How Can I Lose Weight in a Month by Riding an Elliptical Trainer?

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The elliptical trainer is one of the most-loved fitness equipment at gyms and home gym use. Ellipticals help burn calories, strengthen the arms and thighs, and come at an affordable cost.

Given below is a great plan to lose weight by making use of an elliptical for a month:

Advantages of Using an Elliptical machine

Among all machines, an elliptical is one of the most wonderful fitness equipment as it provides simultaneous workouts both for the upper and lower body.

Hence, targeting various muscle groups, including the thighs, buttocks, quadriceps, calves, back, biceps, triceps, and pectorals.

Besides these, the arms are in constant motion while pedaling due to the handles that are connected to the pedals.

Apart from the fact that an elliptical has multiple advantages, it is also one of the easiest machines. Someone could be a beginner, a mid-level trainer, have no special skills, or no high-competition champion. Still, the elliptical thrives as a perfect choice for all such individuals and pros.

Use the machine for cardio-vascular endurance, toning the lower body, improving respiratory capacity, increasing calorie-burning abilities, and staying in shape.

Befriend the Elliptical to Slim Down

Using the elliptical is very simple. Hop onto the machine, keep the feet on the steps, grab the handlebars, and start pedaling.

It is just like climbing a staircase, but the body goes through multiple movements, including pedaling, stepping, jogging, and rowing.

Anytime the word elliptical machine is mentioned, all that we can imagine is the standing version of the gym equipment. How many of you are aware of the seated version of the same?

The seated machine helps add stability to the lower back, but the efforts don’t match the standing version. Here, the chest muscles, including the adnominal and lumbar belt, don’t reap advantages as the movements in a seated elliptical don’t include these muscles.

A Great Way to Slim Down in a Month

We set to exercise with some pre-determined goals in mind. Are you planning for a new swimsuit? Do you want to get the special outfit that’s been in your mind for a long, or would you like to look chic?

If an individual wants to lose a couple of pounds in a month and slim down, the elliptical bike must be the right choice.

For fat-burning requirements, the elliptical machine is one of the perfect choices. It is greatly possible to use it, refine the limbs, and add muscle strength.

Benefits of A Month-Long Exercise Regime

Doing moderate-intensity exercise five times a week is the key to staying fit and losing weight.

Based on the individual’s weight and metabolism, it is possible to burn up to 300-400 calories during each session.

It is necessary to drink sufficient water regularly to regulate the body and promote muscle stretching.

Shaking Away All the Body Fat by Swinging the Pedals in the Right Way

All of us love a well-toned body that’s shaped up nicely. For this, we must rethink our diet routine besides performing exercises regularly.

Our body can burn calories, substitute fat with muscle mass, and firm up well. The perfect piece of fitness equipment for all this is none other than an elliptical.

We do have clear data supporting this claim—using an elliptical activates 80% of muscles, the exercising effort is distributed well through the body, and hence, we don’t suffer from specific body-related pain.

As the machine helps in the pedaling movement, thereby negating any traumatic body movements, no shocks are inflicted as in the running.

Also, working out on an elliptical is a total-body workout as we swing both our arms and legs, enhancing calorie-burning abilities.

The maximum possible calories that could be burned on the elliptical is up to 700 calories, but the numbers vary depending on the workout program chosen, speed and inclination levels, and resistance.

Another brilliant advantage of using an elliptical is that muscle toning is possible without gaining muscle volume. Isn’t this great?

A One-Month Customized Program to Lose Weight

Hoping to lose a few extra pounds in a 1-month tenure? Go for 45-minute sessions thrice a week: The primary goal here is to boost energy levels and tone the body for rapid weight loss.

Start the session with a slow-paced warm-up for 10 minutes, do an intense workout for 25 minutes, and again, slow down during the last 5 minutes to cool down.

Don’t forget to add some stretches at the end of the session. It is also great if running at a moderate pace is incorporated into this schedule for better calorie-burning abilities.

Attack the Cellulite within a month: Get rid of all the excess flesh, throw away the saddlebags, and cut cellulite using the elliptical bike.

Train a week thrice, exercising for 30 minutes during each session. Use a slow pedaling speed and use the arms minimally but set hard resistance levels during the workout.

Don’t be scared of the lesser number of cycling sessions. Once the mind is set on working on burning down calories, it’s time to hit the gym or buy a home gym elliptical machine and reap maximum fitness benefits, including weight loss.

Weight Loss Program on the Elliptical

The program elaborated below is an ideal solution for weight loss when performed a week thrice for better results.

Each session lasts for not more than 45 minutes. But, if you are a beginner trainer, it is ok to start with a 30-minute session to help the body accommodate the sudden change in routine.

Increase the effort gradually, keep rocking on the elliptical, and quit not until the weight loss goal is achieved.

  • Do a 10-minute warm-up starting at a slow pace.
  • For the next 25 minutes, gradually increase the intensity and speed, accelerate the workout routine, but don’t do a full throttle. The trick here is to maintain a speed where you can keep cycling while talking at a comfortable pace.
  • The last 5 minutes must be spent cooling down. So, reduce the pace gradually.

In between the workout, stay replenished, drinking enough water throughout the workout session.

It is recommended to do stretches but do them gently. Else, there are risks of tearing the muscle fiber.

The primary advantage of using an elliptical is its ease of home gym setup. Perform exercises on the elliptical anytime during the day without going to the gym.

Another trick here is to pursue fasting from time to time to burn ample calories. But also ensure that the body doesn’t succumb to an increased risk of hypoglycemia due to intensified fasting routines.

Keep the Body Lighter by Getting Rid of Cellulite

We cannot get rid of the accumulated fat deposits in one shot. Any exercise must be done slowly and gradually to reap long-lasting advantages.

Get an idea of how to get rid of cellulite deposits in the body by looking at the anti-cellulite program given below. Here, it is recommended to train for 30 minutes thrice a week. The trick here is to pedal slowly using higher resistance levels but to make minimal use of the arms.

The resistance should be such that the body feels a hard-pressing action every time the pedal is used.

Customized Programs to Refine the Thighs & Speed Up Toning of the Arms

For those wanting to slim down the thighs, firm the buttocks, and add upper-body strength, using the elliptical is one of the best choices that could be made.

There is a dual benefit here—by pursuing endurance training to burn calories and fat and exercising the arms, it is possible to lose weight and incorporate upper-body strength.

For this, the movable handles of the elliptical must be used. The handles can be pulled towards the body to add strength to the back and biceps or pushed away from the body to strengthen the pectorals and triceps.

In some machines, the resistance can be adjusted to match the movements of the arms. It is better to schedule three sessions per week, each lasting for 30-45 minutes.

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