Top 15 Best Quiet, Compact, and Foldable Ellipticals for Apartments Review

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When you compare among the most used exercise machines, the elliptical is quieter than many other machines like treadmills and rowing machines. However, you will still get little sound, even from ellipticals, which is enough to wake your partner up.

If you are looking for super-quiet ellipticals, then here is a list of the best quiet ellipticals for apartments that work smoothly and create no noise at all. Your partner might not believe you if you say that you have completed your session while they sleep.

It not only allows a peaceful atmosphere in the house but also saves you from your neighbors banging on your door for disturbing them at midnight if that is the time you get for a workout.

Surely in your search to obtain a good machine, you will hthe have come across models for gyms, which have crazy prices, and in any case, they are not very suitable models for the home.

Therefore, in this guide, we want to show you that you can have an inexpensive elliptical machine to train at home. Next, we show you the comparisons to choose the one that best suits your needs.

These quiet ellipticals are available in both pocket-friendly and expensive versions. In a hurry? Check the list below:

Why Do the Elliptical Machines Make Noise?

The flywheels mechanism is responsible for most of the sound. It creates drag on the device and generates sound. However, magnetic resistance is smooth and does not make any sound.

It can also come from the improperly lubricated bearings that handlebars and paddles use to move. A loose screw or dust accumulated in the joints can cause noise. Uneven surfaces are also responsible for the sound.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Elliptical Machines for Apartment?

The ellipticals should be sturdy, space-saving, and provide the best value. They must be portable and easy to move from one place to another easily. Features such as built-in wheels are handy for this purpose.

Then coming to the noise part, the quitter the better as small spaces carry around sounds easy, and it is quite possible to disturb your neighbor.

And when they have to deal with it every day, they might not tolerate it. So, it is better to choose wisely, as mentioned above.

Top 15 Best Quiet Ellipticals for Apartments

These machines come with excellent features and a well-made structure that keeps the machines working for a long. The fitness journey will be intact only when you have such equipment that keeps you challenged for years to come.

Check out these quiet ellipticals to own one such wonderful machine.

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical

Schwinn manufactures several models of ellipticals that allow you to choose to form a wide range of products.

The Schwinn 470 model has Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to sync with the trainer app provided by Schwinn or any other fitness apps that allow you to track your training progress.

Also, real-time connection through social apps with people from all over the world. You can enjoy 29 types of workout programs, of which 9 of them are cardio, 2 for the fitness test, 1 for a quick start, 4 are customizable, and the remaining 12 belong to the profile kind.

This front-drive elliptical machine comes at an amicable price along with several useful features that make a serious exercise possible. It comes with a 20 lbs flywheel that works using the electromagnetic resistance system, which does not make any additional noise while you work out.

The quiet working makes it an ideal machine for use in the apartment. The natural gait, while you run, is paced at 20-inch. This elliptical offers the same stride of foot motion path technology patented for precise and fluid movement of your body that mimics actual running.


  • The fan with 3-speeds allows you to cool while working out.
  • A place to hold your water bottle is handy.
  • USB charging facility keeps your device charged
  • The storage rack helps in keeping your device securely.
  • In-built speakers give you a good sound experience.


  • The warranty for labor is only 90 days.
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Horizon 7.0 AE Elliptical

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine for Home

Horizon ellipticals are durable and reasonably priced machines for home gyms. They come with a heavy frame and a flywheel of weight 23 pounds.

Horizon 7.0 AE has 20 resistance levels and 20 incline levels that help you train well from beginner to a higher fitness level. As it operates smoothly and quietly, you can pick up this machine if you do not want to wake your baby sleeping in your room.

Its stride length is 20”, which is comfortable for both short and long-legged people making it an ideal choice for a family with different heights. Also, its load-bearing capacity is 325 pounds, which is another reason you can opt for it.

You can connect this elliptical with your Apple or Android phones using Bluetooth to use various fitness apps.

Headphones will not be necessary when you work out as this machine has speakers which give you enough sound if you are watching anything on your phone.

