Top 18 Best Compact Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces and Apartments

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Finding the correct exercise equipment may be difficult, particularly if you have limited room but yet want to get a good workout.

People now prefer to work out at the convenience of their home gym that avoids extra expenses, save time, and offers you the flexibility to work out any time of the day.

That’s why we put together this list of the best workout equipment for tiny areas.

This list offers equipment for everyone, whether you want to improve your endurance, develop muscle mass, improve your yoga practice, or undertake weekly HIIT workouts. Furthermore, due to their overall size or folding capabilities, these solutions will fit into smaller areas.

If you have space restrictions but still want to work out regularly in your home, having pieces of compact, versatile exercise equipment will help you accomplish your goal.

Here are my top 18 picks of the best exercise equipment for small rooms:

See the overviews, pros & cons below.

Benefits of Using Quiet Compact Exercise Equipment at Home

A home gym set up has been preferred of late by many individuals owing to various benefits. The most prominent advantages of exercising at home using quiet and compact home gym equipment include:


You can work out any time of the day without worrying about the gym’s working timings or making a plan to escape peak hours at the fitness center if you have a home gym at your place.

You needn’t bother about using public gym showers, too, if you plan to work out before leaving for office.

A home gym setup gives you all the flexibility that you need in the comfort of your home.


I agree that investing in good-quality home gym equipment is not cheap, but you could even avoid burning your pocket by purchasing a secondhand machine if you are ok with the idea.

A home gym equipment is a one-time expenditure, after which there is no additional cost, unlike a gym membership, which incurs recurrent gym membership costs and travel charges.

Above all, you never succumb to purchasing any of the overpriced smoothies that lure your attention every time you pass through the gym doors.

No Distractions

Working out at home keeps you from everyday worries, such as what other people would think about you while working out.

You could also avoid getting distracted by other individuals (such as the over enthusiast performing tons of weightlifting or the style guru flaunting her toned physique) doing their exercises, which are regular in commercial gyms.

You might even become busy chit-chatting with your gym buddy sharing a few weight loss tricks and tips that you skip your fitness routines, spoiling both of your time altogether.

No Limits

Many of you might be surprised by the age limit factor set up by most commercial gyms, but it is true—most gyms have a minimum age limit for using their gym equipment, and some fitness centers have a maximum age limit set, too based on the health of the user.

If you set up a home gym at your place, you are not bound to any age limit restrictions, but at the same time, you are on your own regarding the safety of your health.

No Ego

However focused you might be, being surrounded by people makes every person cautious and wary about his/her surroundings and the people present around.

We start trying to impress others with our muscles, spending time picking the best athleisure wear we have, or even by overperforming sets to lure other people’s attention.

There is no need for any of this in a home gym setup.

You can divert all your attention and energy towards better results instead of wasting time and energy on impressing other gym-goers.


Though gyms are enormous spaces filled with multiple types of equipment that satisfy most of our exercising needs, there might be situations where you might not find the equipment required to fulfill your goals.

You are limited by the set of exercise machines set up at the gym.

Whereas, if you purchase home gym equipment, you pick the one that fulfills your requirement to the dot enabling you to enjoy your workout routine and reap health benefits.

For those who lack enough time and money to spend on gym memberships, setting up a home gym is the smartest way to stay fit and healthy.

What to Consider Before Buying Compact Exercise Equipment?

Once you have made up your mind to go with a home gym set up, the next thing is deciding which equipment to buy.

Certain factors must be considered before purchasing small exercise equipment for your home gym, and these include:


We love to utilize every inch of our living space to the fullest, and letting go of an entire room for setting up exercise equipment is a big thing.

Firstly, decide how much space you have to exercise and how much space is available to store the equipment when you are not exercising.

Only when you know the answer to both will you decide what equipment is right for purchase and how you can go about exercising in your designated space.


Budget is an integral factor determining the kind of equipment that you invest in, its durability, versatility, and experience from using the equipment.

