Can Vibration Plates Help Fibromyalgia?

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Sometimes, we feel that our bones are fragile or the muscles in the body are not optimal for strength-training workouts. Such effects might be due to fibromyalgia, a disorder where there is profound pain and dullness experienced by an individual across the body’s bones and muscles.

The side effects of this condition include depression, memory, and sleep-related issues, tiredness, and other conditions.

The pain might linger for three months or even beyond this tenure, and the most common causes of this condition include stressful events, infections, injuries, and physical and emotional stress.

Though this is not a progressive disease, sadly, there is no permanent cure for this disease. So, while the pain intensity doesn’t worsen over time, the pain lingers forever.

The only way to ease the condition is by pursuing certain treatment methodologies, one of which is using vibration therapy.

The therapy is also commonly called whole-body vibration training, and below, we would be discussing one such methodology—the use of vibration plates.

Using the plates helps in reducing the pain related to Fibromyalgia.

What is a Vibration Plate?

Before going into any of the details, let’s understand what a vibration plate is.

A vibration plate, a popular and latest device in the fitness market, is commonly used by athletes and celebrities.

A vibration plate is a right choice for any individual who loves to lose weight and build muscles.

The basic principle behind the working of vibration plates includes sending intense vibrations to all muscles in the body, thereby stimulating the muscles greatly.

Every second, our muscles contract or relax once or twice. But, when we use vibration plates, the muscles are subjected to the contract and relax process almost 30-50 times/second. Isn’t this a great difference?

But, how can muscle stimulation be beneficial to the human body? For this, let’s look through the advantages of using a vibration plate.

What are the benefits of using the whole vibration plates?

A simple machine, the vibrator plate might not impress us in the first go, but it is a low-impact workout that can help individuals.

Though the effectiveness of the plates is questioned by people, and if you have got the same impression until now, looking at the long list of benefits of the vibrator plates might change your perspective.

Given below are the advantages gained by using vibrator plates:

Promotes Weight Loss

Many individuals work out to lose weight, and the good news is that vibrator plates help burn calories and slim down.

As the plates increase our body metabolism, which plays a pivotal role in weight loss, the body burns fat at a higher rate facilitating rapid weight loss.

Do whole-body vibration training for only 10 minutes per day and notice the concrete change in body weight in weeks.

Useful for Muscle Toning

There is a whole group of the population that’s genuinely worried about muscle toning and strengthening. If you are one of them, vibration plates do help in muscle toning.

These are one of the smartest and easiest ways to tone the muscles and gain strength.

There are different ways in which different muscles in the body could be toned. It primarily depends on the position in which the individual trains on the vibration plate and the areas in which pressure is applied.

For instance, for toning the leg muscles, stand on the vibration plate, bend the knees, and hold different positions for other muscles to reap benefits.

Improve Overall Strength

Generally, strength training involves performing high-impact training. The beauty here is that, though vibration plates are low-impact exercises, they help increasing overall strength.

As the plates increase the rate of muscle contraction and relaxation by a greater degree, the individual benefits from overall body strength without the need for any heavyweights.

Better Flexibility

Keeping our bodies flexible goes a huge way towards better health. Vibration plates increase the flexibility of the body—intensity the flexibility by doing various yoga postures and stretch on the plate.

In some time, you would surely find an improvement in the possible range of motion.

Enhanced Blood Circulation

As the muscles in the arms and legs are stimulated while using a vibration plate, automatically, the body enjoys better blood circulation to different parts.

With improved circulation, lactic acid is eliminated from the body, and the muscles heal much quicker.

Can Vibration Plates Help Fibromyalgia?

Though we need more detailed studies and intensified research to conclude whether or not vibration therapy is useful for treating Fibromyalgia, research has been very hopeful and positive until now.

Various studies show that full-body vibration training using vibration plates does provide some degree of relief against Fibromyalgia.

Yet another study compared the benefits of vibration therapy against a 6-weel conventional exercise therapy (such as cardio workouts, relaxation, stretching) to find the exact benefit between the two treatment procedures.

The study participants were put into two groups where one group followed traditional therapy solely while the other group received both, traditional therapy followed by vibration therapy.

After the 6 weeks, both groups’ degree of pain, stiffness, and fatigue was measured. The result showed that participants who received vibration therapy showed a reduced degree of pain compared to the other group who received traditional therapy alone.

Besides these studies, various others show similar position results supporting the use of vibration plates to ease the pain suffered due to Fibromyalgia.


All the above confirm one thing for sure—using vibration plates is a safe and effective method that could be used to treat people who have Fibromyalgia.

The side effects of the disease are also reduced significantly, increasing the quality of life in these individuals.

Besides its use for Fibromyalgia, vibration plates promote rapid muscle contractions, which shower our body with various benefits.

Such muscle stimulation promotes bone density and muscle strength and enhances weight loss, promotes body flexibility, circulation, delivery of nutrients, and body metabolism.

Hence, all these benefits make vibration plates a great means to promote overall body health besides dealing with Fibromyalgia.

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