The handles have a special feature known as grip pulse that helps in calculating your heart rate. A lifetime warranty is a plus as you get an assurance of quality. Overall, it is suitable for both cardio workouts as well as sculpting your body.


  • Suitable for all levels of workout regimes.
  • Many resistance levels offer enough challenges.
  • On-board feedback regarding important statistics.
  • Different exercise programs for achieving various goals.


  • It does not have a blowing fan.
  • Cannot fold it for compact storage.

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Sole E25 Elliptical

This heavy-duty elliptical is an ultra-quiet machine due to its smooth flywheel and is considered ideal for the home workout as it does not disturb your partner. Its high gear ratio is also one of the mention-worthy factors for its soundless work.

This machine’s foot pedals are designed with the help of physical therapists to minimize the impact on your joints and maximize the results of the exercise. Hence this elliptical offers you a low-impact workout that does not strain your ankle joints, knees, or hips.

Its body is crafted using a durable steel frame capable of heavy-duty, allowing it to take a load of up to 350 lbs. You get four wheels at the rear that keep this machine stable and do not allow it to lean towards any one side while working. The dual rail featuring foot pedals is unique to this machine, unlike a single rail, which is present in most ellipticals.

These rails reinforce your stability and reduce the noise caused by vibrations that are usually caused due to instability which travel into the frame and produce loud sounds. This ergonomically designed and highly durable elliptical is suitable for long-term workouts.


  • Ideally angled foot pedals at 2 degrees inwards for reducing strain
  • Adjustable incline level for performing challenging workouts
  • 10 preset exercise choices to choose from
  • Bluetooth connectivity for training support
  • A heart rate calculator is available on this machine.


  • It takes up a large space as it is bulky in size.
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Nautilus Elliptical Trainer Series

Nautilus Elliptical Series
Nautilus elliptical machine gives you the best full-body workout and suits you if you are looking to shape your body or increase your stamina levels. You can achieve your fitness goal comfortably as it provides maximum workout benefits with a cardio advantage.

The fitness tracker allows you to check how close or far you are from your goal by showing you the calories burnt, your speed, and similar fitness data displayed on a dual-track LCD. This elliptical offers you a stride length of 20” using its precision technology, 22 custom programs, and 20 magnetic resistance levels.

The 25 lbs flywheel is quite operating and lets you workout noiselessly. The maximum load-bearing capacity of 300 lbs is apt for several users.

The footplates are cushioned, allowing you to keep the sole of your feet comfortable for long-time workout sessions. Also, the foot pedal incline is adjustable manually to keep them in a stress-free angle and a challenging position.

The fan is big and produces an ample cool breeze to keep you from overheating and gives you a refreshing feeling.


  • Warranty of 15 years on frame, 5 years on parts, and 2 years on labor
  • Smooth working flywheel with lightweight and no drag noise
  • The manually adjustable incline of footplates allows extra challenges.
  • It comes with a big cooling fan to give you cool air while you work out.


  • Assembling this device is a bit tricky and might require assistance.
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Sunny SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Bike

Sunny & Fitness SF-E905 is a quiet, space-friendly, durable, and affordable elliptical suitable for your home gym.

It comes equipped with powerful resistance modes of the adjustable type that offer an efficient workout to burn that extra flab and tone your body.

You get 8 magnetic resistance levels along with an essential goal tracking LCD monitor equipped digitally to measure your fitness statistics.

This indoor exercise machine fits in a small space as it is compact. It does not make any sound as it is a magnetic-based resistance machine, and they do not have any such noise-causing mechanism.

Its big footplates are made of anti-slip platforms, and the arms allow easy movement.

It is easy to transport the machine from place to place as it comes with wheels allowing you to keep it portable.

Another interesting feature found in this machine is the leg stabilizers that keep the machine leveled even on an uneven surface as they are adjustable as required.


  • The resistance levels are easy to adjust and allow a smooth transition.
  • Large digital monitor to check your fitness progress.
  • A stride length of 11 inches is suitable for short people for comfortable workouts.
  • Affordable price allows you to buy one for personal use easily.
  • Magnetic resistance makes its operation quiet.