How much money can you shell out on purchasing decent home gym equipment?

Many machines are affordable comparatively, but these might not be the ones that meet your requirements.

So, before you decide upon the budget, you need to finalize your set of requirements to shortlist products and choose a machine that meets your budget.


Most people have definite goals in mind while setting up a home gym.

You are ready to allocate dedicated space and invest in exercise equipment only if you are passionate about health and fitness.

So, each home gym user would be having some goals in his/her mind. What are your goals?

List them in detail: weight loss, muscle toning, strengthening, general fitness, or bodybuilding?

Being clear about your goals is extremely vital as your equipment depends on your training needs and goals.

18 Best Compact Exercise Equipment for Small Spaces and Apartments

Any exercise equipment must provide comfort, durability, bring about results, and motivate you to work out. We have shortlisted five different workout equipment keeping all these factors in mind.

#1. Portable Home Gym System – Gorilla Bow

Gorilla Bow Portable Home Gym Resistance Bands and Bar System

Gorilla Bow is a portable home gym that enables the user to perform an exercise anytime, anywhere, even if they have a few square feet of space.

This is preferred by people who constantly travel or are away from their homes as the equipment can be carried along to work out in the hotel room while waiting for your flight or anywhere.

Most equipment uses resistance bands or any resistance to offer the pull-and-push facility, and there are suspension trainers that could be chosen.

The primary feature of a portable home gym must be portability ability. While a pair of dumbbells are small, their weight restricts the use of certain places.

In this point of view, the Gorilla Bow portable home gym could be an excellent machine to buy.

This is a resistance band that has been designed to solve the fitness needs of any trainer-beginner, intermediate or advanced.

It has a weightlifting bar that helps to work out every muscle group in the body, proving to be a versatile exercise machine for strength training and bodybuilding.

Being a product of Gorilla Fitness, it has unmatched design specifications that aim to provide total body workouts with a single device.

The bow has four resistance cables that amount to 110 lbs of resistance, a band wrap, and a band carry bag, all of this provided with a 2-year warranty.

The 4 cables could be selected individually or together to create maximum impact on the user as they can handle over 300 lbs of resistance.

This makes it great in terms of resistance-more the resistance, the greater is the workout experience. See the full Gorilla Bow review here.


  • A portable home gym that can literally be used anywhere-at your home, hotel, airport, on the road, or park
  • 4 different resistance levels make it good for trainers of any level
  • Offers full-body workout


  • Takes time to set up

#2. All in One Home Gym – Total Gym XLS

Total Gym XLS Universal Total Body Training Foldable Home Gym

As the name suggests, an all-in-one home gym should provide all features available in different gym equipment in the form of a single piece of equipment.

It should allow you to do multiple exercises without using additional equipment.

These are ideal for homes where space is a constraint, and you would like to work out together as a family without spending extra bucks.

The Total Gym XLS, a home gym from one of the most reputed home gym manufacturers, Total Gym, provides over 80 different exercising options to choose from.

It is sturdy, comfortable, and durable with its high-quality frame and construction.

It has six different resistance levels and can bear a weight up to 400 lbs, making it ideal for obese/overweight individuals.

The frame has a lifetime warranty, and the parts are provided with a 2-year warranty.

The product comes with quite a few extra accessories in the form of DVDs, exercise guides, nutrition meal plans, and exercise accessories such as squat stand and leg pulley attachment. See the full review here.


  • Lifetime frame warranty
  • Ability to perform various exercises
  • Padded glide board and sturdy frame


  • The resistance range is limited

#3. Glider Exercise Machine – Gazelle Edge

Gazelle GEDGECAT Edge Glider Home Fitness Low Impact Exercise Equipment

Are you a fan of cardio workouts but feel bored with using a treadmill?

The Gazelle Edge could be your go-to equipment to build muscles and bring about overall fitness.

