Top 18 Best Vertical Climbers for Home Gym Use

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If time is your most expensive commodity, setting up a vertical climber in your home gym could do ultimate benefits for your health and fitness needs.

A piece of high-energy workout equipment, the vertical climber promises to burns thrice as many calories as other cardio equipment in much lesser time.

You needn’t set your goal on reaching Mt. Everest, but you could surely climb to the best of your health by choosing the ideal vertical climber for your home gym use.

If you’re looking for a great quality vertical climber for your home gym to climb your way to the top of your fitness routine, this article is for you.

In a hurry? Here are the top 18 best vertical climbers for home gym use:

See the overview, pros & cons below.

What Muscles Do Vertical Climbers Work?

You could be happy to realize that the vertical climber works out every major muscle group in the body. This includes the quads, calves, triceps, abs, pectoral/chest muscles, hamstrings, glutes, and biceps.

Benefits of Using Vertical Climbers at Home

You benefit significantly from using a vertical climber regularly in your home gym. The primary advantages of using this equipment include:

  • You get to work out both your upper and lower body simultaneously in contrast to your treadmill, stepper, or bike.
  • Compact in size occupying lesser footprint unlike most other cardio equipment
  • VO2 levels see a significant improvement compared to running or treadmill use, and this is confirmed by scientific studies as well

Vertical Climber vs. Elliptical

It is natural to compare the vertical climber to every other cardio equipment available in the market. So, when you compare it with the elliptical, you find many similarities and differences between both.

What is the main difference between vertical climbers and elliptical machines? Vertical climbers and elliptical machines provide upper and lower body workouts, while the primary difference lies in muscle engagement.

The action of pulling yourself up every time you climb makes you use your legs and arms greatly, which helps you strengthen your arm muscles much more.

But, if you want a piece of low-impact equipment, I suggest that you choose the elliptical trainer as it causes a lower impact and is recommended for bad knees/joints.

Vertical Climber vs. Rowing Machine

If you want to work out both your upper and lower body, it is suggested to use either the vertical climber or rowing machine as both promise intense total-body cardio workouts.

What is the main difference between vertical climbers and rowing machines? The vertical climber is a step ahead of the rowing machine to provide additional strength to your back, biceps, and triceps—upper body muscles are engaged multi-fold times here.

Still, both the rower and the vertical climber provide exceptional workout experience benefiting your fitness needs.

Vertical Climber vs. Stair Stepper

There is a significant difference between the climber and the stepper. A stepper helps you work out only your lower body, focusing only on the glutes, whereas a vertical climber provides you with a total body workout.

The very action of climbing using your arms and legs promises unmatched benefits to your body. If you desire to reap a true full-body cardio workout, you should choose the vertical climber without any doubt.

How to Choose the Best Vertical Climber for Home Gym?

Various key features must be considered while you plan to buy a vertical climber. The most important of them include handlebars, reviews, price, brand, resistance, foldability, adjustability, stability, foot pedal size, and digital display.

#1. Brand

Though there are many debates on whether the brand value is integral in choosing a vertical climber, it is indeed experienced by most people that popular brands are 100% committed to assuring the quality of the product.

#2. Price Range

There are vertical climbers as low as $100 and as high as $4000, but the only problem here is that there is not much equipment in the mid-range segment.

Price is a vital factor to consider when purchasing a piece of exercise equipment as it determines the quality and availability of extra features.

#3. Reviews

Though you might read about the frame, construction, and presence of different features offered by every brand, it is always suggested to get an idea about the equipment’s performance with user reviews.

The different pros and cons suggested by customers could give you a good idea about every model.

#3. Handle Bars

This is one of the most important features that must be considered when you plan to purchase a vertical climber. Go for those models that promise grip, support, stability, and durability.

Handlebars on the equipment could be mobile or static. Make a choice, depending on your needs.

#4. Resistance

For every challenge-oriented trainer, resistance levels offered by exercise equipment are of utmost importance. The greater the resistance levels, the better are your chances of improved fitness levels with due course.