  • No advanced features
  • The low load-bearing capacity of 220 lbs
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Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

Exerpeutic Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical with optional Bluetooth App Tracking

This heavy-duty elliptical is perfect for riders who want a natural stride yet super effective calorie-burning workout.

It is designed compactly and has a classy look to suit both the space needs and the aesthetic requirements that allow you to place this machine where ever you please without worrying.

Starting and keeping up with your fitness journey is easy using this elliptical as it is easy to use, and it keeps you updated from time to time about important data related to your workout.

Statistics such as speed, workout time, calories burned, and many other similar attributes are displayed on the LCD monitor.

Since it is large, you have no difficulty viewing the stats. With 8 easily adjustable levels of magnetic resistance, this elliptical operates smoothly and is whisper quiet.

The arms come with dual action allowing you to easily choose which part of the body you want to tone, i.e., the upper body or the lower body. This machine is equipped with wheels for easy transportation. It has a weight-bearing capacity of 300 lbs.


  • Its elliptical action offers you a natural motion.
  • The big pedals fit your feet comfortably during the workout.
  • The flywheel is smooth operating and durable.
  • Monitoring your progress using the large LCD screen is easy.
  • Exercise arms with dual action are helpful in targeted body workouts.


  • instructions for assembly are not clear.
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NordicTrack Space Saver SE9i Elliptical Trainers

NordicTrack Spacesaver SE9i Elliptical Trainers

NordicTrack is reputed for its best fitness equipment with the latest advances integrated into its machines. Its SE9i Elliptical is also one such exercise machine with outstanding performance.

The price is a bit more expensive than other ellipticals, but every penny spent on this machine is worth the amount. Starting with the space factor, this machine can be folded up easily for quick storage.

It saves you a lot of space when you are not using them and is especially advantageous for people living in small spaces.

This rear-drive elliptical is capable of being noiseless due to its engineering, giving you worry-free workouts at any time of the day.

It has top technology that aids you in a comfortable fitness journey. With a large-sized monitor, it is easy to view the numbers, and the touch screen allows easy operation.

It comes with 24 levels of silent magnetic resistance due to its lightweight flywheel that is inertia-enhanced. It has a load capacity of 325 lbs. The adjustable stride length and the 8 preset features are all handy for your workout. Find more space-saving NordicTrack ellipticals here.


  • 24 Weight loss adjustment levels
  • Heart rate monitoring technology to check it during the workout
  • HD touch LCD monitor of 7” size
  • 30 types of workout routines give you ample choice
  • Handle controls come with quick touch integration for easy operation


  • The sophisticated software requires a learning curve.
  • Assembly is time taking.
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XTERRA Fitness FS2.5 Elliptical Trainer Machine

XTERRA Fitness FS2.5 Elliptical Trainer Machine

XTERRA elliptical is quiet when in action and is apt for shared living spaces. When speaking of apartments, even noise is a major consideration factor for workout equipment as it disturbs your neighbor easily, which you do not want to happen.

Also, it has several excellent features that make this machine an ideal one for its price. The 24 magnetic resistance levels, 24 programs with 12-pre-programmed sessions accessible from the console, and heart rate monitoring device compatibility for accurate measurement are its best features.

Moreover, changing the resistance is as simple as pushing a button, making it easy to use. Its heavy-duty construction using a steel frame keeps it stable when you are working out.

Similarly, the rear flywheel design is also responsible for keeping it in place. This equipment feels like you are using some professional level of equipment in a gym from the comfort of your home.

It has a load-bearing capacity of 300 lbs. The smooth stride motion gives it a natural movement, and you can do both forward and reverse movements.


  • The electronically controlled resistance is changeable without interruption.
  • Handlebars come with multiple grips to allow a variety of workouts.
  • A built-in facility to use a chest strap to monitor heart rate is useful.
  • The stride of 14” and the large foot pedals allow smooth motion.
  • Color LCD of 5” gives you accurate information on your workout.


