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Welcome to Homegymmag

Are you looking for the best fitness machines to achieve your desired fitness goal? I am here to help. Hi, I am Ryan Jacoby, a fitness and health expert for the past 14-years with a B.Sc. in Professional Fitness Training, dedicating to help you find the best exercise machine for your home gym if you want to maintain your shape, build strength, or even need to rehabilitate yourself. My experience with exercise machines opened the doors for me to write about it since I have good knowledge and I can explain concretely and simply to those who are looking for real information.

I created Homegymmag to support those who need to rearrange their schedules so that physical activity can always be part of their lives. And my other goal with this site is to provide you with unbiased reviews and help you find out which fitness machines to choose, why to choose them, and how to use them correctly. All these reviews are based on the research I did, the information I collected, and the experience I personally had. More about me.

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