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Top 3 Best Barbells with Center Knurl

Looking for the best barbells with center knurl? The knurling is the criss-cross pattern in the bar that’s critical for improved grip. This pattern might be present throughout the bar or only at the center.

A barbell with center knurl is ideal for those who regularly squat heavyweights. So, how do you know when to choose a barbell with center knurl or not? Keep reading.

In a hurry? For those who just want to know the top picks on our list, here you go.

When Should You Choose a Barbell with Center Knurl?

Every barbell has a sturdy piece of bar/shaft that’s cut and processed to set the length and diameter right. These rock-solid design constructions that guarantee years of durability and come with longer warranties.

It is usually seen that these bars have designs on them—while you might think this as an act of adding elegance to the equipment individuals knowledgeable with fitness equipment call it knurling.

Knurling is the rough criss-cross patterns that you see on the bar, which is extremely important for a great grip.

The knurl could be smooth or rough varying between products, and it is 100% upon the user to decide his/her preferred bar.

Barbells generally have knurls, but the primary difference lies in whether or not the knurling is present throughout the bar or not.

Some bars have knurling that goes up to their sleeve, some have a gap where the bar and the sleeve meet, some bars come with center knurling, and some don’t have center knurling.

Smooth center knurling protects the neck from jerks and presses while a rigid center knurling enhances the barbell’s grip while performing squats.

If you love to do weightlifting, then it’s best to choose a weightlifting barbell that has a smooth center knurl.

Man Lifting Barbell

It is ideal to choose a barbell with center knurl if you regularly squat heavyweights, which needs you to get the right grip on the back.

If you love CrossFit training, then it is advisable to choose one without a center knurl.

Top 3 Best Barbell with Center Knurl

Barbells are an expensive piece of equipment that guarantees durability. But several criteria define the worth of this equipment.

Given below are the three best barbells with center knurl.

#1. Body-Solid OB86B Olympic Bar with Center Knurling

Here comes a bar that can withstand up to 600 pounds of plates taking your weight workouts to the highest level possible.

Body-Solid promises excellent workout equipment that satisfies your daily exercise needs. Standing by this principle, the OB86B Olympic bar is made from high-quality materials.

It has a black oxide finish safeguarding the shaft against rusting, peeling, or chipping off.

The bar weighs 44 pounds and is 7 feet long, making it a great choice for bench press, powerlifting, weight lifting, and CrossFit exercises.

The bar has center knurling making it a good choice for squats. Single-tabbed side knurling helps you perform jerks and many other Olympic movements with ease.

The bar is 30mm in diameter and has a shoulder bolt collar bolt.


  • The first choice for bodybuilders and championship lifts
  • Ideal product for weight lifting and cross fitness training
  • Supports extremely heavy workouts


  • Suitable for beginner trainees
  • Rusts after a few months

#2. Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Rogue Ohio Power Bar

Barbell experts consider the Rogue Ohio bar to be the best power bar that stands tall among others in this price range.

This 29mm bar comes with a Cerakote finish (polymer-ceramic coating), which is similar to the material used for manufacturing guns.

You can choose from ample color choices, which makes it pleasant to exercise.

At the same time, this finish offers up to 100 times corrosion resistance to that of black zinc.

The bar consists of a 205,000 PSI steel shaft with bronze bushings and a snap ring design.

It has single powerlifting knurl marks with the center knurling-the design is deep and rough but not too sharp or dangerous. Getting the perfect knurl pattern is no coincidence, but it is an art that has to be mastered.

The shaft (29mm) diameter and its weight (45 LB) offer intense tensile strength making it the perfect equipment for the bench, deadlift, and squat.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Excellent rigidity and negligible whip
  • Volcano knurl pattern that offers superb hand grip


  • Rusts rapidly
  • 205K PSI strength cannot be called the strongest

Here is a video that gives more details about the Rogue Ohio Power Bar (Introduction starts from 2:19)

#3. Yaheetech Olympic 7 Feet Weight Bar

If you experience space crunch in your home but do wish for a quality bar that’s versatile the Yaheetech bar should be your ideal choice.

The 7 feet bar has a maximum weight capacity of 330 lb, weighs around 40 lb, and is provided with spring collars.

Giving users the perfect blend of value for money, construction, knurl, spin, and sleeve space, this is the ideal equipment for performing deadlifts, rows, bench work, and overhead press.

Use this weight bar for a complete upper body workout training (specifically snatch and jerk), especially when you are not satisfied with your dumbbell.

One has to compliment the knurled design as it is exactly in the middle of the spectrum providing the right grip-not too sharp, not too abrasive nor too painful on the hand.

This is an excellent choice for home gym as you could use the bar with/without weights helping the user perform versatile arm exercises such as bicep/tricep extensions, wrist curls, wide grips, and more.


  • Compact and ideal for small spaces
  • Dual knurl marks provide the right grip
  • High-quality material with anti-rust silver finish
  • Provided with a spring collar at either end


  • Ends don’t fit the plates properly producing a noise while lifting

The Verdict

Barbells are for the strong. They are indeed priced high but last a lifetime when the right equipment is purchased.

Get a good look at the weights, plates, barbell strength, the material used in its construction, the knurled design, and finally, the price before choosing the best equipment for your home gym.

Don’t hesitate to shell out a little extra money in investing in a good barbell—after all, the barbell is the primary interface between you and the weights, you don’t want to save money on this.

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