  • Tall users might find the stride size difficult as it is just 14”
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XTERRA Fitness FS3.0

Were you looking for an affordable elliptical machine for apartment exercise? Here you have another excellent option since it is mid-range and has different features such as 20 incredible levels of resistance, making it a machine suitable for beginners and advanced users. Also, its 22 pounds on the flywheel make workouts more challenging.

So that you do not miss your training data, the XTERRA Fitness will show you all the data you need to know on its 16” LCD screen, an ideal dimension to see those details comfortably.

Also, there is nothing better than listening to music while you train, so connect your iPod or another device to the console and choose one of its 18 training programs to get in shape. You can listen to music since the console has speakers.

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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 Affordable Elliptical

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B0891 is undoubtedly a budget-friendly elliptical machine that will help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular endurance and tone your glutes, quadriceps, calves, and other muscles in your legs, abdomen, and lower back.

It’s easy to use, protects your joints from the wear and tear generated by the typical impacts of running and climbing stairs, and promotes fast and effective fat burning. Without a doubt, a fitness device typical of gyms that, now, you can also enjoy at home.

This compact elliptical is the ideal size to be placed under the table or desk, so you do not have to stop working on exercising. Another point in its favor is that you can take it wherever you want, i. e., it is portable and only weighs 19 lbs.

As for its stride, it is 7″, maybe it is not much, but it should be noted that it is not uncomfortable since you have to sit down. It also offers 8 levels of magnetic tension so that you can choose the degree of difficulty and you can see the results on your digital monitor.

It should be noted that this mini elliptical is not designed for everyone. It is rather aimed at those who have little mobility, those who have joint problems, or those who must comfortably rehabilitate at home.

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SNODE E20i Magnetic Inexpensive Elliptical Machine

For personalized training, the grab bars can be mounted in 2 different ways: On the one hand, in a mobile position, with which the arms participate in the general movement; on the other hand, in a fixed position, in which the grips do not move. The grips are provided with hearth pulse sensors.

This inexpensive elliptical machine for condos has a Bluetooth connection and offers an application with 12 training programs to follow a more controlled exercise routine. On the other hand, you can leave your device nearby since it also has an iPod holder.

In terms of resistance levels, the SNODE E20i offers 16 levels for you to adapt in conjunction with the training programs you want to follow. You can see your progress on the LCD screen, which is easy to use, and provides measurements of calories burned, speed, time, pulse, and distance.

Its maximum user weight is 265 lbs, an acceptable weight for an elliptical machine at this price range. It is a very quiet device with a magnetic brake system, and it should be noted that you can configure the machine to train with slope simulation as if you were climbing a hill so that the muscular challenge is even greater.

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Marcy Magnetic Affordable Elliptical Trainer Cardio Workout Machine

Continuing with the line of the apartment elliptical machine, we find Marcy, a magnetic elliptical machine for cardiovascular training with an ideal design to have at home since, after training, you can put it in any corner since it only measures 24″ W x 49” L x 64.25” H.

On the other hand, its size is not a problem when doing cardio exercises because it offers all the necessary functions to train the whole body.

Regarding its construction, you should stay calm because this machine is made of steel, one of the most resistant materials on the market for the manufacture of elliptical machines.

The machine offers two styles of handlebars, one pair is mobile to exercise the upper body, and the other fixed pair is responsible for providing the heart pulse. Besides, when you need stability, they are also very useful.

You can choose between its 8 levels of magnetic resistance, and if you are a beginner, you can start from the lowest level and work your way up to the level that is right for you. You can change it with its tension knob.

Also, in terms of comfort, this elliptical has a pair of paddles that are very comfortable to place your feet firmly and stable to exercise without problems. They are spacious and fit well anyone of any height, and they are also non-slip.

One of the best parts of this elliptical machine is that it can support users of up to 300 lbs even though it only weighs 72.6 lbs, so it won’t be a problem to move it.

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Body Champ 2-in-1 Elliptical Workout and Upright Exercise Bike

The Body Champ 2 in 1  cross trainer acts as both an exercise bike and an elliptical machine. Not all brands offer this type of elliptical model at affordable prices, so you can take it into account if you want one to train at home.