Vertical climbers have pedals that guarantee upward and downward movement during motion, but of late, the latest models use chains to connect to pedals.

You also get to enjoy different resistance levels depending on your weight. Truthfully, body resistance is the best that you can get to achieve a solid workout, and this could be nerve-breaking for novice trainers and those out of shape.

It is recommended to include weights when you are pedaling on the climber, which guarantees your safety.

#5. Foldability

Setting up a home gym takes up a great amount of space if the equipment installed is not foldable. Always choose a vertical climber that promises a foldability feature.

This way, you get ample space to use when you are not exercising, and it also becomes easy to handle the equipment. You can easily move the machine to any room of your choice to exercise and store it away out of sight when it is not used.

Hide it in a tiny corner of the room or even place it in the booth of your car to carry it with you anywhere of your choice.

Above all, foldability improves the longevity of the equipment.

#6. Digital Display

Good equipment helps you achieve optimal fitness levels, but it is also essential to track your performance. Pricey vertical climbers generally offer a digital display panel.

The panel helps you keep track of speed with relative speed. I suggest going for a machine with a digital display if you have the budget, as the performance statistics inspire you to push yourself harder and perform better.

#7. Stability

Stability is an important feature as you don’t want to trip and fall while using the equipment. Choose a model that has a flat metal base, integrated handles, and solid construction, which makes the equipment as stable as possible.

#8. Adjustability

Though you could be buying equipment for yourself, there could be other members of your family who could be using it as well. So, pick a vertical climber that offers you height adjustment.

The adjustability option could be in the handles, the footpegs or pedals, or even both. This way, the machine is well-equipped to make way for users belonging to different height ranges.

#9. Foot Pedal Size

You will climb with your foot, and the foot pedal quality is indispensable to make the equipment worthy of purchase.

Cheap climbers have small pedals that are low in quality. This could be annoying, unsafe, and even make you feel insecure. Choose a model that offers wide secure pedals and a good grip to be safe and stable while climbing on the equipment.

Top 18 Best Vertical Climbers for Home Gym

Given below is a concise list of the best vertical climbers available in the market.

#1. MaxiClimber XL 1000 Vertical Climber with Hydraulic Resistance

MaxiClimber XL-1000 Vertical Climber, As-Seen on-TV, That Combines Weight Resistance,

Forget about getting a rock climbing wall in your garage, as the MaxiClimber is here to fulfill your rock climbing wishes.

The MaxiClimber is the most popular vertical climber brand rated as the best in its price range.

The company inspires us to buy one of its equipment as the climber promises full-body workout, including cardio, core, upper body, and lower body.

The machine is designed well and constructed in a sturdy manner comprising two steps, two fixed handholds, and two moving handlebars. The base, frame, and stabilizer bar are made with cold-rolled steel.

You even get the option to use a set of fixed handlebars included in the equipment if you desire to keep your hands rested.

The maximum user weight of this equipment is 240 lbs. With no motor, automatic movements, or drives, the MaxiClimber is safe to use.

Still, I recommend you to get on and off the machine carefully so that you don’t tip over the machine or damage the roller.

The resistance offered by the machine is directly related to your body weight. Though not as stable as expensive vertical climbers, the MaxiCLimber XL 1000 is a worthy machine for home gym use as it is well-crafted, performs smoothly, and above all, affordable.


  • Simple assembly process
  • Arm handlebars are height adjustable to accommodate the needs of all climbers
  • Foldable and compact, helping to save space
  • Extremely affordable
  • Full body workout


  • The maximum weight limit is only 240 lbs
  • Higher chances of tipping when you lean back
  • Resistance is not adjustable as it depends on your body weight
  • Plastic bearing arm slides might wear out quickly

#2. Rogue VersaClimber SM Sport Model

Rogue VersaClimber SM Sport Model
Any of you knowing about vertical climbers wouldn’t dare to miss out on the VersaClimber as this is one of the top-most brands in the market.

