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Top 7 Best Power Racks Under $500 – Read Before You Buy

In this opportunity, we would like to share information about power racks, considered as the vital device to reach your dream of exercising at home at incredible prices.

They are also called power racks; that’s why, in this review, we want to introduce you to the best power racks under $ 500, where we will analyze them in detail.

As we said before, power racks are the main element if you want to get an advanced home gym.

Around it, you will place all the other items to complete your training set, such as the bench, bar, discs, etc.

You will often hear “power cage” or “force cage.” Both terms refer to the same thing.

New Gym Interior with Power Racks

The main characteristic of the cages is that they allow the placement of protective supports to hold the bar for bench press or squats, among others.

After reading this article, you will discover which are the best power cages at very affordable prices, how to choose them, you will know what their features are, and you will find the rack that best suits what you are looking for.

Let’s get started!

The 7 Best Power Racks Under $500

The truth is that we cannot affirm which is the best power rack.

Still, we can recommend seven models that offer excellent performance, taking into account the quality of their materials, weight capacity, and value for money.

1. Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage 

It is made from 19 training levels that will allow you to configure each of your exercises.

You can place low resistance on your weight plates, or go to higher levels.

On the other hand, it can support 800 pounds, including the weight of the athlete without rocking.

It is a very resistant model, with 2 X 2 steel bars very well welded at their joints.

Also, it has high-caliber screws to guarantee the required flexibility and adhesion.


  • It is a resistant and safe model
  • This power cage is easy to assemble and disassemble in case of travel.
  • It has different levels of exercise
  • Affordable price considering the functions it has


  • It is a heavy cage

2. Body-Solid Powerline PPR200X Adjustable Power Rack

The cage has an adequate carrying capacity of 700 pounds.

Without a doubt, one of its greatest virtues is that it is robust and compact.

Its dimensions are quite small, perfect if you do not have much space at home.

The pull-up bar is simple and does not have any additional accessories.

At least it won’t take you long to assemble it (an estimated 2-3 hours).


  • 10-year manufacturer warranty
  • Good user reviews
  • It is compact


  • Its design is too basic.
  • Expensive

3. TDS Power Rack

This box design has a weight capacity of 1000 pounds and is made of high-quality steel for a long duration of use.

Without a doubt, it is one of the best options you can find to start having your home gym.

Its assembly is effortless, but you do not need to worry because you will receive an instruction manual so that you can do it without getting lost and correctly.

This box is very safe, stable, although its design is fundamental.


  • Its height is compact, perfect for low ceilings
  • The box is very stable since it supports up to 1000 pounds
  • The holes in the bars are numbered


  • For some exercises, this model may be a bit awkward due to its low height

4. Merax Athletics Fitness Power Rack

Its solid steel frame has a 600 pounds weight capability where you can perform 17 different bar positions according to your comfort and convenience.

The cage itself is wide enough even if you are a big-size person or for tall people as it is 85” height.

Also, I can highlight its cable located on its base, which gives it an extra point.

As it is a large and tall cage, its assembly can take you less than 2 hours, but it is not a complicated task, this is something that you can complete by yourself with its included guide instructions.


  • Strong welds
  • It is a sturdy cage, perfect for tall athletes.
  • Its assembly is secure and can do it fast
  • It includes accessories
  • The reviews by costumers are excellent


  • Its cable may need to be lubricated for better performance

5. Valor Fitness BD-7 Power Rack

Its construction is based on 2” X 2” steel, and it has a solid pull-up construction also made of steel with grips that will last you for a long time.

It has a 250 pounds capacity so that users of a large structure will not have stability problems.

Also, you will have up to 27 bar positions, and you can perform squad exercises.

Its guarantee is divided into three years for the frame, two years for its cable, and one year for its hardware.

Its quality-price is worth it, and the users have had an excellent experience in its use.


  • Its shipping is speedy
  • Its frame’s reliable and outstanding quality
  • 24 hours of customer service
  • Easy assemble


  • It may be a small cage for tall and big users

6. HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power Cage

This model has a capacity of 600 pounds and is made up of a very resistant base that provides stability that makes it one of the best-valued racks by users for its resistance.

This is also because it has a total weight capacity of 1000 pounds, which is a great help for those who lift a lot of weight.

As for the user reviews, many have mentioned that the product is excellent but that the issue of its delivery may fail since some parts have been missing.

On the other hand, its design is very striking, stable, and safe.


  • Good looking design
  • Excellent stability and quality
  • Reasonable price and useful user’s comments


  • Some missing parts at its delivery time

7. TITAN FITNESS Short Power Rack

Although it has been considered a simple rack, it is also very stable and safe since it is made of steel.

