Body-Solid Functional Cross Trainer GDCC210 Review

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Body-Solid exercise equipment is mostly used in commercial gyms, but a range of home gym equipment satisfies our needs in terms of performance, budget, and features.

Functional cross-trainers from Body-Solid offer you the advantages of gaining flexibility, train for specific sports, and help you achieve your exercise goals.

Body-Solid is a good company that has been manufacturing quality exercise equipment for a long time. The GDCC210 functional trainer from this manufacturer offers the best combination of strength and cardiovascular training.

This functional trainer is compact, space-saving, challenges your core muscles, and helps you do various exercises that improve your balance and coordination. Being a durable and stable machine, let’s look into the trainer in detail to understand its intricacies.

Body-Solid (GDCC210 Cable Crossover Exercise Machine for Home & Light


  • Noiseless operation, smooth pulley, and cable operation
  • Assembly is pretty straightforward, and the machine is easy to set up
  • Sturdy, stable, and heavy with an all-steel frame
  • The pull-up bars are ergonomically designed
  • 160 lbs weight stack that’s upgradable by another 50 lbs
  • Smaller footprint comparatively
  • Superb warranty
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Compatible with a wide array of benches
  • Perform numerous exercises (over 30+)


  • The machine doesn’t come with a pulldown bar.
  • No bench included

Frame and Design

The company has taken every caution to manufacture a sturdy and strong functional trainer. The frame and construction of the GDCC210 are truly admirable as the machine is made from an 11-gauge steel frame that comes with a 2″ x 4″ steel tubing.

Hence, there is no doubt that the trainer is quite heavy, weighing around 490 pounds, especially with the weight stacks placed onto it increasing its stability levels.

This way, there is no need to anchor the frame to the floor, which saves it from drilling holes onto the flooring.

Moreover, the base of the equipment is equipped with rubber caps that provide enhanced grip. Still, it is recommended that you place the machine on a mat to avoid the risk of damaging the flooring in any way.

The primary feature that must be noticed with the machine is that the bases of the frame are not parallel, and the total footprint occupied by this trainer is 66″D x 84″W (168 x 213 cm).

Ensure that you have a good clearance space to set the machine in the desired place, as moving it after assembly is very tough owing to its heaviness.

In terms of height, the trainer is 83″ tall and occupies up to 7 feet in height. Hence, ensure that your room has a ceiling height of at least 8 feet to do your pull-up exercises without hurting your head safely.

Parts of Body-Solid GDCC210 Functional Trainer

The pulleys are set at a distance of 48 inches from each other, helping all kinds of individuals to reap benefits.

The GDCC210 trainer has 10 pulleys, and the adjustable ones come in pairs, where all of them are made from heavy-duty nylon material, and bear sealed ball bearings to increase the longevity of the equipment.

The pulleys in the front are adjustable and can do a 180-degree rotation on the vertical bars that come with 20 adjustment holes. There is an 8 cm gap between the holes.

The pull-up bars in the trainer give you dual-grip possibilities, which help you do close and wide-grip pull-up exercises. Because of the machine’s sturdy built, individuals as heavy as 400 pounds and over can do weighted pull-ups without any safety issues.

In terms of grip, the knurling design ensures a safe hold without a non-slip grip. The machine’s finish is worthy of mention as the mainframe bars come with powder-coated silver-grey paint that is corrosion and scratch-resistant.

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What Exercises Can You Perform with Body-Solid Functional Cross Trainer GDCC210?

The Body-Solid Functional Cross Trainer GDCC210 helps you perform many workouts that you would take ample time to read through the entire list.

The vast number of exercises that could be done using this trainer include chest press, incline press, one-arm row, glute kickback, shoulder press, upright row, leg extension, cable fly, stand-up curl, lateral deltoid raise, leg adduction, leg abduction, oblique twist, oblique crunch, chin up, concentration curl, ab crunch, leg lift, seated crunch, reverse fly, biceps curl, and triceps press down.

If any of the exercises you would like to do are not on this list, it is always better to consider choosing your preferred additional accessories. This way, you can add plenty more exercises such as squats, lat pulldown, bench press, decline press, and more.

#1. Upper Body Exercises

If you have already used a cable trainer previously, the range of possible exercises should be no surprise.

The numbers go even higher when you add attachments to the trainer, including pressing bars, straight bars, and more.

Once you combine the trainer with an adjustable weight bench, the exercises that you can perform using it include even those such as incline press, seated rows, bicep curls, chin-ups, pull-ups, upright rows, hammer curls, tricep pushdowns, rear delt flys, concentration curls, and flat press.

Besides versatility and the ability to perform iso-lateral isolation exercises, this piece of equipment is beneficial in terms of safety.

For instance, while a squat requires a spotter or safety rail for keeping you safe, a trainer poses no risk of being crushed under the heavyweight at any point in time.

This is because when you let go of the handles after lowering them, the weight stack does the job for you—it takes up the slack in the cable.

#2. Lower Body Workouts

If you are interested in strengthening your core muscles and develop a toned physique, you must include several challenging lower body workouts in your exercise routine.

Squats are an indispensable exercise that must be performed if you want to develop your quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Get hold of the GDCC210 bar and start doing squats by setting the depth of the squat.

Alongside this, include isolation exercises by procuring an ankle attachment and doing lunges, extensions, and raises.

Some of the possible exercises and could be included in your workout routine include hip abduction, standing hamstring curls, standing leg lifts, one-legged cable kickback, lunges, back squats, and iso-lateral leg extensions.