The Body Champ 2-in-1 is built with top-notch, trusted materials so you can train without worry. It has 16 levels of resistance, which is not a small thing for an elliptical that offers two types of machines in one. This expands the range of exercises to further train the entire body.

So that you have more options, this elliptical offers two types of handles, mobile and fixed, so you can choose which one to train with. It should be noted that this machine also includes heart rate sensors on its fixed handlebars so that you can see the results on its console with an LCD screen and also other data such as time, distance, etc.

The Body Champ 2 in 1 is an inexpensive elliptical machine that offers strides of 14″, an average length. Also, if you want to train with the bike, you can sit on its seat, which allows you to adjust it according to your height and forward or backward, depending on your comfort.

It is also interesting to note that this elliptical only measures 64.54” x 51” x 28.75” and weighs 73.15 pounds, ideal measures to store in any corner, and is easy to transport.

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EFITMENT Compact Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer – Best Elliptical Under $300

The EFITMENT elliptical machine has been very well received by users for its functionality and quality, without an excessive price. For those beginners who are demanding in terms of the quality of materials and services, EFITMENT is a guarantee, and this model is one of the best quality-price of this brand.

This elliptical is very well designed with a small opening between the pedals (11″), which favors a more natural and fluid pedaling without demanding more from the hips. The pedals are large with a non-slip texture to provide stability at the moment of your exercise.

As for the space that you need to place your EFITMENT machine, don’t worry, its measurements are 41” L x 26” W x 59.5” H, and it also has wheels to help you transport it from one place to another, although it weighs only 63 pounds. Although the weight of this elliptical is low, it is suitable for people weighing up to 220 pounds, providing great stability during exercise.

Also, EFITMENT comes with a magnetic resistance that will allow you a silent exercise. You can choose between 8 intensity levels to adapt it to your choice, which is adjusted using a knob.

The fixed handlebar has a pulse sensor that will reflect the frequency on the LCD screen and the speed, distance, calories, and duration of the exercise. The mobile handlebar will help you exercise the upper body.

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Stamina InMotion E1000 Compact Strider for Home Use

This mini elliptical is special for low-impact exercises and provides you with cardiovascular exercise similar to jogging. At the same time, it eliminates the risk of injury and joint stress on the back, knees, ankles, and hips.

You can use it forward or reverse to keep fit or just to be healthy. You will only have to adjust the magnetic resistance according to the intensity level that meets your need with its knot. Besides, it has an electronic monitor with which you will control your steps and your progress,

Also, it is transportable and only measures 24 x 20 x 12 inches and weighs 24 pounds. You can take it wherever you want.

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What Are the Benefits of Using a Quiet Elliptical Machine in Apartments?

Quiet elliptical machines are useful in increasing your stamina, improving your fitness levels, and exercising your body to burn calories and lose weight.

They are capable of posing several levels of fitness challenges and allow you to move from one level of fitness to another as you work out consistently.

Apart from health benefits, you can use your machine anytime you prefer without annoying others.

How Quiet Are Elliptical Machines?

Elliptical machines are usually quiet working machines than most fitness equipment, but their inside mechanism and the drag create sound if it is not smooth operating, meaning poorly crafted parts.

So, if you need ultra-quiet machines in ellipticals, you need to check for ellipticals with excellent engineering with no drag noise to ensure minimal noise.

What Type of Elliptical Machine Is Quieter?

The magnetic resistance-based elliptical is quieter as they operate smoothly. The excellent gear system takes care of the internal noise caused during the workout.

Also, the machine’s stability matters as they tend to make noise when they align themselves to one side due to instability.

This is due to vibrations’ noise getting amplified as they pass through the frame and make a loud noise. So, a sturdy, built magnetic elliptical is quieter.

Final Words

Ellipticals provide you with the advantage of running without hurting your knees. Since you do not jolt, it does not cause pain, but still, you carry your weight which helps in improving bone strength.

Dual-action ellipticals are excellent for your full-body workout. All you need to keep in mind is to vary the workout regimes with various actions to avoid overworking the same parts of your body.

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