This equipment is a tad higher than the rest as it boasts of a wide range of step and arm width, making it accessible to any climber irrespective of your height.

Weight-wise too, the SM Sport Model can withstand up to 350 lbs of weight. You can climb on the equipment as you wish as the equipment is stable and highly secure, given the intricate construction and high-quality frame.

If you are one of those who love challenges, don’t forget to know about the resistance levels offered by this equipment.

Unlike most climbers that use body resistance, the VersaClimber is provided with adjustable resistance, which helps you change the intensity of the workout as per your wish.

Make use of this precision-engineered, premium-quality steel equipment for excellent circulation and the most beneficial cardio results.

Being used in physical therapy clinics and even by pro sports teams, the Versaclimber SM model promises durability and zero impact, thereby proving safe to use.


  • Voice feedback makes the machine seem like your personal trainer
  • Can hold up to 350 lbs. of user weight
  • Tension adjustable up to 500 lbs.
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Commercial grade material promises durability


  • Expensive for purchasing for home gym use

#3. Relife Rebuild Your Life Vertical Climber

Vertical Climber Exercise Machine for Home Gym with 4 Metal

Are you a beginner trainer looking for a simple and affordable exercise machine that fits your fitness purpose? If so, the Relife Rebuild Your Life Vertical Climber should fit your bill precisely.

The equipment comes with a solid build with step metal plate thickening, and the foot support boasts of solid construction.

You needn’t worry about the durability of the product as the equipment is supported by four metal guide rails that ensure its long-lastingness.

The radian design where the pedals have a slight inclination makes your center of gravity close to the equipment. Such design enhances the stability of the machine, thereby preventing any chances of it collapsing.

The resistance provided here is quite different and is measured in terms of different levels.

You could think of every level as providing you with different resistance. The 1st and 2nd levels correspond to jogging, the 3rd and 4th levels correspond to running, and the 5th level corresponds to rock climbing.

You could set the equipment at a particular level depending upon your training level.

The handles are adjustable and come with a neoprene coating, making the machine suitable for users of different height ranges.

I recommend you to buy this equipment if you want to start your fitness routine with a piece of simple yet stable equipment as the U-shaped base makes it a sturdy machine.


  • Foldable and compact thereby making it easy to store
  • Superb pricing
  • Simple assembly process
  • 4 guide railing


  • Some users complaint about the equipment’s quality

#4. Body Champ Leisa Hart Cardio Vertical Stepper Climber

Body Champ Leisa Hart Cardio Vertical Stepper Climber / Includes

While every vertical climber assures you of a full-body workout, the Body Champ Leisa Hart Cardio climber promises you total body toning.

Enjoy rock climbing with the exclusive bungee suspension system assures you of the utmost benefits.

The company has taken every caution to bring to you a machine that assures safe isometric and dynamic body movement.

At the same time, you are also guaranteed minimal strain to the knees/joints, as this is a low-impact climber.

The frame and construction are optimally done, making use of superior-quality material and an excellent manufacturing process.

Every piece of equipment goes through a stringent quality check to assure maximum functionality.

The machine has been designed with a wide base guaranteeing utmost stability and the solid steel pedals keep you free from worries.

You also get well-contoured support rails and firm handles that assure you of a non-slip grip.

Enjoy working out your arms, legs, and core by performing the intense rock-climbing action on the equipment.


  • Adjustable height helps different users make use of the equipment
  • Holding to handles attached to the base enhances stability
  • Smooth movement
  • Transport wheels provided helps you move the machine to any part of your house


  • Not recommended for heavy users as the maximum weight limit is 250 pounds

#5. Merax Vertical Climber

Here is a sleek yet sturdy vertical climber that serves your purpose of fitness and health as desired by you.

The frame and construction are noteworthy here as the equipment is manufactured with industrial-grade black steel, which looks neat and smart in your home setup.

The equipment is designed to work against gravity to benefit from an intense cardio workout session.

You get to change the intensity of exercising by changing the length and height of every stride taken.

