Top 18 Best Affordable Ellipticals for Home Gym

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The market has a versatile range of ellipticals, which helps us achieve excellent cardiovascular workouts. We have various equipment belonging to different price ranges—cheap, expensive, or mid-range—each having its pros and cons.

Expensive models don’t need to shower you with all sorts of benefits as we have affordable ones with the right mix of ergonomics, durability, and design.

But, not many such budget ellipticals are known to individuals, and hence, I’ve discussed the top best inexpensive ellipticals available in the market. Buying any of them is a great value for money and helps you achieve as much variety in your exercise as possible.

Here’s my list of the best affordable elliptical machines:

Different Budget Treadmills

We have numerous treadmills belonging to various price ranges. Depending on the price range, there are a couple of features that are present across models.

#1. Less Than $500

Isn’t it nice to get a fully functioning low-cost elliptical within $500? For this price, you are guaranteed a well-built magnetic elliptical.

The biggest advantage of a magnetic drive system is that you are promised minimum noise generation. It is noticeable that there is no major difference between the noise generated by these trainers and other expensive ones.

But, for this price, be sure that you will not get features such as wireless heart rate monitor, long strides, inclination adjustments, and advanced programs.

#2. Less than $1,000

With an increase in budget, the number of features provided also increases. The models available in this price range are more advanced than your budget ($500) elliptical, yet they are not fully advanced.

You get to enjoy some additional features such as longer stride length, manual incline, wireless heart rate monitor, and better designs for this pricing.

#3. The $1,000 to $2,000 Ellipticals

The pricing is even wider here, and hence, you get the privilege to choose from premium elliptical brands such as Sole, NordicTrack, and Bowflex.

These ellipticals come equipped with an automatic incline, adjustable stride length, and wireless heart rate monitor.

But, doesn’t the previous price range guarantee similar features? The major difference here is that the build quality is better with advanced pricing, and you get some additional secondary features.

#4. Elliptical Above $2000

Without any doubt, this price range offers top-ranking and best-rated machines that guarantee classy performance and excellent features.

Anything here, be it the design, frame, construction, or features, is of premium quality and guarantees topmost performance.

Top 18 Best Affordable Ellipticals for Home Gym

Based on the important features mentioned above, I’ve listed the top best 18 models for home gym use.

#1 GOELLIPTICAL V-200 Elliptical Exercise Cross Trainer

GOELLIPTICAL V-200 Standard Stride 17” Programmable Elliptical Machine Exercise Cross

Are you interested in experiencing a full-body workout in the comfort of your home? If so, the GOELLIPTICAL V-200 should be the best fit for your use.

The machine offers a 17-inch stride length and comes with a silent magnetic resistance system. This system guarantees that the machine operates silently without making any noise.

Experience challenging using 24 different resistance levels and break the monotony of daily workout, choosing different workout programs.

Track your progress and monitor performance using the 5-inch backlit touchscreen display, which shows the most important metrics such as speed, distance, calories burned, and time. You could also monitor your heart rate and be sure that it is within the recommended levels.

The oversized pedals make it comfortable for any individual to work out using them and promise safety as they are designed ergonomically.

The cushioned handlebars help you achieve a low-impact workout yet burn ample calories. Coming to its frame and construction, the manufacturer has made it with maximum durability, sturdiness, and good quality.

Space-wise, the machine is compact and fits your room comfortably. Assembly is easy, and you can do it quickly as the manufacturer has provided a step-by-step instruction booklet, and even the necessary tools are included.

The presence of front stabilizer wheels makes it easy for you to move the elliptical anywhere around the house and start working out.


  • Water bottle holder helps you stay hydrated
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy assembly
  • Wheels help in easy maneuvering of the machine
  • iPod and MP3 compatible through the headphone port


  • Perfect calibration of the machine is tricky sometimes

#2 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Magnetic Elliptical Machine Trainer

Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Bike

You might suffer from knee pain or joint problems, but don’t hesitate to work out on the SF-905 elliptical as this piece of equipment is designed ergonomically to provide a low-impact, full-body cardiovascular workout without affecting the knees.

The stride length is 11 inches, and hence, you could impact how compact this machine is. If you have very little space, the SF-E905 could be a good choice as it fits well in small spaces.

Because of its small size, you could leave the machine assembled and set it in any corner of the room. Else, if you wish to move it, there are transport wheels that come in handy.

