Total Gym FIT vs. Apex G1 Comparison and Review

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If you are looking for a versatile home exercise machine to save space, then a Total Gym home gym machine is what you need. But which of all its models is best for you?

Total Gym launches different new models every year, and in this article, I will compare the Total Gym FIT and the Apex G1 model to see which is the better option. Although they have a few differences in the features, they offer great value for your money.

If you are on the hunt for a home gym or considering whether you should upgrade your machine, then this in-depth Total Gym comparison of the Total Gym FIT vs. Total Gym Apex G1 model is for you.

Total Gym FIT vs. Apex G1 Comparison Chart

Total Gym Home ModelTotal Gym FITTotal Gym Apex G1
Product Image
Available Workouts8560
Resistance Levels126
Foldable or NotYesYes
Assembly Required or NotNoNo
Weight Capacity450 lbs300 lbs
  • Ab Crunch
  • Leg Pull Attachment
  • Upgraded Squat Stand
  • 2-Piece Wing Attachment
  • Wing Attachment
  • Leg Pull Attachment
Dimensions (Unfolded)18.5” x 93” x 44.5”15.5’’ x 93’’ x 43.25’’
Dimensions (Folded)8.5” x 50.5” x 18.5”8’’ x 50.5’’ x 15.5’’
Weight66 lbs53.2 lbs
Warranty on FrameLifetime6 months
Warranty on Parts2 years6 months
PriceCheck the Price on Total Gym Fitness
Check the Price on Amazon
Check the Price on Amazon

The Total Gym FIT and the Apex G1 are two machines that utilize your body weight to provide you total-body workouts without much strain on your joints.

On the other hand, both machine models have the ability to adjust the resistance. But if you are looking to know which of the two models offers greater resistance, then the Total Gym takes the first place since it offers 12 levels while the Apex G1 offers 6 levels.

Their differences also lie in the number of exercises they allow you to perform. For example, the Total Gym FIT offers over 85 different exercises, while with the Apex G1, you can perform over 60 exercises.

Another remarkable difference between both Total Gym models is the user weight capacity that each one supports. In the case of the Total Gym, people with up to 450 lbs can use it, and in the case of the Apex G1, the maximum user weight that it supports is up to 300 lbs, a clear and maybe big difference.

In terms of similarities, most of the models that Total Gym offers are already pre-assembled. Also, both models are foldable and can be stored in any corner of your home.

There are many other differences that you should know between both models, which you will find above.

Total Gym FIT vs. Apex G1: Which Is Better?

Regarding the weight capacity, included attachments and accessories, and resistance level, there is no doubt that Total Gym FIT is the most recommended one. On the other hand, you should assess the guarantee that this particular model offers compared to the Apex G1. Getting a lifetime warranty on the frame is a good indication of its quality, stability, and safety.

The amount of accessories that Total Gym FIT offers is much greater. Therefore, the variety of exercises is also greater. Undoubtedly, if you are searching to transform your body, Total Gym FIT is a great investment.

But if you want to save some bucks and your space for exercising is limited, Total Gym Apex G1 is also a great option.

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