This way, the Merax vertical climber ensures that you target your legs, abs, triceps, and biceps leading to muscle building and toning. Hence, calorie-burning is one of the biggest advantages of using this climber.

A superb feature provided by the manufacturer is the provision of an LCD monitor display. The display helps track your performance as you get to view different metrics, including calories burned, time, speed, and distance.

Following the stats carefully helps you progress in your fitness levels with an easy passing day.

The machine could be used by the entire family as the 5-gauge adjustable frame could be set to your preferred height for working out comfortably.


  • The maximum user weight capacity is 350 lbs
  • Compact, easy to fold, and store away
  • Stable climber promising durability
  • LCD monitor


  • Makes noise
  • Some people received the equipment with dead batteries

#6. X Factor Vertical Climber

X-Factor Vertical Climber Cardio Exercise with Monitor and Resistance Straps

You might live in a small apartment or face a severe space crunch, due to which you hesitate to invest in home gym equipment.

Say goodbye to such dilemmas as the X Factor vertical climber is here to help you abandon all these problems—the machine is handy to use, small, and compact. It is also foldable and could be stored away out of sight when you are exercising.

The frame is durable, and the construction is robust as the equipment is made of heavy-duty steel. You get to enjoy a stable setup, making the X-Factor Vertical Climber an ideal machine for prolonged use.

The machine leaves no stones unturned as you can access three different resistance bands to increase exercise intensity.

The bands come in handy, providing extra resistance for those who love to keep their exercise routine challenging and engaging.

The unit is designed to accommodate users of different height ranges as it is height adjustable.

Once you start your rock climbing activity with vigor and josh, you can always monitor your progress using the LCD console that showcases all essential metric details.

The availability of speed, calories burned, distance covered, and time keeps you motivated towards achieving your goal.

The handgrips are also designed with ultimate care as they come with additional padding to ensure a non-slip grip when climbing up with much effort and sweat.

The footpads are also ergonomically designed to provide the traction required to prevent you from any injuries.


  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Foldable and compact making the equipment ideal for small homes
  • Three resistance bands provided
  • LCD monitor shows basic metric values
  • Non-slip handlebars


  • Prone to easy wear and tear

#7. Rogue VersaClimber H/HP-Consumer Model

Rogue VersaClimber H/HP Consumer Model

What if I say that this is one of the best vertical climbers in 2020 for home gyms, garages gyms, and all consumers alike? Won’t you be tempted to look into the features?

The resistance here is no different from most vertical climbers as the equipment uses your body weight as resistance.

The quality of the materials used and the building design make the Rogue Versaclimber H/HP model unique from other vertical climbers.

The equipment combines the effect of a climber and a stepper in one machine delivering a full-body workout.

You get to engage your arms, shoulders, butt, and quads without any trouble to your knees/joints as the equipment guarantees a low-impact workout.

You should choose the H/HP model if you are recovering from an injury or looking to push your boundaries and achieve better fitness levels.

Combine walking, running, jogging, climbing, and stepping at a 1-20 inch variable height, which guarantees maximum calorie burning ability and versatility.

The equipment is available with (HP model)/without (H model) an optional heart monitor making it ideal for home gym use or commercial gym purpose.

The company has designed the equipment with adjustable handgrips and foot pedals. The frame and construction are top in class as aircraft-quality steel has been used for making the equipment.


  • Maximum user weight up to 350 lbs
  • Adjustable module display with standard, program, and race modes
  • Excellent design and stable frame
  • Side handles help you use the climber as a stepper


  • Quite expensive compared to other models in this range

#8. Hurbo Vertical Climber

Plohee Folding Vertical Climber Home Gym Exercise Climbing Machine for

If you are in shortage of space and budget, I recommend you purchase the Hurbo Vertical Climber as it can help you sculpt your body and tone your muscles.

The machine is ergonomically designed to serve all types of individuals—right from novice to advanced level trainers.

You can enjoy an intense workout from head to toe, making use of this vertical climber that mimics the natural climbing motion to give you a fulfilling exercise experience.