Coming with 8 different levels of magnetic resistance, you could monitor your progress using the LCD monitor. The machine comes equipped with large, non-slip foot pedals and synchronous arm handles that guarantee stability to complement this.

The moving handlebars help you achieve an upper body workout besides fulfilling a great lower body workout routine.

I should congratulate the manufacturer on the display front as the monitor switches from distance to pulse to calories to speed at the touch of a button. You also get to monitor your heart rate metrics.

If you wonder how much distance you’ve traveled, the monitor shows the distance covered in the form of total miles.

Don’t worry about the machine’s design, as it runs smoothly with flowing motion and a micro-tension controller.


  • Steel frame guarantees durability.
  • The design is compact and space-saving.
  • The tension knob helps you increase or decrease resistance levels.
  • Hand pulse monitor.
  • Anti-slip foot pedals.
  • Affordable.


  • Very short stride
  • You might need WD40 to prevent squeaking

#3. Schwinn 411 Compact Elliptical Machine

Schwinn Fitness Ellitpical Series

You might not take the Schwinn 411 elliptical seriously in the first go due to its very compact size. Still, this compact elliptical machine comes from a well-reputed brand, Schwinn, which stands true to the manufacturer’s name and guarantees one of the best-performing ellipticals in today’s market.

If space is your primary constraint, don’t think but go ahead and purchase the Schwinn 411 as its design is as compact as possible and constructed mainly for those of you with space-related constraints.

The company has taken ample care in delivering a gym-style elliptical for your home gym use, which promises some good features without compromising on the stride length or comfort.

Enjoy Mixed-Reality Training on this elliptical, where you can sync with a social media app, enjoy exercising through 19 different locations, and cycling through 27 routes with your friends.

You can also track the distance covered, speed, calories burned, and heart rate (using wireless Bluetooth heart rate tracking) using the 5-inch high-contrast LCD.

16 different resistance levels offer something for every trainer’s level, and all of them ensure that you get a low-impact workout.

Exercise choosing from any of the 13 preset workout programs and staying entertained listening to music using the media tray.

The 18-inch stride length makes it convenient to exercise for most people, and the foot pedals are constructed so that you are guaranteed utmost safety even while pedaling at the highest speed.

Enjoy upper body workouts also by using the moving handlebars. You also get a pair of fixed handlebars with contact grip and heart rate sensors.


  • Track heart rate using wireless Bluetooth heart rate tracking
  • Extremely compact, space-saving design
  • View metrics easily using the streamlined console
  • Compatible with Run Social app
  • Solid construction, simple to assemble, and provided with easy-to-follow instructions


  • The level of resistance is pretty high
  • No backlit display

#4. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Elliptical Trainer – SF-E3804

Sunny Health & Fitness 마그네틱 타원형 트레이너 머신, 장치 홀더

If you are interested in doing various things simultaneously—toning muscles, building endurance, and losing weight, you can rely upon the SF-E3804 as the machine is built to withstand high-interval training.

Don’t fret about sweats, as the machine is provided with sweat-resistant, high-density handlebars. You are guaranteed a full-body workout as the machine helps you combine aerobic movements using the moving handlebars. This way, your legs and hands get toned.

You can work out any time of the day as the machine’s smooth belt drive and magnetic resistance promise a noiseless workout besides guaranteeing low/no maintenance.

8 magnetic resistance levels help you do low- or high-impact workouts without affecting the knees. The easy-to-read digital monitor helps you track your exercise progress showing distance covered, time, speed, and calories burned.

Enjoy watching videos or listening to music using the tablet holder and stay entertained throughout the workout session.

This machine allows reverse strides using the 13.5-inch stride length and hence, guarantees a good workout for your glutes, arms, and legs when you pedal forward or backward.

The SF-E3804 is built with a heavy-duty frame assuring sturdiness, yet it is movable easily as transport wheels are provided.


  • Minimum noise generation
  • Portable and easy to transport
  • Built-in smartphone/mobile holder


  • Difficult to assemble it by yourself

#5. Proform 150i Elliptical

ProForm 150I Elliptical

For those who are quite knowledgeable about ellipticals, I am sure that you know the existence of various types of ellipticals, of which the front-drive variety is popular.

The Proform 150i is a machine that comes with a front-drive motor and a 17-inch stride length that deliver the smoothest action.

The frame and construction are optimal as the machine comes with a durable steel frame that withstands up to 250 pounds of user weight.

