Top 7 Best Bowflex Home Gym Models

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It’s time to convert a vacant room in your house into a smart home gym. Bowflex home gym series gives you the freedom you always desired – performing professional workouts at your home.

Bowflex home gym is a type of resistance-dependent exercise machine that is most popularly used for muscle building.

With a Bowflex home gym, you can perform myriads of exercises hassle-free at your home.

Every piece of equipment developed by Bowflex reflects high-quality standards along with the long-lasting capacity of materials.

There is a wide plethora of equipment manufactured, each one loaded with fascinating characteristics.

If going to the gym every day sucks you, do not torture yourself any longer. Shake hands with Bowflex today!

In a hurry? Here are our top 7 picks of the best Bowflex home gym models:

See the overview, pros & cons below.

Power Rods vs. Spiraflex Technology

Bowflex nurtures all its versions with either of the two techniques – Power Rods or Spiraflex.

Both of them are similar as they enable you to switch between different tension levels during resistance training.

However, the two differ in their mode of resistance creation.

Power Rod generates resistive force with the help of flexible rods that protrude out from the machine.

On the other hand, Spiraflex is the innovative technology formulated by NASA and brought to the public utility by Bowflex. This system can create resistance without the role of gravity.

Power Rod

  • Users can have variability in magnitudes of resistance while exercising.
  • The beginning of the workout is easy, but the ending movements are tough to perform as tension increases too much.
  • For high-intensity exercise, several reps need to be raised or increase resistance.
  • Resistance is variable all through the exercising moves.
  • Resistance is upgradable except in PR1000.


  • Spiraflex incorporates a linear strength curve in its structure for generating smooth resistance.
  • It’s an advanced approach allowing users to perform 100+ kinds of exercises.
  • It’s ideal for individuals who are looking for a machine with a higher number of exercises.
  • The resistance remains constant at every point through the exercise.
  • The revolutionary design comes with upgradable resistance.

Benefits of Owning a Bowflex Home Gym Machine

These modern home gym machines let you create varying resistance levels with Power Rod technology without any need to lift free weights.

But I am not saying that free weights are useless. With free weights, you can improve your balance, which is hard to gain with a machine. And utilizing free weights, you will allow your weaker side to get stronger.

These machines are so dynamic that they offer up to 100 exercises forming the entire training options. The liberty to perform exercises within the controlled range is an additional advantage.

Altogether, we conclude with seven beautiful benefits of the Bowflex home gym machines that you will definitely love.

  1. You can conveniently switch from one exercise to another in no time.
  2. Changing the level of resistance is as easy as swiping the pages of a book.
  3. It is loaded with a considerable number of exercises.
  4. The controlled motion feature makes it less risky when compared to free-weight systems.
  5. The relatively compact size of equipment is also a facet to be considered. It is not as spacious as the cumbersome machines you see at the gym.
  6. The comfort of doing workout sessions at your home with all the amenities.
  7. Models comprising of Spiraflex technology offers upgradable resistance for enthusiastic muscle builders.

How to Choose the Best Bowflex Home Gym Machine/Model

Different people, different needs, and different opinions. What might prove to be a perfect fit for one person might not be suitable for others.

Some pull their hands back due to budget, whereas some want myriads of features irrespective of the cost. We take care of every speculation while summarizing the decision-making criteria for you.

Let’s have a quick sneak peek into the criteria for choosing the best Bowflex home gym models.

#1. Exercise Variety

There are various categories of home gyms, enabling you to perform variable forms of exercise. Your final decision will be influenced by the kinds of physical activities you wish to play with the machine.

Generally, the higher the price, the more will be the options for exercises. The Bowflex Revolution is forged with the greatest number of exercises, accounting for over 100 in number.

And not to get astonished, Revolution is the most expensive home gym too.

Bowflex PR1000 is the best choice for those who want to work out at home but have a limited budget. Bowflex PR1000 offers 25+ exercise options covering the entire body, which is more than enough for a beginner.

#2. Dimensions

Some of you might be tight in space. Don’t worry! Most home gyms set up by Bowflex are less space-consuming.

