Top 7 Best Folding Squat Racks for Home Gym

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Are you interested in weight lifting? If so, a squat rack must be indispensable equipment in your home gym.

But if you suffer from space crunch, it is quite impossible to set a full-size rack, and if you are one of those facing this problem, don’t worry, as you can choose the folding squat racks.

But you must always beware of quality issues, as not all folding racks are of good quality and performance.

Also, be sure of the features provided and take care of the warranty part. Many budget folding racks don’t provide optimal warranty periods.

And make sure that the equipment you choose to buy is user-friendly and comfortable to exercise. It would help if you made a careful choice while trying to purchase a compact budget-friendly squat rack.

In a hurry? Navigate directly to the list of best folding squat racks:

These squat racks are chosen by considering size, price, sturdiness, features, and more. See the overview, pros & cons below.

How to Choose a Folding Squat Rack for Your Home Gym?

Before you realize that any specific model is good for use, it is essential to understand the essential features that make any squat rack model a good choice for use.

The most important features that must be considered when you wish to buy a squat rack are frame quality, structural integrity, gauge, column size, space considerations, accessories, pull-up bars, westside spacing, and J-hooks.

#1. Structural Integrity

Any squat rack, big or small, foldable or not, must be made of steel and nothing else. Your squat rack’s structural integrity is primarily dependent on two factors: the thickness of the steel used and the upright columns’ size.

#2. Gauge

One of the main factors of structural integrity, the thickness of the steel used, is what we mean by the word ‘gauge.’ We all know that thicker steel is stronger than thinner steel, and hence, squat racks made using thicker steel are preferred compared to others.

But metal gauges work differently than expected, with lower numbers denoting thicker metal usage.

Premium-quality commercial grade racks use as high as 7-gauge steel to withstand prolonged and extended use throughout the day.

High-end home gym models use 11-gauge steel, and some of them come with 12-gauge steel construction.

But never choose anything thinner than 12-gauge as you cannot be sure that the rack could withstand regular usage.

The gauge of steel used by a rack is mostly mentioned with the equipment, and if this detail is missing, I recommend that you better not buy it.

#3. Column Size

A squat rack is made of steel poles that we commonly refer to as upright columns.

These columns are used in folding and non-folding racks, and the difference lies only in the number of columns used. Wall-mounted folding racks will have only 2 columns, while true power cages have 4.

The columns play an indispensable role in holding your weight, and hence, they must be structurally sound. For maximum strength, the gauge of the steel and the column’s size plays an important role.

Measured in inches, the columns can be either in square or rectangle shape. The most structurally sound columns are 3″x3″, but even a 2″x3″ column is good enough.

The best folding racks use the 11-gauge, 3″x3″ steel upright columns for a heavy-duty frame that can hold up to 1000+ pounds.

#4. Space Considerations

Though you have folding squat racks, they occupy space, and hence, you need to measure how much room space you have before you purchase any model.

You get horizontally (most) and vertically (PRx) folding racks, each having its pros and cons.

Horizontally folding racks stick out about 5″ or so from the wall when folded and make a great addition to your home, but only if you have open wall space.

The PRx racks have a vertical folding mechanism, but the disadvantage here is that you need to have high ceiling space. If you live in a room with limited ceiling height, find a low-profile squat rack.

Most wall-mounted racks have  21.5″ or 41.5″ of depth, and you need to choose your desired depth depending on your needs.

#5. Westside Spacing

Westside spacing, a more commonly seen feature in most racks, is nothing but the holes near the bottom of the rack spaced closer together than the top holes. This is needed when you are required to position the J-hooks precisely.

#6. J-Hooks

We use J-hooks to hold the barbell in place, and generally, most of them are compatible across multiple racks. They can be attached using the laser-cut holes on each column.

If you get a good-quality rack, it is mostly possible that a pair of J-hooks come attached to it.

#7. Other Power Rack Accessories and Attachments

Folding racks are generally compatible with all the accessories that could be used on full-size racks and cages. These accessories include a pull-up bar, lat pulldown attachment, dip station, safety straps, safety arms, barbells, plate storage, folding bench, and dip station.

Top 7 Best Folding Squat Racks

Based on the above-mentioned features, I’ve listed down the top 7 folding squat racks that could suit your home gym use.

#1. PRx Profile Squat Rack (With Kipping Bar)

PRx Performance (as seen on ABC's Shark Tank) Profile Squat

The PRx Profile Squat rack boasts of having vertical folding technology, which has been the most popular and easiest way to store squat racks. This is also the only squat rack with this technology as the company has claimed patent rights.

The vertical folding mechanism is possible with 4 gas shocks that help you lift and drop movements too easily. When folded, you get to see only a 4″ extension making its mark as one of the most compact models available.

You don’t even have to remove the pull-up bar before folding the rack, but the only downside of this vertical folding mechanism is that you need to have a higher ceiling space (at least 9′) fit the bar.

Otherwise, you can use this squat rack to set up your home gym with just 4″ of space.