Proform is a well-known name in the exercise equipment manufacturing market, and the company has made this elliptical without compromising on performance.

You get to choose from 12 different resistance levels and 12 workout programs that help you stay motivated to work out daily without getting bored. Choose your favorite workout from the control panel, or choose a manual routine that allows you to select weight loss or intensity levels.

Monitor your progress using the built-in LCD screen and even track your heart rate using the pulse-grip handlebars.

The console is compatible with iFit apps and helps you connect to Google maps, thereby taking you through various astonishing places of the world on your elliptical.

The machine is easy to assemble and comes with simple instructions that help you set the elliptical and start exercising in no time.


  • Oversized pedals and no-slip handlebars
  • Transport wheels provided
  • EKG heart rate monitor
  • Compatible with Google Maps and iFit


  • The 4D batteries required for the display screen are not included in your purchase
  • iFit subscription might incur an additional cost

#6. ANCHEER Elliptical Machine Trainer

ANCHEER Elliptical Trainer for Home Use with Pulse Rate Grips

Interested in running? Use the ANCHEER Elliptical and achieve total-body training as you can exercise your upper body while pedaling hard.

You might be a beginner, an intermediate, or a pro trainer—this machine comes equipped with 8 levels of resistance with something to offer to all.

The elliptical design is good as the machine comes fitted with a precision-balanced enclosed flywheel and V-belt drive for a smooth and quiet operation.

Don’t worry about strength or durability, as this piece of equipment comes fitted with a tubular steel frame. The wide, large, and non-slip pedals guarantee stability and sturdiness to any of you working out on the elliptical.

The machine has a 13-inch stride length, which might be quite uncomfortable for tall users, but the machine is compact on the space front.

The digital monitor and the large LCD help you track performance metrics, including distance, calories burned, time, speed, and heart rate.

Use the elliptical and store it away when not in use, using the transportation wheels provided.

The machine supports up to 330 pounds of user weight and comes with a full 3-year warranty, thereby keeping you in peace regarding its quality.


  • Track exercise time through pulse rate grips
  • Smooth and noiseless operation
  • Track workout progress


  • The assembly process is quite difficult

#7. Schwinn A40 Elliptical Machine

Schwinn Fitness A40 Elliptical

Once you get to know the various features and design elements of the Schwinn A40 Elliptical, I am sure that you would agree with me that this is one of the best ellipticals under $500.

Coming from Schwinn, the elliptical doesn’t compromise on the performance despite its low pricing. Enjoy doing challenging workouts in the comfort of your home using this model.

Firstly, the elliptical offers a 17.5-inch stride length making use of the foot motion precision technology. You can choose from 8 different levels of resistance to garner the best workout possible and choose from 7 different preset workout programs.

The A40 comes equipped with fixed and moving handlebars that keep you comfortable and offer you the flexibility to solely focus on your lower body or do a full-body workout.

The handlebars need a special mention here as they are most comfortable to use and come fitted with the grip heart rate monitoring machine.

Track your performance by looking at the LCD console that shows calories burned, time, speed, RPM, and heart rate.


  • Affordable price
  • 7-inch stride length is suitable for most
  • Easy to assemble using the simple instruction manual
  • A silent performance which helps you work out any time of the day
  • Varied resistance levels


  • No Bluetooth connectivity
  • The heartbeat sensor stops working occasionally

#8. Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Double Transmission Drive

You might be interested in placing the Exerpeutic 1318 5000 Magnetic Elliptical Trainer in your living room, inspired by the machine’s sleek design and excellent features.

The best thing about this machine is its double transmission system, which means that there are two flywheels and two belts, which increase the performance of the elliptical dual-fold times.

Besides this, the manufacturer has constructed the machine with 12 different workout programs and 24 magnetic resistance control levels, which help you exercise at any intensity of your choice.

Coming to the stride length, the machine comes fitted with an 18-inch stride length, which should be perfect for most of you using it. This way, you are guaranteed utmost safety as the large stride length prevents slippage while pedaling.

You even get to enjoy watching videos or listening to music as the machine comes equipped with a tablet/smartphone device holder.

This 18-inch stride machine has been designed primarily with affordability in mind still. It offers you the luxury of transportation wheels, dual-action handlebars, hand pulse sensors, and large stride length.