This is only a modified version of your elliptical cycle: a product that asks the user to exert more pressure on the joints, helping those with joint problems work out.

There is a footplate to rest your feet and a handlebar to grasp each hand. All you have to do is glide your foot front and back, just like pedaling your cycle.

The pedaling pace decides the desired outcomes.

The gliding movement works well for different muscle groups, primarily the hands, thighs, calves, and glutes.

Gazelle Edge is the basic model that supports 6 basic workouts but doesn’t have provisioning for accessories.


  • Inexpensive
  • Quiet
  • Doesn’t cause an impact on joints


  • Burns fewer calories as a movement depend on momentum rather than effortless

#4. Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Stamina BodyTrac Glider 1050 Hydraulic Rowing Machine with Smart Workout

Rowing is a powerful, full-body exercise, and the Stamina 1050 rowing machine is a budget home rowing equipment suitable for small spaces.

This is perfect for those who want to burn maximum calories in a limited time.

It has a sturdy steel frame and an aluminum center beam with an electronic motor that gives you a versatile rowing experience, just like rowing a boat.

The adjustable hydraulic resistance makes you the boss of choosing your intensity levels.

The foot grips have straps to prevent slide-ups, and hand grips have foam padding. Rowing arms provide a full range of movements, and the equipment can be easily stored with its folding arms option.


  • Affordable
  • Whole-body workout training muscle groups in your abs, back, legs, and arms
  • LCD monitor helps you track workout progress
  • It is small in size which makes it easier to handle


  • One year frame warranty but parts have only 90 days of warranty
  • Uncomfortable footboards
  • Not suitable for tall people

#5. Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine

Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine, Black

If working out and sweating hard is not your cup of tea, then the Confidence Fitness Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine is the ideal choice as exercising on this doesn’t feel like a hectic workout at all but brings about desired results.

A full-body vibration machine is the latest craze for those who want to get in shape quickly.

There are vibration plates in the machine that bring about vibrations mimicking the effects of exercising minus its stress and efforts.

It’s a good piece of equipment for those who don’t have much time – you can workout fast, in almost 10-15 minutes, using this machine.

Provides basic workout options like push-ups, has yoga straps that facilitate upper-body workouts, and the vibration effect provided on the platform improves body circulation and relieves pain sometimes.

You can adjust the speed from 0-50 or use inbuilt speed programs that change speed every 30 seconds. Doing 10 minutes of exercise on this machine is as good as doing 60 minutes of conventional exercise.

It has a maximum user weight of 300 lbs and raving customer reviews, making it a sought-after vibrator machine in the industry.


  • Minimal strain but maximized exercise outcomes
  • Speed adjustment options available


  • Common complaints that the machine stops working within a year or two

#6. THE RACK Workout Station

THERACK® Workout Station 30 lb Pro Version

While The RACK workout station might be the best piece of equipment for those focused on doing great workout sessions at home, the equipment might not be the best choice for beginner trainers, especially those completely out of shape.

Are you struggling to do a single pull-up? Then this might not be your go-to machine, but it could also be a motivating factor.

So, purchasing the product entirely depends upon your fitness levels and goals.

You could do 19 different exercises using the equipment, including curls, dips, pushups, abs, rows, lunges, squats, and more.

The design of the equipment is optimal with comfortable hand grips, and its feet made of rubber assures non-slip grips are relieving the user from any worries of slippages and falls. Read THE RACK Workout Station review here.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction promises durability
  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Good for aerobic workout and circuit training


  • No workout guides
  • One arm larger than the other

#7. Bullworker Steel Bow

Bullworker Bow Classic 36" | Full Body Workout (Includes Spiral-Bound
Here is a piece of compact and small equipment that was specifically designed for portability and space constraints.

You can be sure of building muscle strength and engaging multiple muscles using the steel bow that assures low-impact training and increased safety than lifting weights.

