As you grow old, your body goes through a continuous process of muscle wastage and bone degeneration. As a result, you become more susceptible to old-age medical conditions such as arthritis and cardiovascular diseases.

Since most of these diseases are debilitating, they can take a heavy toll on your health as well as drain you financially.

This is why experts recommend that you constantly engage in some of the most effective workouts for older men to keep healthy and stay in shape.

As you probably already know, mindful dieting and proper lifestyle adjustments are required to keep fit. If you don’t work out at all, you’re going to lose muscle tissue every year. However, excessive exercise can also cause a loss of muscle tissue. The key is how we balance it.

A Workout Program for the Older with No Harm

Then do we really need a diet to let us stay in shape? Or start a low-carb diet? That depends on the situation. If you want to gain muscle, then a low-carb diet is not a good choice.

In case you want to lose weight, MAYBE you can. Excessive carbohydrate intake is the key to muscle growth, but the secret to weight loss is to control calorie intake.

If you want to know more about it, you can read the post I have written before. It’s all about muscle growth and weight loss.

Incidentally, an exercise program named F4X is specially designed for the older. It is a phased workout program. The main purpose of this project is to let the elderly get younger through fitness.

At the cost of 90 minutes of exercise a week. Therefore, there is no need to worry that exercise will take up too much personal time. 

But in this post, we mainly discuss some of the best workouts intended for older men. In this case, you can practice to age in a lean, fit and healthy manner.

Recommended Workouts For Older Men

#1 Lying Hip Bridges

This exercise is meant for glutes, which are the largest group of muscles in your body. It also opens up hips that have been tightened as a result of spending extended hours sitting or in a position of rest throughout the day.

To do the exercise, you lie flat on the back and bend your knees while ensuring your feet are spread flat. You then gently flatten your lower back against a wall while squeezing your bum as well as pushing your hips high into the air.

The entire foot should be pushed through, before pausing and then lowering the foot to start all over again.

#2 Swimming

Swimming has often been lauded as one of the best workouts for older men because it works nearly all muscles in your body.

As you float on the surface of the water, the water holds the weight of your body, alleviating any strains, sprains or painful sensations in your muscles and joints.

Due to its effective weight-bearing nature, swimming is especially encouraged for older people who might be suffering from arthritis. It is also a great mood lifter and helps banish feelings of stress and anxiety.

Needless to mention, you also burn just enough calories to maintain a lean and healthy body.

#3 Jumping Jacks

This workout involves jumping with your feet wide open as you circulate your arms over your head, and then repeat the cycle over again. According to research, this workout can help burn up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes.

Plus, you do not need any special skills or workout equipment. All you require is an open space to do your workout, such as your front yard. Jumping Jacks tones your joints and the muscles in your legs and feet.

The best part about Jumping Jacks is that you can incorporate it into your Strength Circuit as well as your Cardio Circuit.

And the secret is to try different variations of the workout, accompanying it with other exercises such as jogging and marching, and ensuring you repeat the circuits for at least half an hour.

The old couple are doing jumping jacks

Jumping jacks

#4 Jogging On The Spot

Here is another great workout suitable for older men. Jogging on the spot is recommended for its ease of execution as well as the fact that it requires no workout equipment to perform. It is a cardio workout you can do any time of the day.

It is especially ideal when you are trying to build up for a more energy-intensive exercise such as plowing your backyard or landscaping. The workout warms your heart, increases the circulation of blood and is also a great spirits lifter.

Since it involves no motion, there might be an element of boredom.

Therefore, to make the most of it, keep changing position as opposed to doing it on the same spot. For better results, you could perform the workout with your arms pressed overhead, your knees elevated and your feet kicking your butts as you jog.

#5 Squats to Chair

One of the most common areas that suffer from muscle wastage among seniors is their lower body. Thankfully, you can now restore your strength around this area by use of Squats-to-Chair.

This workout is meant to enable you to perform some of the most basic functions that require coordination of your lower body, including but not limited to picking up things from the floor, taking the stairs and effectively getting up from a sitting position.

To accomplish this exercise, you begin by standing straight and ensuring your feet are the same width as your hip but spread apart and directly before a chair.

You then keep the chest upright and push back your hips as you ensure your knees are bent, in a manner that brings your body down towards your chair. You can choose to sit down on your chair or simply have your bum touching it.

As you approach the bottom, lean your upper body slightly forward. Pause before pushing your feet through and squeezing your bum to return to the starting point.

#6 Walking

Much like swimming, walking is recommended for the simple fact that it requires minimal effort. But works out nearly all muscles in your body.

Among the benefits of walking include improving the levels of cholesterol, regulating your blood pressure, lowering the risks of developing lifestyle-related diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, strengthening your bones and lifting your moods.

Walking has also been associated with memory improvement and is ideal for older people suffering from constant memory loss stemming from conditions such as dementia. All you need to perform a thorough walking exercise is a great pair of shoes.

You can start slow, perhaps walk for about 15 minutes on day one. And then work your way up as you deem fit.

#7 Cycling

Cycling is great in terms of working the leg muscles. Not only that, but it is also a fun activity that is known to be a great mood lifter. And it also leads to a higher heartbeat, thereby improving blood circulation throughout the body.

An enhanced blood circulation means low susceptibility to cardiovascular diseases.

Additionally, cycling is associated with a decrease in the levels of stress, bone strengthening, decreased fat levels. What’s more, it can improve mobility in the joints and improved gait and coordination.

And the best part about it is that you can easily set your target. You could begin with 30 minutes a day. And then increase the duration and intensity as you get better at it.

#8 Yoga

Older people can also enjoy the timeless benefits of Yoga. Generally, Yoga improves the circulation of blood, helping you keep blood- and heart-related diseases at bay.

It also improves your mood, sleep, balance, and coordination, as well as muscle tone. One great advantage of Yoga is that there are lots of asanas you can use. Depending on what areas of your body you wish to target.

A man is doing yoga


There are asanas for improved breathing such as Pranayama. Asanas that target the fat belly such as Tadasana and even asanas for lower back pain like Supine Twist. And the best part is, most of these postures are very easy to do.

There are many types of yoga, such as Vinyasa Yoga, Power Yoga, and other more. Take Vinyasa Yoga as an example.

The popularity of this style of yoga comes from sensual movements and pleasant music. This yoga posture is usually done in a flowing order. It is almost like a dance, so this may be more popular with women.

Power Yoga is a more active approach to traditional Hatha yoga postures. It adds core exercises and upper bodywork, and maybe a better workout for older men.

Yoga Journal – a website that covers the vast majority of information about yoga that you want to know.

The content of this website includes but is not limited to yoga poses, yoga 101, yoga videos. If you want to know more about yoga, have fun with it.


These are some workouts for older men, and different workouts have their benefits. What I want to say is that workout is not just a matter for young people.

Older people can also rejuvenate themselves through it. But choose your way according to your situation. Don’t be too hasty.

For the elderly with poor physical quality, limited function or chronic diseases that affect their physical activity, you should lower the intensity and the duration at the beginning.

It may be easier to do the exercise once or twice. But when your muscles are sore, you must survive this difficult period. If we can gradually develop the rules and habits, it will be more easy to continue.

After all, our body has very strong adaptability to the delayed muscle soreness caused by workouts.

After that, when the basic physical quality goes up, you will be interested in sports. As long as you get used to sports, and rely on it, you can easily stick to it.