  • Transportation wheels help in easy movement.
  • An excellent machine for the price paid
  • Simple-to-use console
  • Compact and space-saving design


  • Hand grips are not great
  • Speakers don’t function well in due course
  • The machine’s assembly is time-consuming

#9. Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

Exerpeutic 1000XL Heavy Duty Magnetic Elliptical

Feel the same effect as cycling on the road using the Exerpeutic 1000XL as this machine guarantees a natural motion experience to most of you.

Look-wise too, the manufacturer has done a commendable job, having built the machine with high aesthetic sense attracting individuals’ attention. Despite its classy looks, the machine boasts of being durable.

The Exerpeutic 1000XL has an intuitive panel design that makes it a commendable exercise experience for regularly using it. This machine could be a good addition to any home gym as it is sleek, durable, and easy to use.

The machine offers a dual-directional workout facility—pedal forward or backward. Use the oversized foot pedals that prevent you from experiencing slippages while doing either of the pedaling motions.

Feel free to exercise any time of the day as the machine is equipped with a precision-balanced flywheel and V-belt drive system that guarantee a smooth and noiseless operation.

The elliptical comes fitted with a large LCD that helps you track calories burned, speed, time, pulse, and scan.


  • The natural elliptical motion prevents any bouncy movements
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Transportation wheels provided
  • Smooth and quiet performance


  • No Bluetooth connectivity option
  • Parts are not covered under warranty

#10. Exerpeutic Gold 2000XLST Elliptical Trainer

Exerpeutic Gold 2000XLST Bluetooth Smart Technology Elliptical Trainer with 21

Are you running short of time to visit a commercial gym? Are you looking for a multipurpose elliptical that could fit the needs of your entire family, including young and aged people?

The Exerpeutic Gold 2000XLST should be your go-to choice as it offers the best training and workout routines for people across age groups.

Designed with a balanced flywheel and V-belt drive, this machine guarantees noiseless and smooth performance, helping you exercise any time of the day without having to worry about noise generated.

Choose from 16 different levels of magnetic resistance and 21 different workout programs. You can choose your desired intensity of exercising and go ahead with the workout routine.

Track performance details using the backlit LCD screen that shows calories burned, time, speed, and more. The hand pulse sensors help you monitor the heart rate.

Safety-wise, this equipment is a good choice as the ribbed pattern on the oversized pedals enhances safety while pedaling and curbs any slippages.

The machine comes fitted with Bluetooth Smart technology, which helps you connect to fitness tracking and training apps.


  • Stay entertained using the mobile/tablet holder
  • Easy to assemble and affordable pricing
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • 3 goal settings and a large flywheel


  • The plastic covering the machine’s arms squeaks sometimes

#11. ProForm Hybrid Trainer

ProForm Hybrid Trainer Recumbent Bike and Rear Drive Elliptical, Compatible

As the name suggests, this machine is a hybrid design of both an elliptical and a recumbent bike. Switch between either of them in two quick steps and hence, enjoy experiencing total-body training, including your chest, upper body, arms, back, shoulders, and more.

This heavy-duty elliptical machine comes with a 15-inch stride length besides being fitted with oversized pedals for comfortable pedaling action.

You even get to choose from predefined training programs, including customizable heart rate programs and manual ones, to achieve your desired health goals.

The large LCD tracks important metrics, and a notable feature of this elliptical is the EKG grip pulse available to monitor heart rate.

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer comes equipped with iFit technology that allows for Bluetooth connection and customizes your workout goals.

Experience an interactive workout session playing videos or music on your mobile/tablet that could be kept safely on the tablet/smartphone holder.

The inertia-enhanced flywheel help in the smooth and noiseless operation of the machine. The frame and construction are good, and the machine can withstand up to 350 pounds of user weight.


  • Water bottle and tablet holder
  • Smooth and silent operation
  • Transportation wheels provided


  • The monitor is tiny and is prone to breakages in due course

#12. Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer with Comfortable 18" Stride

Are you ready for some challenging upper and lower body workouts? Use the Fitness Reality E5500XL Magnetic Elliptical Trainer to be designed with a dual flywheel and a dual belt design system (a double transmission system).

The manufacturer has done a good job by offering 21 different preset workout programs and 24 magnetic resistance levels. This way, you could set the elliptical to your desired levels and reap the desired workout intensity.

Track your performance by using the backlit LCD console that shows calories burned, speed, time, distance, and more.

You are also guaranteed a low-impact workout with this machine as it has an 18-inch stride length that maximized comfort and performance.