Moreover, the climber promises a low-impact workout keeping your joints and knee free from excess stress.

The Hurbo Vertical Climber has a solid frame and construction from a high-quality steel alloy that promises durability.

You even get to follow up on your performance metrics, including distance covered, time, calories burned, and speed, making use of the LCD monitor.

The assembly is simple here, and storage is easy as you can fold the machine making it as compact as possible.


  • Alloy steel guarantees durability and sturdiness
  • Height adjustable
  • Affordable pricing
  • Foldable and easy to store
  • Height adjustable


  • Can withstand maximum user weight up to 220 lbs only

#9. Popsport Vertical Climber Machine

Popsport 440LBS Climber Machine Fitness Stepper Climber Exercise Equipment Vertical
The major highlight of the Popsport Vertical Climber is its maximum user weight capacity, which is as high as 440 lbs.

This black-colored equipment is made from high-quality steel and boasts a rock-solid construction that assures durability. The manufacturer has even provided a pulley for extra durability, which is an added advantage.

Like any vertical climber, this equipment targets all your major muscle groups, including legs, arms, buttocks, and core, helping you tone and shape them. Be sure to witness improvements in endurance levels and strength.

The machine comes with an LCD monitor that allows you to track metric statistics. Exercising on the climber for 60 minutes helps you burn as high as 500 calories or more, which helps you greatly in your weight loss endeavors.

The Popsport Vertical Climber is ergonomically designed and comes with the provisioning for height adjustment such that it’s suitable for all body types.


  • Foldable and compact, hence storing it is very easy
  • Excellent pricing, which is affordable by all
  • One of the few climbers that can hold up to 440 lbs. of user weight
  • A lightweight machine that is only 35 lbs.
  • Pulley assures durability


  • Though foldable, you must remove a screw every time to perform this action

#10. Pexmor Upgraded Vertical Climber

PEXMOR Upgraded Vertical Climber, Folding Climbing Machine for Home Gym

Every vertical climber must be maintained with care and caution, and the Pexmor climber is no different.

The specialty of this machine is that it comes equipped with a tube of lubrication that must be applied to the pistons from time to time.

The high-quality steel tubes promise stability while working out. The pedals, which are essential for climbing, are made from anti-skid material, assuring the utmost safety and prevention from slippages.

The stepper comes with five adjustable height settings to help you achieve a whole-body workout. You can work out your biceps, triceps, core, and leg muscles simultaneously.

Despite promising an intense exercising experience, the machine is specifically designed for low-impact workouts and higher calorie-burning effects.

Monitor your progress using the LCD monitor that acts as a motivating factor helping you track your speed, time, distance, and calories burned.

You get to save time wasted on the assembly as 90% of the equipment comes pre-assembled, and the rest 10% that needs assembly is quite easy to put together with clear instructions provided.


  • Foldable and hence, can be stored anywhere in the house
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if the product is found to be unsatisfactory
  • Noiseless operation
  • Holds up to 350 lbs of user weight
  • The steel frame promises stability and safety


  • LCD monitor display is small and hard to read

#11. Fitness Step Climber Exercise Machine

The manufacturer of this step climber has designed the equipment with care and caution to offer the best to its customers.

Hence, the machine is built with solid steel construction and anti-skid pedals, making it safe for any user to exercise on this climber.

The handlebars come with padded grips giving you the confidence to climb hard and fast despite sweating profusely.

The anti-skid pedals assure a superb grip on your fatigued feet throughout the exercise duration.

You can track your performance by using the LED display screen that helps you make a note of your speed, time, calories burned, and distance covered.

This helps you monitor your progress and work harder towards achieving your goal.

The 4-level adjustable height offers the best platform that accommodates users of different heights.

Tone your muscles, add strength to your upper and lower body, perform cardio, and achieve maximum workout benefits using the Fitness Step Climber.


