenance is not required for the machine.

Its joints may require lubricating on occasion. It is advised that the rails of the pedal bars be kept clean to avoid damage to the wheels or nicks in the aluminum coverings.

They may also need to be lubricated with PFTE lubricant (the manual provides all the instructions).

Aside from this, it’s also a good idea to check the machine regularly to tighten or replace any loose or broken parts.


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3862 is a home-use mid-range elliptical trainer.

It has an eddy current resistance system with 16 levels, a console with 24 exercise routines, and articulated pedals.

It has a rather solid structure, with a user weight capacity of 265 pounds. It’s ideal for light to moderate aerobic exercises, muscular toning, endurance training, and weight loss.

Overall, it provides good quality, durability, and a reasonable feature set for the price.

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