A standard home gym with an abundance of high-tech features may acquire a considerable area of your house, though. So take care of the size that you can allot for the machine while buying.

To limit this problem to a considerable extent, Bowflex endowed the foldability feature in some of its models (Bowflex Xtreme 2SE). This can help you free up some space when the machine is not in use.

#3. Permissible Weight

It is undeniable that your weight must be well-supported by the home gym model you choose to go with. The maximum user weight permitted by the machine should be higher than yours for the sake of convenience.

The permissible weight delivered by the Bowflex series of home gyms is 300 pounds, most probably.

#4. Cardio  Features

cardio features are great additions for people willing to get in shape. Models with cardio add-on are costlier than those that don’t, but this investment is worth it.

The ones who are having weight loss as their priority target must choose models compatible with cardio and aerobic exercises.

The rowing exercise boosts up your upper, lower, and core training elements. Cardio exercises confer a great magnitude of muscle endurance.

The models which permit the doability for cardio rowing are PR1000, Blaze, Xceed, and Revolution.

#5. Maintenance and Up-Gradation

What about the regular service and timely enhancements? These are hidden costs. Don’t overlook these. Instead, keep all the calculations done beforehand.

If you are planning to start low and then continue with heavier resistance, later on, you must go with the model, which allows up-gradation in resistance. All models except PR1000 allow so.

Be prepared with the maintenance cost plan and other modifications required by such machines. Design your budget accordingly.

#6. Cost

This might be the starting point for most people. After all, we are all bounded by our income or savings while we lift our hands towards making any purchase.

The most cost-effective model is the Bowflex PR1000. The cost increases for Spiraflex powered machines, depending upon weight, exhaustive features, and durability.

#7. Bench Type

Is this important to consider? We say yes! Because both vertical, as well as horizontal benches, have got some positives and negatives.

For instance, hone gyms with horizontal benches grab more space than the vertical ones. If you are crucially keeping in mind the “size factor,” you must go with vertical bench models.

PR1000 and Blaze are the versions with horizontal benches, while Xtreme 2SE, PR3000, Xceed, and Revolution have inherited vertical bench styles.

#8. Rapid Change System

analyzing different Bowflex models concerning a quick-change system can simplify your decision. Those machines which offer this perk are Xtreme 2SE, PR3000, and Revolution.

However, PR3000 doesn’t have lat bars, yet it’s a lightning deal for someone tight on budget. Otherwise, Xtreme 2SE gives tough competition containing the lat bar and multiple other features for more price.

#9. Kind of Resistance

The kind of resistance you’re seeking out will also impact your search. Most models are honed with Power Rods. If not these, then the only option left is the Revolution by Bowflex, which uses Spiraflex technology.

Clipping together all the specs mentioned above, your search results will be narrowed down to a great extent, and you will be hustling less.

Here’s the compilation of all the spectacular models curated by Bowflex with a complete overview, pros, and cons.

How to Use a Bowflex Home Gym?

Bowflex home gyms are dynamic machines. They offer multifarious exercises encircling circuit training, core training, strength training, and several others.

As you begin with setting up your program, the key is to start at a moderate pace and raise the intensity level as you get adapted.

Starting with four exercises per workout is a great etiquette as a beginner.

Upper body exercises include bench press, biceps curl, triceps pushdowns, seated row, and many more. Some lower body exercises are leg curls, leg press, and a lot of others.

Combine a few from both categories and sum up four to six exercises per day as you start. This enables you to perform a full-body workout.

Moreover, the manuals provided by Bowflex are comprehensive and elaborative to inform you about all the exercises precisely.

Read carefully about the right methodologies to perform certain workouts.

Also, note the right schedule to perform that particular workout for better results.

Top 7 Best Bowflex Home Gym Models

#1. Bowflex Xtreme 2SE

BowFlex Xtreme 2SE Home Gym

Xtreme 2SE comes with 70+ exercises involving tonnes of variations. It has 210 pounds of resistance, and there is still a choice for upgrading it to 410 pounds for stronger muscles.

With the incorporation of the lat bar and lat towers, it offers multifarious exercises to perform. Further, you can quickly change the exercises anytime.