If you are a fan of CrossFit training, you would indeed become a fan of the PRx Profile Squat Rack as it works well with most CrossFit moves.

Design and quality-wise too, the equipment is outstanding as it comes with 11-gauge steel construction, which is said to be one of the best in town.

The upright columns measure 2″x3″, which might not be the largest but are strong enough and capable of holding ample weight. The Profile bar can hold as high as 1000 pounds of user weight.

The J-cups are thick and well-equipped to support any weight that could be held by the bar. The PRx Pro racks boast a 3″x3″ column but also cost more.

The highlight of this squat rack is the kipping bar (made of solid steel) that allows you to do kipping movements such as bar muscle-ups and toes-to-bar.

You can be assured of a high-quality product when you purchase the PRx Profile Squat Racks as the materials used are the best, guaranteeing durability and long-lastingness.


  • The presence of a textured kipping bar helps you do kipping movements
  • The vertical folding mechanism makes the equipment as compact as possible
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 1000lbs weight capacity


  • Higher ceiling space needed
  • Expensive

#2. PRx Performance Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack

Murphy Rack Fold Up Squat Rack (Textured Black Powder Coat)

If you want the functionality of the PRx Profile model but at an affordable cost, you should choose the Murphy Rack, who’s also a product from PRx Performance.

The company has come up with an optimal design and construction using quality steel material for the parts. It also has a black powder coat finish for added strength and protection.

Make your home gym as comfortable and versatile as possible by procuring this squat rack that takes up little or no floor space. Surprised? Yes, it is possible to have this rack installed in your home by using only wall space.

The rack is 90 inches in height and takes as little as 4 inches of space off the wall. It is better to measure your ceiling height and ensure that there are at least 108 inches of ceiling height to fold up onto the wall.

It would be best if you had a barbell and weights to make this machine wholesome home gym equipment. You could even add a weight bench to do bench press besides doing squats, overhead press, pull-ups, and chin-ups.

If you have some budget, you could also purchase a PRx Performance folding weight bench for bringing additional versatility to your exercise routine.


  • 1000 lbs of maximum user weight capacity
  • Space-saving squat rack design
  • Patented design
  • Folds up onto the wall
  • Pair of J-cups included


  • Assembly is quite difficult
  • Stability is an issue

#3. Rogue RML-3W Fold Back Wall Mounted Rack


Rogue is a well-known brand for its fitness equipment, and this Rogue power rack from the company is no different.

This Rogue RML-3W folding wall-mounted squat rack comes with strong and sturdy construction. Like most other folding racks, this rack comes with horizontal folding technology. This means that you need to fold each column inward/outward against the wall.

So, when folded, you only get an outward protrusion that’s around 5″ from the wall, and the mechanism is effective, barring the fact that it takes a little more time to fold the piece of equipment.

Rogue uses 11-gauge steel and 3″x3″ upright columns for a rock-solid frame, which is better than Profile’s 2″x3″ columns. For those searching for a heavy-duty rack, I guarantee that your search ends here.

The RML-3W model has optimal features that include Westside spacing, a pair of J-hooks, and your choice of depth.

Besides this, you also get to enjoy a lifetime guarantee on the product. Though not mandatory, Rogue suggests that you add a pair of stringers to your Fold Back Rack.

Purchasing a stringer set makes your installation easier as the stringers the holes pre-drilled in the right places to make mounting as straightforward as possible.

Rogue’s custom-compatible stringers are made from laser-cut, given a black powder coat, and made using 11-gauge steel.

Adding the stringer makes the rack look sturdier and even gives a whole new, better look to the system.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Optimal pricing
  • A pair of J-cups and pull-up bars included
  • Folding design
  • The 11-gauge steel and 3″x3″ columns ensure durability and stability


  • Folding takes some time
  • Stringers aren’t included

#4. Titan Fitness T-3 Folding Power Rack

Titan is a brand that loves to imitate Rogue’s designs, and this T-3 folding power rack is one such model.

The T-3 series folding rack makes use of 11-gauge steel tubes and 2″x3″ upright columns. Though these are the measures, practically you find that TITAN’s 2″x3″ rack is slightly smaller.

The T-3 wall brackets rotate freely on the bolt, and the locking pin is provided for all four wall brackets.

This piece of equipment comes with an unusually thick 1.5″ pull up bar though you might normally like a 1.25″ measurement.

The maximum height supported is 86″, and for the kipping pull-ups, it is better to have the 41″ instead of the 24″. Are you quite confused now? Don’t be, as the company provides you with two different depth choices—a 41″ deep model and a 21.5″ deep model.

The T-3 folding power rack is laser cut for a precise fit and a heavy powder coating for a durable finish.

Don’t worry about this model’s compactness as it folds flat against the wall, helping you save as much space as possible.


  • Two different depth choices
  • Cheaper pricing
  • The rack is compatible with Rogue R-series/Infinity attachments


  • Installation is a time-consuming process.
  • Pull up bar is thick.
  • It takes around a minute to fold

#5. Fringesport Retractable Wall-Mount Power Rack


Even before I help you with this product’s specifications and measurements, I am glad to let you know that Fringe has generously come up with a 365-day return policy on the equipment.