Be it at the home, office, or even when you travel elsewhere, you can make use of the Bullworker steel bow as it is designed using isometrics–one of the fastest ways to build strength—in mind.

The bow comes with five interchangeable springs, each providing different levels of resistance.

Customization of resistance levels makes it suitable for every fitness trainer level with any goal in mind—be it strength building, body toning, or improving cardiovascular health.

Make use of the Bullworker bow to perform various exercises enabling you to achieve a full-body workout.

Coming from a manufacturer who has been associated with fitness for more than 6 decades, the equipment is well-built, durable, affordable, and a worthy piece of investment for achieving fitness. Read completed Bullworker steel bow review.


  • 5 year warranty
  • Non-slip pads
  • 90 days moneyback guarantee
  • Instruction manual included


  • Difficult to perform a few exercises
  • Too small for some people

#8. BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0

BodyBoss Home Gym 2.0 - Full Portable Gym Home Workout
If you suffer from extreme space crunch but prefer exercising at home despite this, the BodyBoss home gym should be your first pick as the entire equipment can easily fit under your cot or be stored compactly in a closet.

You could be a beginner trainer, an intermediate, or an advanced trainer, but this machine doesn’t fail to inspire trainers’ levels.

It is perfectly well-suited for every individual, even the novice person who is utterly ignorant about fitness.

Though the machine is made of the heavy-duty base on which you stand, the entire device weighs not more than 17 pounds making it extremely lightweight and movable.

Surprisingly, the BodyBoss home gym 2.0 uses stretchy resistance bands instead of weights to increase/decrease difficulty levels.

Achieve upper body, lower body, and cardio workouts or even focus on a specific body part for improving muscle activation using this equipment.

Read also: Bodyboss 2.0 review


  • Achieve full-body workouts
  • Perform hundreds of workouts effectively
  • Extremely lightweight and compact
  • Suitable for absolute beginners


  • Average instruction videos
  • Suitable for beginner trainers only

#9. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

Exerpeutic Folding Exercise Bike, 8 Levels of Resistance Stationary Bike,

Many of us love stationary bikes as it gives us the feel of outdoor cycling minus the great scenery.

The Exerpeutic bike is a smartly designed bike that’s smaller than most stationary bikes. You could fold and store it away when you are done exercising.

So, if space restriction is a major criterion, you could choose this equipment that surely helps you achieve a great cardio workout routine in your home’s comfort.

The bike supports up to 300 pounds of user weight and is easily adjustable to fit users between 5’3” and 6’1” in height.

The company has designed the equipment to suit every user’s kind by adding eight magnetic tension levels—adjust the tension levels to make your work out difficult or easy as per your needs.

An optimal LCD screen helps users read different metrics such as distance covered, calories burned, speed, time, pulse, and scan.

You could even monitor your target heart rate using hand pulse sensors.


  • Space-saving design
  • Comfortable cushioned seat
  • Great LCD


  • Assembly required
  • Not so durable

#10. 3G Cardio 80i Folding Flat Treadmill

3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Incline Treadmill - Folds Flat

Who doesn’t love to run or walk on a treadmill when the weather outside is not feasible for your regular walk/jog?

The 3G Cardio Folding treadmill is most suitable for those who wish to save space as the equipment could be easily folded up and even be slid under your bed, which is rather surprising for a treadmill.

The machine could also be kept in an upright position using the wheels present.

Do you know that this is the only flat fold incline treadmill in the market for runners? You can do a 0-15% incline supporting custom training for all users.

Keep yourself entertained while you work out by listening to music using the built-in speakers and connecting your smartphone device.

The machine has a display monitor that helps you track your calories burned, speed, and time.

You could set your difficulty level and start working out to achieve your fitness goals.

The company offers a lifetime warranty on the drive motor and frame, a five-year warranty on other parts, and one year for labor.