Keep your heart sound and safe by monitoring the heart rate through the heart pulse sensor. The dual-action handlebars and large pedals help you achieve upper and lower body workouts easily.


  • Transportation wheels help to maneuver the machine easily
  • Easy to assemble
  • Water bottle holder


  • No Bluetooth connectivity

#13. Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE

Horizon Fitness 7.0 AE Elliptical Trainer Exercise Machine for Home

The 7.0 AE is the best among Horizontal Fitness’ wide range of cross trainers that suits our budget pricing requirements.

Being a compact elliptical model, the flywheel is an integral aspect of improved performance, and the company has provided a 23-pound flywheel that guarantees a smooth and quiet performance.

The stride length is appreciable as it is 20 inches and hence, caters to most of your needs, including tall, especially those of you over 6ft in height.

Another highlight of this elliptical machine is the motorized inclination that features 20 different incline levels. There are also 20 different levels of resistance and various workout programs that help you achieve the desired intensity of the workout.

The frame and construction are rugged promising durability, and the Ergonomic Six-Star Frame encourages ideal body positions and optimal movements for a comfortable workout experience.

The company is confident about its equipment quality and has provided this power incline elliptical with a lifetime frame and brake warranty.

Advanced Bluetooth connectivity helps you connect across devices and stream media via built-in speakers.

You even get a free app to control your workout and transfer data to your favorite fitness apps.


  • The 7-inch LCD screen provides workout feedback
  • Smartphone holder and a fast-charging USB port
  • Cooling fan
  • Excellent inclination options and resistance levels


  • The display screen is small
  • The stride is a bit longer, not suitable for user under 5’3

#14. ProForm Endurance 520 E

ProForm PFEL55916 Endurance 520 E Elliptical,black

This is the perfect example of a good-quality elliptical that provides the perfect blend of affordability and performance.

Proform has incorporated its patented Silent Magnetic Resistance technology, and hence, you are guaranteed noiseless operation of the 15-pound inertia-enhanced flywheel.

There are 18 different resistance levels and 20 degrees of motorized inclination possible that challenge even pro athletes.

The 19-inch stride length is pretty good and optimal provisioning by the manufacturer, given the point that this is a mid-range elliptical.

You can introduce inclination to your cardio workout routines and lose weight faster as you burn calories quickly.

The machine comes with solid steel construction and oversized foot pedals for maximum stability and durability.

The 5-inch backlit display shows important progress metrics, and the manufacturer has provided the luxury of using a 30-day iFit trial membership. Using this, you can experience global workouts and interactive training sessions.


  • 10-year warranty on frame
  • Silent magnetic resistance with 18 different levels
  • 300 pounds of maximum user weight


  • iFit is hard to forego and insists that you renew the membership

#15. Nautilus E616 Elliptical

Nautilus Elliptical Series

Nautilus is a brand that assures some of the best-performing exercise equipment in the market, and the E616 is affordably priced for the features offered.

The machine has a 16-pound flywheel and offers a 20-inch stride length on a dual rail system that guarantees the machine’s smooth and quiet functioning. The high-speed, high-inertia drive system with a perimeter weighted flywheel maximizes the performance of the elliptical.

Choose from any of the 29 different workout programs and use any of the 25 levels of resistance to experience a wide range of workout intensity levels.

Even a 10% motorized inclination is possible, which takes your exercising experience to a higher level.

The padded handles and the large pedals add more comfort, thereby making you enjoy your workout routine as much as possible. This way, you are also guaranteed a low-impact workout.

The dual-track LCD with blue backlight helps track your exercise progress, and the machine comes fitted with numerous secondary features such as a USB media charging option, adjustable fan, in-built speakers with an MP3 input port, and a media shelf.


  • Free syncing possible with Explore the World App
  • Core performance
  • 20-inch stride length and 10% motorized incline
  • Good secondary features


  • The console is a bit outdated comparatively

#16. Teeter FreeStep Recumbent Cross Trainer and Elliptical

Teeter FreeStep is yet another hybrid model that combines a recumbent bike’s functionality and an elliptical in the form of a cross-trainer that’s priced affordably.

The company has done a wonderful job of implementing an innovative cross-train design that keeps you in a reclined position. Hence, you won’t feel any stress on your knees or joints, providing you with a zero-impact workout.

