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About Me

Hi, guys, welcome to Home Gym Mag. I am Ryan Jacoby, a fitness enthusiast with more than ten years of home training experience. I am passionate about strength training and cardio exercising (especially running) for as long as I remember.

I love building my home gym. There are so many gyms out there, but this one is mine. Owning a home gym means I don’t need to determine if this piece of equipment is being used by someone else; means I have more privacy so that I don’t need to care about other’s disturbing; means I can work out whenever I want…

I established this website—Home Gym Mag—to share my knowledge about how to build a home gym within different budget, and I believed that whether you are a beginner or experienced in this field, having a piece of suitable sports equipment will help you adapted to yourself and help you keep doing exercise.

My other goal is to help you guys discover wonderful fitness products. I review various kinds of home-use exercise equipment, including but not limited to treadmills, ellipticals, power racks, barbells…

I am more than happy to help you make better decisions, by discovering more information about the product and giving my personal point views from various aspects. All these reviews are based on the research I did, the information I collected, and the experience I personally have.

On Home Gym Mag, you would understand what equipment you need to meet your fitness goals and how to build your home gym within the lowest budget.

You can find me on TwitterLinkedIn, Quora, Reddit, and Pinterest.

If you want to reach me out personally, here is my email: [email protected]

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