Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 Elliptical Trainer Review

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Sunny Health & Fitness announced the SF-E3912 as one of their latest elliptical trainers in 2019. This model includes an automated (motorized) resistance mechanism. It also has a higher weight capability and a more durable overall design. Persons weighing up to 330 pounds (150 kg) can utilize it without hassle.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 is a home-use elliptical trainer. It has a console with 24 training routines and an automated magnetic resistance system with 16 tension settings. It’s ideal for a low-impact cardio workout, interval training, recovery training, stamina building, and weight loss.

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The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 has a steel frame with ABS protectors covering the base frame.

All of the steel sections have a gray corrosion-resistant and chip-resistant paint finish, which is the sole color option for this elliptical.

The machine does not fold, but it has a smaller footprint than conventional elliptical trainers. The frame is just 59″ (150 cm) long and 23.5″ (60 cm) broad when fully built.

However, it is advised that at least two feet of the room be left on each side and one foot of clearance at the front and back for unrestricted use.

The entire machine is somewhat weighty when fully built. It weighs about 105 pounds (47.5 kg). It does, however, give outstanding stability. In addition, the rear base features rubberized stabilizers that can be adjusted, and the front base rests on rubber pads.

The completely completed unit may be transferred to a storage area thanks to the front base’s transport wheels.

The Sunny SF-E3912 has two sets of handlebars, one movable and the other fixed.

Long grips with ball grips at the top characterize the movable handlebars. They can’t be secured to stay stationary because they’re directly hooked to the pedal bars.

To put it another way, they keep moving as long as the pedals keep moving. A set of pulse sensors is integrated into the fixed handlebars.

The console machine can monitor your pulse rate simply by holding on to them. For maximum comfort and hand adhesion, both handlebars feature rubberized grips.

The pedals of the Sunny SF-E3912 are hooked to a set of heavy-duty steel bars because it is a rear-drive elliptical trainer.

They can accommodate persons weighing up to 330 pounds (150 kilograms), which is outstanding for a home machine.

The pedal trays are composed of strong ABS plastic. They’re big enough to fit all kinds of athletic shoes in them. They include a textured surface and front and interior borders for added foot stability.

The pedals, however, lack added cushioning and articulation, as well as the ability to be altered.

Step-up Height

The majority of rear-drive elliptical machines have an elliptical path that is slightly inclined forward.

This Sunny elliptical trainer is no exception. The pedaling action, however, mimics a gentle ramp drop. This can be beneficial because a ride on this machine focuses more on your glutes.

There is no inclination system on the Sunny SF-E3912. It also has a non-adjustable stride. It also doesn’t have a particularly lengthy stride. It measures approximately 14″ (35.5 cm). Thus users above 6’3″ – 6’4″ (190 – 193 cm) may find the machine uncomfortable.

Any user may exercise on this machine and benefit from a fairly constant and low-impact cardio workout if they don’t surpass the 330 lbs (150 kg) weight capacity.

The height of the pedal step-up is approximately 10″(25 cm). The pedals, however, are approximately 16″ (41 cm) above the floor level at their tallest position.

For this reason, the machine should be used in a room with a ceiling at least 22″ (56 cm) higher than your height.

Resistance Level

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3912 elliptical trainer uses a motorized-magnetic resistance mechanism.

This implies that making the resistance adjustment available requires an external power supply.

The item comes with a 9V/1.0A US standard power adaptor. The resistance is automatically adjusted. For this reason, depending on the program, the machine may modify the pedal resistance automatically.

The unit’s resistance is an internal magnetic brake and a servo motor.

The motor will vary the position of the brake as you pick a resistance level from the console, increasing or lowering the intensity of the internal magnetic field, making cycling more or less difficult.

There are 16 levels of resistance on the machine. The first level is rather easy, allowing you to practice on a basic level. This is ideal for people who need recovery training, have particular limitations, or are old.

However, the 15-16 tension levels provide significantly greater resistance, ideal for anybody looking for a more constant training routine.

The internal flywheel isn’t particularly large. It weighs 13.2 lbs (6 kg). It does, however, have a perimeter-weighted construction that helps with inertia and general stability.

For this reason, the pedaling action is incredibly smooth, providing a secure foot feeling with minimal strain on the joints.

A belt drivetrain is used on most exercise equipment that uses magnetic resistance.

This is not the case with the Sunny SF-E3912. It has a heavy-duty belt that gives it tremendous traction. It does not require any oil or routine maintenance because it has a belt drive. It also makes pedaling incredibly silent and vibration-free.


The SF-E3912 from Sunny Health & Fitness is a mid-range console. It features a big LCD with LED backlighting for improved reading for starters.

The display is separated into different subsections to present as many training metrics as possible at once. Time, RPM, speed, distance, total distance, calories, watts, and pulse are displayed.

The speed and distance numbers are only displayed in imperial units (MPH and miles), and you can’t change them to metric.

What’s more, the console can only detect your pulse using grip sensors included in the locked handlebars. It isn’t telemetric; thus, it can’t track your pulse using a wireless transmitter.

There are no internet connectivity features on the console, and it cannot interface with any online fitness programs.

It does, however, have its 24-hour fitness program. The manual program (P1) is the first one. This allows you to modify the resistance as needed during your workout using the unit’s Up/Down buttons.

The P2-P13 programs have been pre-programmed. Each one offers a unique exercise. For example, there’s a Peak program, a Hills program, and an Interval program. The resistance may be changed between levels 1 and 16 for each program.

The Watt Control software is P14. You may choose a watt value for this program, and the console will automatically change the resistance, allowing you to keep a consistent watt output.

The Body Fat Calculator is part of the P15 software. This tool will ask you for personal information such as your weight, height, gender, and age to compute your BMI.

The following five programs depend on your heart rate. The Target HR program is P16. It allows you to set a target Heart Rate, and if you go above that HR, the pulse indicator will flash on the screen.

The HR goals for P17-P20 are 55 percent, 65 percent, 75 percent, and 85 percent, respectively.

During each of these programs, the console automatically changes the resistance if your pulse rises above or falls below the HR zone.

The P21-P24 programs are tailored to the individual. Each user can create their program by adjusting the duration, distance load, and other parameters.

The console, however, may save up to four bespoke applications. It’s also worth noting that the console features a Recovery feature.

This may be used to determine your current fitness level at the end of your session. It essentially detects how long it takes your pulse to recover to a normal BPM after an exercise and assigns you a fitness grade ranging from F1 (good) to F6 (poor).

A tablet holder is integrated into the console and is located above the console display. For this reason, placing your phone or tablet on it will not obstruct your view of your exercise stats.

In addition, the top area of the console contains a sticker with the heart rate zones that you should strive for based on your age to benefit from improved aerobic output, fat burn, and other benefits.


The elliptical’s main body is pre-assembled, with all ABS covers connected. For this reason, all that’s left to do is connect the base bars, front mast, pedal bars, pedal trays, fixed and moveable arms, and console.

Although it may take more than an hour, the process is not difficult. A basic toolset is supplied, and a booklet with all the essential instructions.

Internal components do not require any maintenance, at least for now. For this reason, maintenance is limited to wiping away the sweat that may fall on the frame after an exercise and checking for loose bolts or components regularly. Lubrication of the unit’s joints may be required from time to time.

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