Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 Under Desk Elliptical Review

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The Sunny SF-E3872 is an under-desk elliptical trainer with a small footprint. It is designed for sitting exercises instead of steppers and does not assist the user in a standing exercise regimen. It’s similar to the Cubii trainer but without internet connectivity.


It comes with a set of huge silicone-wheeled pedals, an 8-level magnetic resistance mechanism, and a silent belt drive. It also has a fitness meter that keeps track of time, distance, pace, and calories expended during workouts.

It’s a machine for mild exercises, muscular training, and calorie burning while working at a desk or while seated. It’s also a reasonably priced machine that provides exceptional value for money.

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Construction and Frame

The internal steel frame and base plate of the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 under desk elliptical trainer. The steel frame and plate are welded together (no screws are used), greatly increasing the unit’s overall robustness.

All of the steel pieces are covered with black corrosion-resistant paint. ABS is used for the exterior coverings and the pedal trays.

The only colors available for this Sunny elliptical trainer are white ABS covers and black pedals. The machine comes already constructed and is quite portable.

The ABS covers include a lifting grip on the top that makes lifting and carrying your under-desk elliptical a breeze. The machine is not overly hefty; however, it does weigh around 24.2 lbs (11 kg).

The Sunny SF-3872 is a tiny elliptical machine with a footprint of approximately 24″L x 19″W (61 x 48 cm) and a height of approximately 11″ (28 cm) above floor level.

Therefore, it should fit under any desk and be stowed under the bed. The levelers on this under-desk elliptical aren’t adjustable.

On the other hand, the front metallic base has rubberized end caps, while the metallic backplate, on which the pedal wheels glide, has two EVA pads.

These significantly increase the unit’s adhesion, preventing it from slipping even when put on a tile or hardwood floor. The pedals on the machine are big enough to fit shoes of various sizes.

They offer anti-slip textured surfaces with inner and rear guards for added foot stability. The pedals are coupled to two short steel barwithve wheels on one side and are connected to the crank are.

Ball bearings are used in the wheels for a smoother ride. For noise reduction, they also include a thick silicone outer cover. The elliptical is virtually perfectly quiet in its use.

Last but not least, there is the unit’s stride to consider. Because it isn’t a traditional elliptical trainer, it doesn’t have the long-striding motion.

It has a stride length of around 7″ (17.7 cm), which should be sufficient for anyone who wishes to exercise while sitting at a desk.

Resistance Level

A manual magnetic resistance mechanism is included with the Sunny SF-E3872 elliptical. To be clear, increasing or decreasing the pedaling effort does not necessitate the use of an additional power source.

The exercise meter requires a battery as a power source (it can work without it, anyway). It also lacks predefined training plans and does not automatically alter the resistance.

The unit’s resistance system comprises an internal magnetic brake and a short steel wire connecting it to the tension knob on the ABS casing.

The magnetic brake slides closer to the flywheel when the knob is turned clockwise, increasing the magnetic field’s intensity. This makes pedaling more difficult.

The resistance system has eight different levels of difficulty. Nonetheless, because it is an under-desk machine, it does not provide a high degree of pedaling difficulty, even when the 8th tension level is set. The machine is designed to provide low-impact exercise and muscle toning.

It has a flywheel, even though it is a little elliptical machine. This component is approximately 3.5 lbs in weight (1.6 kg). It’s perimeter weighted to give the pedaling motion more uniformity and inertia.

It also allows you to cycle backward. The driving system of the machine is made of a long-lasting rubber belt.

This implies that you won’t have to disassemble the covers to oil the transmission. In addition, because a belt drive produces less vibration than a chain, this belt drive system helps the ride’s smoothness and quietness.

Fitness Meter

A compact fitness meter is included with the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3872 under desk elliptical. This machine is battery-powered, as previously stated. One LR44 battery is required, which is provided.

It lacks a pulse reading feature and preset programs, and it does not link to the internet like the Cubii model we previously evaluated. It has a two-section LCD that keeps track of time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

The top half of the display constantly shows speed, while the bottom section shows time, distance traveled, and calories burnt.

The speed and distance are displayed in MPH and miles; metric values (km/h and kilometers) are unavailable.

The meter is simple to use. It only has one button. You may pick the values you wish to see on display by repeatedly pushing the button, or you can select the Scan Mode by repeatedly hitting the button.

When the Scan feature is chosen, the unit rotates the time, distance, and calories displayed at the bottom for a few seconds each.

The button on the machine also has a Reset function. It clears all the values on the meter by pushing and holding it for four seconds.

Last but not least, there is a sleep feature on the meter unit. If there is no action on the elliptical for four minutes, it will switch off to conserve battery power. When you start pedaling or touch the button, it immediately comes back on.


Sunny’s under-desk elliptical is completely completed. All you have to do now is take it out of the box and start cycling. In addition, the battery has already been fitted.

There isn’t much to be done in terms of maintenance, either. There is no need to lubricate the internal components. If the joints of the pedals or the wheels start to squeak, a little WD-40 or lubricating oil should solve the problem.

Apart from that, all you have to do is clean the machine.

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