  • Easy to store using wheels
  • Lifetime warranty on motor and frame
  • Top-quality design


  • Causes slippage
  • Not so durable

#11. MaxiClimber Vertical Climber

MaxiClimber Vertical Climber Combines Resistance Training and High-Intensity Cardio for

Love climbing up mountains, hills, or rocks? Though you couldn’t compare the MaxiClimber with these experiences, the machine is a great option for those seeking overall health and well-being.

Though the climbing task might sound scary, the machine assures a low-impact workout without troubling the knees/joints.

Suitable for every trainer’s level, you can be sure of achieving a full-body workout, fulfilling calorie burning, cardio, and muscle toning.

If you focus on weight loss, this equipment could be an ideal choice as it guarantees to burn twice as many calories as jogging because you use both the upper and lower body while exercising.

The climber is 90% pre-assembled, and you could set up the machine in minutes to start using it.


  • Easy to set up
  • Lightweight and height adjustable
  • Foldable
  • Safe on joints


  • Not long-lasting
  • Poor quality parts

#12. Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell

Rocketlok 24-36 Adjustable Kettlebell

If kettlebells impress you, but you don’t have much space to allocate for an entire set of them, the Rocketlok Adjustable Kettlebell is the perfect buy.

As the name suggests, you could add/remove weights, adjusting the equipment’s total weight, yet the kettlebell maintains its shape, unlike other brands.

Also, you don’t require any extra tools for adjusting the weights.

The company has come up with well-designed equipment that assures consistent balance and center of gravity across all weight levels, critical during any workout.

You get the product in two different sizes with two different weights—heavy or light.

The product has a solid cast steel body, and the handles assure good grip consisting of interior cylinders made from steel.

Don’t worry about safety, as the polyurethane cap with a slide locking mechanism keeps the weight safe and secure.

The equipment has a butter-smooth finish that promises safety to your clothing.


  • No tools needed for adjusting weights
  • Maintains shape despite weight addition/deletion
  • 10 year warranty


  • Challenging for one-handed swings

#13. Powerblock Adjustable Elite Dumbbells

PowerBlock USA Elite 5-50lbs Dumbbell Set
Space-saving designs require smart thinking and execution. The PowerBlock adjustable dumbbells don’t fail to lure us with their excellent design and execution model.

Though the equipment doesn’t look like dumbbells, the name suggests so, and the product lives up to its name.

Like the adjustable kettlebells above, the adjustable dumbbells also use the same idea of combining various features to develop a piece of equipment that accommodates your needs and saves ample space.

The square shape of the equipment also assures that you don’t roll around hurting others.

The dumbbells are color-coded to help users pick their desired weight and start working out.


  • Saves ample space
  • Doesn’t roll around
  • Assures good quality


  • Missing dumbbell pair
  • Plastic pin to select weights

#14. The Escape Fitness Deck

Escape Fitness Multi Purpose Fitness Station Deck for Step, Weight

Doing strength workouts is as simple as using the Escape Fitness Desk that promises a total body workout. Escape Fitness Desk is also a compact weight bench for bench pressing.

You could configure the deck in 16 different ways, including an incline and decline bench mode for weight training.

The equipment comes with a built-in storage option to access your important stuff.

There is an option to adjust your steps—high or low, depending on your workout requirement.

The backrest is made of steel tubing supporting three different angles for the weight bench.

The deck offers ample challenges while you work out, providing you with an option to switch between incline or decline ramp while in step and bench modes.


  • Easy to fold
  • Store under your bed
  • Built-in storage
  • Adjustable steps


  • Less optimal for endurance athletes
  • Bench is short to sit and workout

#15. Stamina Power Tower

Stamina Power Tower - Dip Bar Pull Up Bar Station

Versatility is the key advantage of using the Stamina Power Tower that’s built for accommodating several exercises.

Buying this equipment could take your bodyweight training experience to another new level as the product guarantees strength and muscle building.

You can lose weight, build muscle, or improve heart health as the bodyweight routines work effectively on all major muscle groups.