Talking about the footprints of the machine, they will cover up 58×49×83 (LWH) inches of area.

Empowered by Power Rods and a quick-change system, it gives tough competition to other machines in the series.

There is the vertical placement of the bench, which hinders aerobic rowing and leg press, but one can perform deadlifts.

The manufacturers provide seven years warranty on this remarkable piece of equipment. Power Rods have a lifetime warranty.


  • The vast number of exercises
  • Quick change system
  • Most decent power rods
  • Long term warranty
  • Resistance can be conveniently scaled up
  • A good number of leg exercises


  • No particular integration for cardio rowing
  • Expensive

#2. Bowflex PR1000

BowFlex PR1000 Home Gym

This most basic home gym structure of Bowflex encompasses 30 varieties of exercises for strengthening body parts like shoulders, chest, back, and lower region.

Bowflex PR1000 is created with a machine rail for rowing, which makes it ideal for cardio exercising.

The exact dimensions of this horizontal bench set-up are 38 inches in width and 84 inches in height, but you can always fold it after the workout.

A pulley-based arrangement can provide 210 pounds of maximum resistance, which cannot be upgraded further.

This facet makes it reluctant for advanced users. But it’s the best fit for beginners. The absence of a quick-change system will propel you to switch between the exercises manually by changing cables and pulleys.

Another exciting feature includes the presence of a sliding seat for doing leg press and aerobic rowing. This thing is hard to find in low-priced models.

Not to forget, PR1000 is only a Bowflex machine that comes with built-in holders for phones and tablets.

Bowflex had labeled its warranty period as one year for frame and five years for Power Rods. Additional parts are subjected to a warranty for 60 days.

It’s an unbeatable home gym model with an affordable price coupled with myriads of striking features.


  • Integration for cardio rowing
  • Easy to assemble, instructions manual is included along
  • Best choice for beginners
  • Built-in holder
  • Budget-friendly


  • Limited to 210 pounds of resistance which can’t be elevated anymore
  • It might be huge and spacious for some
  • Lack of a quick-change system
  • The relatively lower number of strength exercises

#3. Bowflex Revolution

BowFlex Revolution Home Gym

The name of this machine rightly coincides with the revolutionary technology it embeds. In place of Power Rods, Revolution is created with Spiraflex technology, which creates resistance without gravity.

The structure of the machine incorporates several discs. Inside these discs are the rows of resistance bands that clash against each other agitatedly during the training.

The initial resistance offered by the discs is 210 pounds, which can be scaled up to 300 pounds, incurring some additional charges upon you.

The machine is furnished with a vertical bench, and the structure is foldable. The exact dimensions are 112 by 37.8 by 73 inches, which are much space-consuming.

The fascinating characteristics of the Revolution home gym include installing 100+ training exercises and an adjustable bench along with the mobility of 170 degrees.

The sliding seat gives rise to spontaneous aerobic rowing activity.

Lastly, Revolution comes with ten years warranty on both the basic framework and Spiraflex rods.


  • The enormous variety in exercises
  • Good for aerobic rowing
  • Resistance can be uplifted to a greater extent
  • Adjustable bench


  • Huge size could be a problem for some

#4. Bowflex Blaze Home Gym

BowFlex Blaze Home Gym
The Bowflex Blaze is also developed using Power Rods to insert 60+ exercises to improve your muscle stamina. The initial 210 pounds of resistance offered can be boosted up to 410 pounds.

The involvement of the sliding seat makes it compatible with rowing.

This machine can be seen as the evolved version of PR1000. It comprises a horizontal bench like PR1000, but other features are much more advanced.

You can easily perform leg press with this as there is a lat bar and squat bar. Aerobic rowing is also spontaneous with this.

It lacks a quick-change system. You need to be agile enough to switch between the exercises manually.

Being fabricated with a horizontal bench, it consumes huge space but is foldable when not in use. Not enfolds a phone holder but an instructions card that acts as a guide during the workout.

The dimensions are 82.5×38×84.5 inches about L×W×H, and the warranty duration set by the company is five years for frame and parts, while Power Rods have bagged a warranty for a lifetime.