  • Supports only up to 331 lbs of user weight
  • Foldable and hence, a total space saver
  • 4-level adjustable height
  • Padded grips and anti-skid pedals


  • The LED display is small and hence difficult to read

#12. Rogue VersaClimber LX Model

Rogue VersaClimber LX Model

Rogue is a fitness brand known for its high-quality equipment and excellent frame/construction. The VersaClimber LX model from this company is an excellent product that stands by Rogue’s standards in every aspect.

The climber sits on a flat metal platform and is ergonomically constructed with two integrated wraps around handles that promise stability and sturdiness in every way possible.

This is a commercial-grade climber, and hence, durability and long-lastingness are provided to you without any doubt, even when used regularly by multiple users in your home.

The difference between the LX model and the SM sport model discussed above is that the SM model has heart rate monitoring, Bluetooth capability, and contralateral gait, which the LX model lacks.

If you love challenges, I recommend considering the LX model as it comes with adjustable resistance provisioning. The wide step and arm movements accommodate all rider heights and strides.


  • Maximum user weight up to 350 lbs
  • Stable metal base guarantees sturdiness and safety
  • Commercial grade model
  • Variable resistance offered


  • Expensive

#13. Best Choice Products Total Body 2-in-1 Vertical Climber

Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Total Body Vertical Climber Magnetic Exercise
As the name suggests, this is a 2-in-1 cardio machine that combines the functionality of an exercise bike and the vertical climber.

You could reap dual benefits by purchasing the Best Choice Products climber equipment, making it suitable for any home gym setup.

The model has been designed with adjustable climbing arms that make it suitable for users of different height ranges.

You can feel free to perform the rock climbing action without any hesitation as your mind is at peace regarding your safety with non-slip foot slides.

Engage all major muscle groups and reap the benefits of a total body workout in the comfort of your home exercising on this 2-in-1 vertical climber.

The machine has an 8-level adjustable magnetic resistance making it challenging and interesting to work out.  The adjustable seat height provisioning and pedal straps enhance your comfort levels.


  • Foldable and easy to store
  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Display screen helps you track basic metric stats
  • Quiet operation
  • 2-in-1 machine


  • Foot pedals are quite small

#14. Conquer Vertical Climber

Conquer Vertical Climber Fitness Climbing Cardio Machine 3.0

This is one of the slimmest climbers I’ve known and hence is extremely compact and easy to store. The climber is lightweight yet boasts of durable steel construction that promises stability.

Designed ergonomically, the Conquer vertical climber features comfortable and non-slip grips, wide foot pedals, and easily adjustable handles that accommodate the needs of individuals belonging to various height ranges.

You don’t get specific resistance levels and must use your body weight to create resistance and burn calories.

Climb onto this super-slip equipment to achieve an amazing low-impact core workout without causing disturbance to your joints.

The maximum user weight is 220 lbs, and hence, this is a vertical climber that’s best suited for smaller spaces and those desiring to purchase a small machine for daily fitness use.


  • Affordable
  • Foldable
  • Very slim and hence, extremely space-saving
  • Adjustable handles
  • Excellent aerobic workouts


  • The chain drive system makes the equipment quite rough on the joints

#15. Ancheer Vertical Climber

ANCHEER Vertical Climber, Climber Indoor, Folding Versa Climbing Exercise Machine,

For those looking for a budget-friendly vertical climber, the Ancheer Vertical Climber must be a good choice as it is affordable to one and all.

The frame and construction are optimal here—the manufacturer has used alloy steel metal for designing the equipment and has also taken every caution to apply rust and corrosion-resistant coating to the metal to keep it as good as new even after repeated use.

The machine comes with five adjustable heights helping all types of users to exercise using the climber.

Advanced or beginner, you can achieve your desired exercise intensity and workout for your upper and lower body.

The mountain climbing actions help strengthen your body muscles. The digital LCD monitor helps you track your fitness progress by viewing different metrics stats, including time, speed, duration, and calories burned.

The body is made from steel alloy, and the triangular structure design promises durability. The non-slip base and non-slip foam handles promise stability and safety while exercising.