Several equipment types come simply as a single unit, while you must purchase most of the required accessories at an additional cost. The Body-Solid function trainer GDCC210 doesn’t disappoint you in this regard.

The machine comes with two handgrips and two ankle straps. You even get a press/pulldown bar accessory but getting this is up to you.

Remember that the bar can connect to both cables of the weight stack to accommodate doing exercises such as squats, bench presses, incline presses, shoulder presses, and stand-up bar curls. If you are interested in this, all that you must ask for is the GDCCBAR.

One good thing here is that the weight stacks present you with scope for more resistance as you can increase the maximum weights by adding 50 lbs of plates.

Though this trainer is compatible with different benches for presses and pull-downs, the company hasn’t included a bench with the package.

Weight Resistance of Body-Solid GDCC210

If you notice, the trainer is provided with two sets of steel alloy plates, each weighing 160lbs. Every plate weighs 10 lbs, and the increments are multiples of 10. The machine is designed to withstand a weight ratio of 1/2:1.

Hence, the utmost weight that’s bearable per stack is 80 lbs. But don’t be disappointed as the weight stacks are upgradable. It is possible to add five more plates, weighing 10 lbs extending the overall weight to 210 lbs.

Don’t worry about getting to know the weight, as the machine comes equipped with a set of stickers that mention the plate’s weight. It is up to you to place the plates in ascending order for your convenience of use.


Unlike some exercise equipment that is thoroughly dreaded for their painstaking assembly process, the GDCC210 functional trainer isn’t that complicated. But, there are numerous parts included, and hence, it comes as no surprise that the trainer takes a couple of hours to assemble.

The shipment arrives in three different packages that are quite heavy, and I insist that you get the help of another person to transport it and assemble it.

Though two hex keys needed for bolts and parts come with the shipment, keep an adjustable wrench and a Philips screwdriver handy for better and easy assembly.


The main feature that must be taken care of is the lubrication of the pulley bars.

You can apply silicone lubricants onto the pulley bars and the gliding bars of the weight stacks while assembling the machine. This way, you get to witness smooth operation and adjustment of the equipment.

In due course, if the pulleys start generating noise due to repeated use, it is time to apply some silicone spray lubricant.

Body-Solid GDCC210 vs. GDCC200

Body-Solid (GDCC200 Cable Crossover Exercise Machine for Home & Light

If you notice, both the GDCC200, as well as GDCC210 mostly have similar features to offer.

Let’s compare the crucial features of both the trainers—both machines offer a 160lb weight stack per side which is upgradable to add another 50lbs of weight using the GDCCBAR attachment. Both come with a lifetime warranty on the machine and offer 20 different height settings.

Both of them have a height-adjustable pulley and facilitate iso-lateral training. The primary difference between them is in terms of compactness.

The GDCC210 is a more compact piece of equipment compared to GDCC200. The depth and height of both trainers are the same. The difference comes in terms of length—the GDCC200 has a length of 72.5 inches, while the GDCC210 has only 57.9 inches.

There isn’t much difference between the two, and if your primary concern is space restriction, it is better to go for the GDCC210.

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Alternative to Body-Solid GDCC210

#1. Xmark Functional Trainer

XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine Home Gym
If you are looking for an alternative to GDCC200, the best competition is the Xmark Functional Trainer, as it comes with dual stacks, dual adjustable pulleys, and a range of attachments.

The trainer has dual weight stacks, each with 200 lbs, and comes with 2 fully adjustable pulleys. This trainer also has a heavy-duty 11-gauge steel frame and offers a lifetime warranty on the frame, which speaks about the machine’s quality.

In terms of attachment, this machine takes you by surprise as you get a pull-up bar besides 7 other attachments that come with it.

As this is a heavy machine, many individuals find the assembly process quite daunting, and we’ve heard several complaints regarding the directions for assembling the machine. The XMark functional trainer is priced averagely for high-end home gym equipment, being a surprise to many.

Moreover, with a 200lbs weight stack, it is very handy in terms of resistance as you would not outgrow the machine’s use at any point in time. If you are looking for commercial-quality equipment for your home gym setup, this is the best trainer to choose from.

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#1. Are There Any Upgradable Options for Body-Solid GDCC210?

Yes, there are upgrade options available for the Body-Solid GDCC210 trainer. You could purchase additional weight plates up to 50lbs if you find that the provided resistance levels are insufficient for your training requirements.

#2. What’s the Warranty on Body-Solid GDCC210?

The GDCC210 functional trainer comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and welds. There is a 3-year warranty on all other parts except for the cables, grips, and upholstery.

#3. Is Body-Solid GDCC210 Suitable for Tall People?

Yes. You might be of any height and even be one of the tallest individuals who wish to purchase a functional trainer.

The beauty of the GDCC210 machine is an extremely versatile piece of equipment that comes with 20 point adjustments and dual weight stacks, satisfying the needs of different kinds of trainers.

#4. Is It Easy to Assemble?

If this is a yes or no question, my answer would be a straightforward yes.

It is easy to assemble the machine, but the only concern is that being quite heavy and pretty huge, it is recommended that you don’t try to assemble the trainer on your own.

For easing your assembly procedure, it is suggested that you have the various tools, including the wrench set, allen set, rubber mallet, and the knife, ready before starting to assemble the trainer.

If you wish to employ a professional, it will take around 2 hours to assemble the machine.

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