Also, this compact elliptical comes with a large cushioned seat that provides excellent support to your back, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable workout while sitting. And this feature makes it preferred by those who want to reap health benefits from low-impact workouts and is considered one of the best cardio ellipticals for seniors.

It is also possible to keep your legs out of focus and prioritize arms and upper body workouts using the multi-grip handles. Isolate your legs for a workout or enjoy a total-body workout engaging all muscle groups by exercising on the Teeter FreeStep.

The whisper-quiet stride motion and the variable magnetic resistance keep the machine’s operation smooth, making it one of the best quiet ellipticals for apartment use. Change resistance levels with the turn of a knob and enjoy challenging workout sessions on this machine.

The smart design of the equipment helps you read the important metrics using the easy-to-read battery-powered digital console.

You also enjoy secondary features such as the provisioning of a water bottle holder, device stand, and transportation wheels that help move the machine easily.


  • A sturdy machine that guarantees a noiseless operation
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • A low-impact design making it ideal for people with arthritis and joint pain
  • 60-day moneyback guarantee


  • Basic display screen for the price paid
  • No heart rate monitor provisioning
  • Stepping motion

#17. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E3875

Sunny Health & Fitness Electric Eliptical Trainer Elliptical Machine w/Device

Here is a low-impact elliptical that also doesn’t compromise on the challenging levels offered to you.

Made with a strong and high-quality steel frame, the Sunny Health and Fitness SF-E3875 guarantees durability and can withstand up to 300 pounds of user weight.

The oversized textured pedals and non-slip handles enhance the machine’s safety and comfort levels when you regularly use it.

The 19.5-inch stride length is optimal and good to use for most of you, including tall people, too, making this elliptical a good choice to buy.

There are 24 different preset programs and 16 different resistance levels that keep you engaged and never short of challenges while working out on the machine.

The best of all is that this machine could be used in manual modethis means that you don’t need any power for operating it, and the machine uses the same resistance settings as the last time it was set to.


  • 24 different workout programs and 19.5-inch stride length
  • Smooth and quiet operation
  • Pulse grips for monitoring heart rate
  • Performance monitor to track metrics
  • Works fine in manual mode without electricity


  • A basic computer for the price paid

#18. Schwinn 470 Elliptical

Schwinn Fitness 470 Elliptical

Yet another quality product from Schwinn, this elliptical comes with a stylish design and promising performance.

Feel good working out any of the 29 preset workout programs, including 12 profiles, 9 heart rate control, and fitness tests.

Choose from the 25 different resistance levels available to work out on your desired intensity and reap full-body workout benefits. There is an option for motorized inclination that increases your challenge levels and helps you achieve a fulfilling workout experience.

The 20-inch stride length is perfect for all types of individuals, including those of you above 6 feet in height.

The equipment comes equipped with a dual-track LCD with intuitive controls. There are a couple of additional features that make the Schwinn 470 a great buy for your budget.

You can make use of the media shelf to keep yourself entertained, use the in-console speakers with MP3 input port to listen to music, charge your gadgets using the USB media charging provisioning, and stay cool using the adjustable fan.

The highlight of this machine is that you can sync with the free downloadable Run Social App and enjoy a versatile exercise experience cycling through 19 locations and 27 routes with your buddies.


  • The optimal stride length of 20 inches
  • Motorized incline, challenging resistance levels, and 29 preset workout programs
  • Excellent connectivity to workout apps


  • Generates noises frequently
  • The inaccurate metric value display

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Budget Elliptical for Home Use?

It is no doubt that the market is filled with numerous models, with each manufacturer boasting about his product’s greatness.

Don’t be overwhelmed by the different features and the high-tech machines but realize the important features that make any machine worthy of purchase.

The most important factors to consider while choosing a budget elliptical include stride length, adjustable resistance, smooth movements, noiselessness, height, safety, user experience, cost, reverse motion, and inclination.

#1. Stride Length

This is one of the most important factors that make any elliptical a vital addition to your home gym. Budget or premium mode, make sure that the stride length is between 18 and 20 inches if you are a normal-height person.

The perfect number for a comfortable exercising experience entirely depends on your height. If you are short, a lower stride length would be great, but if you are taller than average, it is better to choose machines that come with a larger stride length.

These days, many machines come with adjustable stride length, and hence, you need to make a cautious choice while purchasing any of them.

Your HeightIdeal Elliptical Stride Length
Under 5’14"-16"
6’ and up20"-22"

#2. Smoothness

You would be interested in setting up a home gym for various reasons, and exercising any time of the day would be one of the most common ones.

