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Treadmills Buyer’s Guide – How to Choose the Best Treadmills

There are some key features that you should look out when it comes to finding a new treadmill. The best treadmills should be under the consideration of conveniently sized, powerful motor, and some valuable features like built-in workout programs, exercising data monitoring, and entertainment.

Depending on your need, if you want to choose a treadmill for your family or home gym use, you should go for a treadmill that is versatile enough to meet the fitness needs of all family members, yet quiet enough to operate without bothering anyone.

If you are on the hunt for a treadmill for an apartment, the noise level and the treadmill weight should be put into priority, as the apartment flooring is not as sturdy as your garage’s and the sound insulation effect is not that good. When the treadmill fits these two requirements, the more versatile the treadmill, the better, as long as the price is within your budget.

We will walk you through some of the best treadmills on the market and offer an in-depth buyer’s guide for you, considering the price, motor, deck height, incline, workout program, and other features.

We also included some treadmills for specific uses, such as the best treadmill for HIIT, the best treadmill for Zwift, etc.

We have picked out the extraordinary treadmill in these specific categories to help your simplify your research and save your time.

Read the guide to know more about buying the best treadmill under your budget.

How to Choose the Best Treadmill?

There are some specific things you should take care of while choosing the best treadmill for home use. Space, track size, motor, incline, weight capacities are some of the main things to look after while buying a treadmill.


Size is the main factor when you decide to buy a treadmill when you live in a small space or apartment. There are two major types of motorized treadmills available in the market—folding and non-folding treadmills. You have to check which one will fit your home space.

In normal cases, folding treadmills are of a shorter running belt, but it is adequate for walking and running purposes. With these types of the treadmill, you can save a lot of space, and it also makes cleaning easier. If you have a small space in the room for a workout, you can go for a folding treadmill.

If you are looking for stability in treadmills, then a non-folding treadmill is the best choice. If you are a serious runner, then you should go for a non-folding treadmill.


The motor carries an essential part in the quality of the treadmill. If you are going to use a treadmill more frequently, then you have to look for a motor that is of good quality and can work in the long run.

Motors differ based on their capacity and weight. Always look for a quality motor as low-quality motors may lead to regular repair and overheat the treadmill.

Track Size

For less use or just to walk, it may not be that important, but track size matters the most when you run on the treadmill. The standard treadmill track lengths are 55’’ for walking. But you should always go for 58’’ or 60’’ or higher if you are looking for a treadmill to use for regular running or sprinting.

The standard width is 20’’ whereas extra-wide track treadmills are in trend now as it gives more space and convenience to the user.


If you are heavier than average people or have a knee problem, you should look for a treadmill with cushioning to protect your joints and spine from the sudden force on your body.

Because when you step down on the running area, it creates pressure twice your bodyweight. This force can impact your legs if there is no shock absorption system.

Find the treadmills come with adjustable cushioning so that you can choose the level of support to avoid that much impact on your body. It also saves your stamina and reduces the risk of injuries.


The incline feature of treadmills helps you burn your calories more quickly and effectively. Almost all treadmill tracks have the flexibility to incline them up to 12%, and rare treadmills offer decline facilities.

Always choose a treadmill with motorized inclination facilities because cheap treadmills need manual operation to incline the track.

It is inevitable to involves the deck height when we discuss the inclination.

What is the deck height of the treadmill? The height between the floor to the running area of the treadmill is the deck height. Most treadmills have a deck height of 8″. If your treadmill inclines, then the deck height goes up an additional 4″-5″ from when your treadmill is fully inclined.

The deck height could be important when you pick a treadmill for a low ceiling room, and if it is this case, you should leave at least 6” (15.24 cm) space between your head and the ceilings to avoid knocking on the ceilings.

Built-in Programs

Running for a longer duration can help you burn excess fat. Treadmills are mostly used for weight loss, and in the present time, most of the treadmills are coming with a preset workout facility to help the user to get their exercise goals.

Most of the treadmills have built-in programs in them to give the flexibility to work out. You can manually quick-start your exercise with the manual programs and set your speed and workout duration.

Weight Capacity

When you buy a treadmill for your home, you are not the only one to use it. The entire family can use the treadmill to stay fit. So, always take care of the weight capacity of the machine, not to overload and affect its functioning.

Treadmill weight capacities typically lie below 400 pounds. But if you weigh more than this, then always go for an extra pound weight capacity treadmill for your use. Getting a treadmill with high quality is a concern as you may not find this feature in lower-quality treadmills.


If you look forward to more challenges, fun, or more motivation when running on the treadmills, it is a great idea to mixing up running with some serious fun elements in the form of video games.

Bringing treadmill workout apps into your exercise routine is the easiest way to get coaches, group camaraderie, competition, and courses.

There are treadmill apps (Aaptiv, Fit Radio, iFit, Zwift, and more) to help you log standard data, such as miles, distance, burnt calories, heart rate, and time. With a great app, you would get a more enjoyable exercise experience.

You can use the iFit app with or without your treadmill and get access to thousands of interactive, at-home workouts, including HIIT, cardio, strength training, yoga, and indoor cycling

Zwift is a virtual running game that can elevate your treadmill workout session to unimaginable levels of fun, competitiveness, and fitness. Check the Zwift certificated treadmills here.

Storage and Portability

Foldable treadmills are available in the market now. You can fold and store them in a place as per your convenience and unfold them when you want to work out. This is an added feature to the new generation treadmills.

Portable treadmills are also there, but these are smaller in size compared to the regular ones. You can take them anywhere as they are lightweight and have transport wheels underneath. If you are looking for storage and portable benefits in treadmills, you can choose any of them.


When we buy any machinery, we expect most of the parts to fall under warranty. It’s because we can save some bucks when the machine needs any maintenance. Likewise, when you are going to buy a treadmill for home, always check whether you are getting the warranty assurance or not.

A treadmill’s warranty covers its frame, parts, labor, and motor.


Frames fall under a lifetime warranty. Cheap treadmills also come with a lifetime warranty for frames.


Most of the electronics parts of a treadmill come under a warranty period. Cheap treadmills don’t offer a more extended time warranty, whereas if you are buying the best quality treadmill, you can expect a warranty for a minimum of 5 years or more. Some treadmills also offer a lifetime warranty on their machine parts.


If you buy a cheap treadmill, you may not get a labor warranty. But on purchasing the best quality treadmill, you can get one or two years of free labor.


If you buy a cheap treadmill, you may expect a warranty period of 5 to 25 years, but almost every high-quality treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty offer.


Safety is a must when you are looking to buy a treadmill for home. The elderly, people and their kids or pets may need an auto-stop facility in case of an emergency. When you buy a treadmill, always check if it has an auto-stop safety feature added to it or not.

Usually, auto-stops are controlled by a key attached to your body. In case you slip in between doing exercise, the key will turn off the treadmill. Please make sure to remove the key after you work out to avoid accidental activation.

Final Words

There are numerous treadmills for home use available in the market. But these 8 treadmills are the best in the industry and last a long period. Always take a look at the factors before buying a treadmill for your home use.

You can choose any of these 8 treadmills as they make a good companion for your workout schedule and keep you entertained while losing some pounds. Remember, you should not compromise with the quality of treadmills as they are a kind of lifetime investment for your health and fitness.

We hope you got to know everything about choosing the best treadmill for home use from this article. If you like this article, then don’t forget to share it on your social media for better reach. Let others know about these fantastic fitness companions too.

Happy working out!

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