To me, this is a great value-addition to the product as not many companies come up with this sort of offer. You even get to enjoy free shipment of the Retractable Power Rack.

You can use the power rack, and if any of the features seem unsatisfactory, you can return it within a year and get back all your money.

You can return within 30 days, and you even get paid for return shipping.

If you wonder how the company stays in the competition despite giving ample return benefits, you must understand that not many of them return the product given its solid build and good performance. Else, Fringe can’t carry out this policy of theirs.

As the name suggests, the rack retracts for easy storage and comes with a pull-up bar and a squat rack. For those of you who suffer from space crunch, you can always unfold the rack, exercise using it, and put it away when you are done.

The product is made from 11-gauge steel, and two 2.5″x 2.5″ columns. The 1.25″ diameter pull up bar is easily adjustable and ranges around 70″-88″ from the floor.

The company even provides you with plastic-coated J-hooks that help you to protect the finish on your bar.

Coming to the folding mechanism, you can fold this squat rack either side in or out, similar to Rogue’s model’s functionality.

Comparing, it takes the same amount of time and effort as you have to pull out 4 pins for the pull-up bar and 4 for the rack hinges. But, you could choose to leave the J cups intact if you plan to fold at least one side outward.

The maximum weight capacity of this squat rack is 800 lbs, and this is appreciable.


  • 1-year free-return policy and 30-day free return shipping
  • Compact, made of high-quality material, and durable


  • No depth choices
  • Installation takes time
  • Quite expensive

#6. Titan X-3 Fold Back Wall Mounted Rack

Titan Fitness 21.5" Fold Back Wall Mounted X-3 Power Rack

If you notice, this squat rack is similar to the Rogue’s model mentioned above in every aspect except for its name.

Hence, you could expect cheaper pricing for the rack, and as expected, you get to enjoy similar benefits and sturdiness as in Rogue’s model but without the expensive price tag.

The X-3 is Titan’s most heavy-duty folding squat rack. It boasts of an 11-gauge steel frame, 3″x3″ upright columns, and a weight capacity of around 1000 pounds.

Like the RML 3-W model, this squat rack also comes with a horizontal folding mechanism using 4 pins to release the hinges.

This model comes with a pull-up bar that can be installed or removed using pins but here also, you need to remove the pull-up bar before folding the equipment.

There are laser-drilled holes, Westside spacing, and even an extra pair of J-hooks. I bet that these must surely lure your attention as you can use one pair for squatting and another pair for benching. This way, you can reduce the time spent on making adjustments.

Titan’s and Rogue’s squat rack’s main difference is that Titan doesn’t offer any stringers like Rogue, making the assembly process quite challenging.

Though you get good-quality materials and excellent features, Titan restricts its warranty period to as little as 12 months. But this shouldn’t be a problem given the high quality of the materials used.


  • Laser-cut holes
  • Affordable pricing
  • Folding frame
  • 11-gauge steel frame and 3″x3″ upright columns
  • 1000 lb+ weight capacity
  • Pull up bar included


  • The warranty period is short.
  • Assembly is quite difficult

#7. Valor Fitness BD-20 Wall Mounted Folding Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar

Valor Fitness Squat Rack with Pull Up Bar- Wall Mount

You could compare the BD-20 wall mounted folding squat rack to a piece of commercial-grade equipment as it is made of 11-gauge steel and a 2.5″ x 2.5″ solid frame tubing.

Beyond this, there are even rubber base caps at the bottom of each column for added stability that ensures your safety while exercising.

Also, if you are on the lookout for a space-saving piece of equipment, don’t worry, as the BD-20 can fold flat against the wall to keep your room as spacious as possible.

Remove the 4 pull pins to set up the squat rack for a workout or even return it to the folding position against the wall.

We purchase home gym equipment to reap the utmost fitness benefits, and for this, the piece of equipment that we purchase must be versatile.

Valor Fitness boasts of producing one of the most versatile fitness racks in the form of the BD-20 wall-mounted folding squat rack.

You could compare this rack’s versatility to that of the machines found in your commercial gyms and all of these advantages in a much smaller space.

This folding squat rack could be used to do squat and bench press using the adjustable J-hooks. There is also an adjustable pull-up bar at the top of the rack, making the rack even more versatile as you can do numerous pull-up and chin-up exercises.

The J-hooks can be easily adjusted and could suit each of your needs to enhance your comfort levels.

The BD-20 model from Valor Fitness could be the best choice if there are multiple users in your family as the pull-up bar is also adjustable.


  • The maximum user weight is 750 lbs
  • A versatile piece of equipment suitable for home gym use
  • Heavy-duty construction and frame design enhance stability
  • Space-saving design


  • The warranty period is only 3 years

Folding squat racks are a great space-saving option for home gym use when you suffer from space restriction.

Though there aren’t quite many racks that come with the folding functionality, there are quite a few of them like those mentioned above.

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