If so, you must purchase a model that performs silently. Otherwise, your fitness routine could become a horrendous affair for others in your household or your neighbors too.

I suggest that you hop onto the trainer and ensure that the pedals move smoothly and silently without making a noise. If you feel the presence of any jerky movements, it is better to try another model.

#3. Resistance

The resistance offered by a machine speaks volumes about the versatility that you could experience using it. Any budget-friendly elliptical that comes with adjustable resistance is good to choose from.

Above this, if the machine provides a wide resistance range, it should be an even more motivating factor for choosing the equipment.

It is always easier to work out at low settings, but as you keep increasing the resistance levels, it becomes harder to pedal. You are forced to apply more strength, which leads to improved resistance levels and improved body physique.

#4. Height

We pick and choose machines depending on the available floor space in our room. But, the ceiling height is also an important factor to consider as you would be pedaling up and down when it comes to ellipticals.

What’s the maximum height that you would go when standing at the highest point on the machine?

Once you know this number, you can realize whether you would be safe from hitting your head against the ceiling. This is extremely important to stay safe during your exercise sessions.

#5. Handlebars

Unlike a treadmill where you are requested to avoid using the handrails, in an economic elliptical, the handlebars play an important role in increasing your intensity levels.

Look for a machine that comes with arm handles and if they do have one, ensure that they are comfortable and have a good grip.

#6. Noiseless Operation

Always try to choose a machine that provides you with noiseless operation. This factor is more critical when your workout routines are mostly during the odd hours of the day, such as during early morning/late night hours.

#7. Inclination

I don’t say that inclination options are a mandatory requirement in the elliptical model you choose, but having inclination settings helps you edge over your performance.

Experience improved intensity in your daily exercise routine by getting a machine with a ramp adjustment feature. Machines come with manual or automatic adjustment, and it is up to you to choose either of them according to your convenience.

#8. User Experience

How you feel when using an elliptical plays a major role in deciding whether the machine is suitable for you.

Go for machines that guarantee a silent and seamless performance. The model that you select must not be jerky while using it, nor must it generate any motor noise while riding on it.

#9. Safety

Your safety is of the utmost importance when you are exercising and for this, check some basic factors that keep you safe while riding on the machine.

Any elliptical with built-in safety features would primarily have a warm-up and cool-down period. You are also provided with good grip handrails, and the equipment also comes with an easy-to-read LCD that provides you with all the necessary information.

Any exercise equipment needs maintenance, and it is better to choose a model that comes with a low maintenance guarantee and a good warranty period.

It is even better when you are guaranteed trained staff ready to service your machine after purchasing it.

If you have kids, make sure that the equipment comes with a pin lock so that the pedals remain stationary without any movement.

#10. Reverse Motion

How many of you know that you can pedal in the reverse direction in an elliptical? When you do the regular pedaling movement, muscular fitness is guaranteed.

What are the benefits that you reap when you pedal in reverse motion? The muscles are worked out in the opposite direction, but please be careful to run safely and carefully while doing reverse pedaling.

#11. Cost

Don’t presume that ellipticals are costly, but a major factor that affects the potential buying power of individuals is the machine’s cost.

There are ellipticals in all ranges. You can choose a cheaper model if you want, and hence, before venturing to look out for an elliptical, I suggest that you set your budget.

Once the budget is set, look at the features you will get in your budget and if you are satisfied with it, and if you realize that it will help you achieve your goals, go for the elliptical.

#12. Additional Features

Besides the primary features that make any elliptical a good buy, most machines come fully loaded with additional features and accessories. Check out the features present and if you are particular about any feature, ask for it.

Some important features widely present in most models include:

  • A water bottle holder to stay hydrated between exercise sessions.
  • A tablet holder to prevent the monotony of exercising and to keep you entertained throughout the session
  • An interactive heart rate monitor that tracks your heart rate and adjusts your workout so that you stay in a safe zone
  • If budget permits, you can also choose models that come with Wi-Fi, tracker app, and motivational software
  • Some machines come with numerous preset workout programs to provide you with different exercising routines.

Final Thoughts

You might be looking for a budget elliptical, but still, you are spending a hefty amount on purchasing the machine, and hence, you need to look for the right equipment that would suit your purpose.

Take note of the important features that make any model a good buy and make your choice depending on your fitness goals.

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