  • Comes 90% pre-assembled
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Folds to store
  • Height adjustable
  • Quiet operation


  • Maximum user weight is 220 lbs only

#16. MaxiClimber XL-2000 Hydraulic Resistance Vertical Climber

MaxiClimber XL-2000 Hydraulic Resistance Vertical Climber. Combines Muscle Toning +

The MaxiClimber makes use of the latest technology and boasts of heavy-duty aluminum construction that promises a sturdy frame that’s durable to use.

The machine is lightweight and comes with integrated rollers that make storing it easy and simple.

You needn’t bother about the evenness of the surface, as the anti-sliding leveling mechanism helps you perform your workout even on uneven surfaces.

Enjoy the challenges posed by the 12 different adjustable resistance levels that offer the maximum intensity possible in your workout routine.

Still, the machine guarantees a smooth and quiet operation without disturbing anyone in the house.

The climber can accommodate a maximum weight of 300 lbs and is comfortable for users up to 6.6 feet in height.

The adjustable height functionality makes the MaxiClimber a superb machine that meets the needs of the entire family.

You can burn twice the amount of calories compared to a treadmill which makes this equipment a sought-after model.


  • Features an integrated mobile device holder
  • 12 different resistance levels
  • High-quality aluminum and integrated rollers make transportation and storage easy
  • Free downloadable fitness app


  • Rollers fail to function properly in due course

#17. Soozier Folding Adjustable Vertical Climber

MaxiClimber XL-2000 Hydraulic Resistance Vertical Climber. Combines Muscle Toning +

The Soozier Folding Adjustable Vertical Climber is made from solid steel with a triangular structure.

The frame and construction promise durability, excellent balance, and hard-wearing, which helps the equipment sustain even the maximum user weight of 220 lbs.

The climber has been carefully designed to mimic the rock climbing movement of the outdoors from the comfort of your home.

The foot pedals assure anti-slip grip, and the handles wrapped with foam padding bring about an easy grip that’s comfortable to hold while climbing up the equipment.

Both the handles and the foot pedals ensure stability and sturdiness during any time of use.

Track your performance using the LCD screen that displays metrics such as speed, time, count, and calories burned—this way, you can regularly follow up on the benefits of your workout.

The equipment is height adjustable, thereby making it suitable for the entire family.


  • The foldable and compact design makes the climber perfect for small homes
  • Adjustable handles and non-slip foot pedals assure stability
  • Quiet operation
  • Solid steel build that guarantee calorie-burning capacity of up to 500 calories


  • Maximum user weight is not more than 220lbs

#18. Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment – SF-1115

Sunny Health & Fitness Stair Stepper Exercise Equipment Step Machine

You could be surprised with all the features offered by the Sunny Health & Fitness stepper for the affordable pricing of the equipment.

Make use of this stepper machine for reaping both cardio and muscle toning benefits from the comfort of your home.

Your hamstrings, quads, core muscles, and gluteus Maximus benefit from working out on this vertical climber.

The equipment is lightweight, foldable, and slim, helping you store it away out of sight after use. The main advantage of this Sunny Fitness equipment is its digital monitor.

Easy to read and with the ability to track your calories burned, speed, distance, and time the monitor is a classic addition to the equipment.

Adjust the tempo using the dual hydraulic cylinders that have easily adjustable inclination settings between 1 and 12.

You could buy this stepper climber if your primary requirement is an affordable workout experience that helps you tone your muscles and sculpt your body.


  • Anti-slip handlebars
  • Easy-to-read LCD monitor
  • Foldable and compact
  • Adjust incline settings from 1-12


  • The maximum user weight is 220 lbs only
  • Pivotal joints may wear out quickly
  • Quite noisy

Final Thoughts

Step into the fitness world using the vertical climber that helps you burn ample calories in a limited time.

The vertical climber is an excellent choice of home gym equipment that helps you achieve your fitness goals when you choose the right model.

Make use of the guide above that help you pick a good model climber with all the key features required and enjoy the benefits of a full-body workout from the comfort of your home.

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