It is highly recommended for individuals who can blissfully spend a few more dollars than that for PR1000, desiring to get more exercises and stretchable resistance but have no issue with horizontal seat set-up.


  • Upgradable resistance
  • Sliding seat for cardio rowing
  • About 60 exercises


  • It does not include a  quick-change system
  • Horizontal bench covers more space while exercising
  • Assemblage may be difficult

#5. Bowflex PR3000

BowFlex PR3000 Home Gym

Bowflex PR3000 ecstatically defeats PR1000 for several exercises and stretchable resistance, the only shortcoming being the absence of cardio rowing.

With over 50 powerful exercises and 210 pounds of resistance with scalability up to 310 pounds, it is something to admire.

Not engulfing much of your room, it will substantially veil 64×41×83 (L×W×H) inches of space.

The folks looking for an upgradable resistance feature and can satisfactorily compromise with lack of rail rowing must head-on with this.

You will be getting one year of warranty on the machine, while a seven-year warranty will be provided for rods. Allied parts are subjected to 60 days warranty period.


  • An extensive selection of exercises
  • Resistance up-gradation till 310 pounds


  • Lack of cardio rowing feasibility

#6. Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

BowFlex Xceed Home Gym

Bowflex Xceed is a home gym machine with great versatility offering you a wide range of 60+ exercises. This can be assumed as the best home gym in the middle price range.

The vertical bench makes it mobile, whereas a lack of aerobic rowing becomes the flaw. They are devised with Power Rods with 210 pounds of resistance with the further potential of 410 pounds.

Users can purchase 50 pounds of resistance rods after some time. You are doable to perform leg press and squats with the built-in lat and squat bars.

Again, the absence of a quick-change system will compel you to slide between the exercises all by yourself.

You will be happy to know that users get a lifetime warranty on rods and a seven-year warranty on frames. This itself enhances the durability of the machine. The footprints are as 53×49×82 (L×W×H) inches.

This machine is a smart bet for people searching for a versatile home gym with a vertical arrangement.


  • The vertical arrangement saves you more space
  • Scope for increasing the resistance further
  • The huge number of pre-installed exercises
  • Cost-effective when compared to other models with the same features


  • Lack of a quick-change system
  • Aerobic rowing is not feasible

#7. Bowflex Body Tower

Bowflex BodyTower

Best suited for upper body strengthening enfolding seven levels of adjustments and 20 categories of exercises. The model is concocted with a vertical bench, thereby conferring a compact arrangement.

The initial 210 pounds resistance can be stretched to 410 pounds as you progress in the journey from novice to advanced user.

The area you allocate for this machine has to be 50 inches in length by 50 inches in width by 77 inches in height.

The machine is further snapped with sling bars, handgrips, and adjustable horizontal bars. It’s quite easy to perform abdominal exercises with varying training intensity.

The machine comes your way along with five years warranty on frame and a 1-year warranty on additional pieces of equipment.


  • A perfect pick for folks wanting upper body workout
  • Sling straps for abdominal workouts
  • Compact design due to vertical layout


  • Not many exercises are incorporated
  • No up-gradation in resistance is possible

Final Words

Bowflex is consistently hitting the markets with its excellent home gym models.

Every newer model is more advanced than the preceding one in terms of features, some exercises, etc.

Clubbing together the price range you can afford, features you wish for, and the space you can lend out to this machine and resistance limit will be the final deciding factors for buying your wonderful home gym.

PR1000 by Bowflex is the initiator of the series. It can be ideal for beginners who want to save some pennies by avoiding upgradable resistance traits. It’s the most economical home gym in the array.

Then comes three similar priced models, namely PR3000, Xceed, and Blaze.

The cost factor goes steeper as Xtreme 2SE enters the arena with still more advancements.

The Revolution is the costliest Bowflex model to date, particularly due to the innovative technology it uses and the striking characteristics bestowed upon it.

Whatsoever it is, Bowflex isn’t going to disappoint you. The only thing you surely get in every case is stronger muscles and a healthy lifestyle.

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