Do sit-ups, pull-ups, dips, chin-ups, vertical knee raises, push-ups, and more using this glorious equipment that’s also compact and saves space.

Don’t fear slippages or falls, as the equipment comes with secure foam hand grips that improve stability and comfort while performing any exercise.

Any user weighing up to 250 pounds can use the Stamina Power Tower to reap full-body workout benefits.

Also, the non-slip endcaps covering protect the valuable flooring on which the equipment stands.


  • Compact and space-saving
  • Steel frame assures durability
  • 5-year warranty on frame
  • Affordable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Unsuitable for beginner trainers
  • Unclear installation instructions

#16. DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle

DeskCycle 2 Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser with Adjustable Leg

If office work is eating up all your time and you feel guilty about not staying fit, be sure to buy the DeskCycle Under Desk Cycle that could smoothly fit right under your desk.

Its compact design can fit well in any corner of your room.

Workout effectively while sorting out files or straightening up unfinished tasks at home or office using this equipment that assures low-impact action on joints/knees.

The product comes with 8 different resistance levels that help you push yourself to extensive workout routines.

Feel good about your efforts invested using the LCD screen that displays important metrics.

Don’t bother about bothering others at the office, as the magnetic precision flywheel (using the patented magnetic resistance mechanism) assures whisper performance in any resistance level.

The product is great for improving your overall productivity at the office, too, as it boosts your mood levels and increases energy levels.


  • Low-impact exercise
  • Suitable for all
  • Excellent for office use
  • Promotes an active lifestyle


  • Noisy sometimes
  • Not comfortable on knees

#17. Doorway Pull Up Bar

Iron Gym Pull Up Bars - Total Upper Body Workout
Are you looking for cheap home gym equipment that saves money but does good on your fitness levels?

If so, a doorway pulls up the bar should be the best choice.

While people generally think that home gym equipment might cost a fortune and eat up more space than you expect, there are quite a few options that save you from both—a doorway pull-up bar is the best example.

It is extremely durable, simple to assemble, and easy to fit without any nails/drills. A doorway pull-up bar is a great home gym choice for performing several exercises except for the dips.

If you can’t fit a power tower, don’t worry as the doorway pull-up bar comes to your rescue. You could easily fix it up on top of a doorframe.

The bar’s maximum user weight capacity is around 300 pounds, and the professional models assist you with different grip positions that are user-friendly.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Easy to use


  • Requires existing user strength

#18. TRX Suspension Trainer

TRX PRO3 Suspension Trainer System Design & Durability| Includes Three

If you live in an apartment or limited space room and worry about the annoying noise caused by other exercise equipment, then TRX Suspension Trainer is your ideal choice.

Suspension trainers are an apt choice for people who love to train in the peace and calm of their home gym, away from distractions and timing problems.

Using a suspension trainer, you can achieve similar benefits as training in a commercial gym if you exercise regularly with integrity.

I am sure that you will be interested in fitness would have heard about the TRX, a small space exercise equipment, which could be installed on the door.

This equipment provides you with a range of possibilities to do different bodyweight exercises in your home comfortably.

Be proud of training your lower and upper bodies by performing leg squats or chest press.

There are other suspension trainers, too, besides the TRX, priced nominally for every user’s advantage.

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  • Practical and effective
  • Train anywhere at your pace
  • Improves stability and balance
  • Provides versatility in exercising


  • It doesn’t promise ultimate strength as a standalone equipment
  • Difficult for weaker individuals

Final Thoughts

An urge to exercise is good, but giving excuses such as lack of time and space is no longer good.

As we have got different exercise equipment that satisfies both these constraints in the form of home gym variations suitable for space-restricted homes.

Depending on your needs, fitness levels, and budget, it makes sense to choose a piece of equipment and start your workout routine.

Choose a versatile machine that helps you with a whole-body workout, exercises different muscle groups, has various levels of resistance, and is comfortable to use.

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