Its weight capacity is 500 pounds, and although this model is a short version, average users can easily use it if they want to have their gym at home.

If you are looking for a full power rack, although not very high, offering stability that many other brands do not provide and at a very affordable price, then Titan Fitness is ideal for your garage.


  • Compact design, ideal for small spaces
  • Excellent quality frame
  • Stable and safe rack


  • Short model

What Is the Difference Between the Power Rack and Squat Rack?

You will surely wonder what the difference between a power rack and a squat rack is.

Well, this differential element is none other than the number of tubes and their location, with the consequent implications on the level of safety, comfort, and versatility of the structure.

Let’s take a closer look.

Squat racks feature just two steel pillars.

Woman Weightlifting Barbells Under the Protection of the Power Racks

Its function, therefore, is limited to the extraction and deposit in the barbell exercises and especially in the squat.

Hence some vendors refer to them as “squat cages or squat racks” to differentiate them from conventional power cages/racks.

By not admitting conventional security supports (pipes or straps), the only way to minimize the risk of entrapment by the bar is through the use of spotters.

They will not admit many of the accessories of conventional power racks.

However, any minimally serious model will indeed include or allow to cover a pull-up bar and a dip station, but not more than that.

Theoretically, one of the significant advantages of squat racks lies in the saving of space and its lower price.

I must point out, however, that the length and width of the support base of this type of racks usually coincide with that of many conventional power racks, so this space-saving is somewhat relative.

In short, they are much simpler and cheaper structures than power racks, but less safe, stable, and versatile.

I do not recommend it.

How to Choose a Good Power Rack?

Now, it’s time to know what you should keep in mind before your purchase.

Check the Accessories

There are users that know power racks as mere safety support for squats.

The truth is that it allows you to exercises all your body muscles.

Following, you can see some accessories that you can use:

  • Bars to work the bibs. Most of the power racks on the market have it.
  • Anchors at medium height to be able to press bench.
  • Superior anchors to do Military Press or Squats.
  • Bars for parallel funds. This is not so critical because you can buy some supports that you can anchor on the wall.

Besides, you can perform suspension training (TRX).

Some TRX models can also be hooked to the door frame or ceiling.


Before buying your cage, is necessary to check the available space you have and besides, you have to be sure about the cage’s dimensions.

Please, remember that in the dimensions specified by the manufacturer, generally, the bar with the discs is not taken into account.

But do not worry, there are many and different models that you can select according to the space you can have.

Maximum Weight

Usually, the leg muscles move the most weight.

It is for this reason that it is recommended to keep in mind the maximum weight you can perform to know its size.

As an example, if you can get 100 kg performing squats, it is recommended that the rack support at least twice the weight that you can move.

The racks that have a maximum weight capacity of 300 Kg (600lbs) are good options, however, you can find frames that support even more weight.

Safety Supports

This detail is an essential thing in the rack.

Something you should keep in mind is if they are easy to move so that the exercise’s change is fast and secure.

You can get:

  • Pins Pipe: These pins go through the cage with a safety feature. In addition to being cheap, their great advantage lies in the ease of adjustment, although they are not secure if you want to load more than 100 kg.
  • Spotters Arms:Unlike pipes, they are not inserted inside the cage/rack, but outside. Therefore, they are usually the type of safety supports used in squat racks.

Number, Location, and Diameter of Tube Holes

Firstly, a higher number of holes will cause a smaller separation between these and, consequently, a higher capacity for individualization in the placement of the supports and the starting position of multiple exercises.

Hence, it is common to find the so-called 1” (2.54 cm) Westside gap as we get closer to the lower-middle part of the tube and the conventional 2” (5 cm) part in the rest of the structure.

Regarding the location of the perforations, a positive point (although not strictly necessary) is the one referring to the existence of lateral holes in the tubes.

The absence of these will be an indication of the cage’s lack of versatility, as it will prevent us from inserting essential accessories into it.

In this sense, the diameter of the holes will also be decisive in the versatility of the cage and in the possibility of using accessories from different manufacturers in your power rack. Unfortunately, each brand usually uses its diameters.

In any case, excessively wide perforations may imply less fixing of the accessories in the tubes and, therefore, less load capacity.

The Verdict

If you plan to train with a bar, you might need a power rack.

Depending on your space and budget, you should choose one of these seven cages, keeping in mind that the level of safety, comfort, and versatility will always be higher in a power cage.

We hope we have helped you with this informative guide and remember that you can get your power rack for less than $ 500.

And lastly, if you like this review, please don’t forget to share with your friends 🙂