How Much Should You Pay For a New Elliptical for Home Gym?

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Usually, people wonder if they need to pay $500 or $1000 for an elliptical and struggle to determine the value they are getting for the price they are paying.

If you understand the price levels and what features each pricing level offers, you can easily check if you are on the right track.

After reading this article, you will be equipped with complete knowledge about which features are costly and not and how much to invest in an elliptical that suits your needs.

Also, if you have a particular budget set, find out what kind of elliptical you can expect within that range.

Costly machines do not always mean top-class facilities, and low prices might sometimes have the best value machines. It all depends on how well you research and if the features are as per your requirements.

Check out the in-detail assessment of elliptical trainers in each price range and how they are helpful to your fitness journey.

Classification Based on Price

You get to classify the ellipticals into three different categories based on the price.

  • Entry-level ellipticals
  • Mid-range ellipticals
  • High-end ellipticals

Entry-Level ellipticals

These are basic elliptical machines for light usage and are suitable for only one person. They are apt for rehabilitation and elderly people as they come with basic facilities. They are fundamentally bare bone structures of the elliptical machines.

The main advantage is they are lightweight and occupy compact space. You can expect few resistance levels or a basic numeric console, sometimes with few built-in programs for the workout.

These features are not guaranteed in all the models, but a few might have them.

All you can do is hop on, exercise, and hop off. There is nothing extra, no extra features, or bells and whistles and added features. Such ellipticals are found in the range of $150 to $500. Sometimes you may find a cheaper one than that on the market, but we recommend against them.

As you near the price of $500, you can observe that the features mentioned as optional above get included gradually into these machines. This is the price range for an entry-level machine, and if you are looking for more, you need to check out the next level.

Before that, let me conclude this section by letting you know that these trainers are not durable and come with short warranties meaning no guarantee for your money. You can look for these ellipticals online, and brands such as Weslo, Sunny Health, Exerpeutic, Stamina, and more are providing such ellipticals.

Mid-Range Ellipticals

Mid-range machines are available in the range of $700 to $1900, and the sweet spot is at $1500, where most users find the perfect balance of functionality and price. This price can buy you an excellent elliptical suitable for a home gym with useful features.

They are apt for serious users who exercise regularly and look for a pleasant experience while on the exercise machine. Mid-range ellipticals are seen as practical and affordable exercise machines.

You get higher durability, more incline options, advanced displays, built-in workout programs, extra stability, heart rate monitoring, and more than entry-level ellipticals.

Lower-end models have fewer of these features, and as you inch higher, you get most of them.

Manufacturers are making sure to offer their users a wide range of options by providing them with various combinations of functions at different price ranges. This enables users of all budgets to choose accordingly.

You can see that the fly-wheels are heavier and offer better resistance levels than the previous range.

Even the display options get better as you can find even touchscreen facility. Your fitness monitoring statistics also widen, allowing you to get more precise data about your effort.

Brands offering entry-level ellipticals also offer mid-range ellipticals. One such example is ProForm ellipticals, whose entry-level machines start from $599, and their mid-range ellipticals are highly popular.

Endurance 520 E is a base model with 18 built-in workouts, 19” stride length, 5” backlit LCD, 18 resistance levels, and a 15 lb. flywheel. The top-level machine among mid-range ellipticals, i.e., Endurance Pro 16.9, offers far more than that.

It comes with a free iFit training program, 10” smart HD touchscreen, 35 built-in workouts, 32 lb. flywheel, 20” stride length, and 26 resistance levels. It also offers extra comforts such as wireless heart rate monitoring, a workout fan, and many other advanced features.

Coming to the cost, the difference between the basic model and the top model is $1000, but if these are the exact features you require, then it will be well worth it.

The above explanation depicts the difference between the machines’ starting and ending within the given price range. So, it is understood that you get to find a wide variety of choices in this range.

Other than the brands already mentioned, NordicTrack, Horizon, and Sole are also the best among mid-range ellipticals. You can usually purchase these ellipticals at the manufacturer’s websites.

High-End Ellipticals

Coming to the high-end, these are high-quality ellipticals comparable to the quality found at gyms. You will experience the same feel and sturdiness that you enjoy at the gym using these machines, but they are expensive.

Their range begins at $2000 and can be up to $5000 or more. As already established, base models will be found in the lower and top models in the higher range. However, the differences are not as obvious as the mid-range model for the additional price.

It may be an extra cup holder, better max weight capacity, additional console, or similar nitty-gritty increments. So, it seems like not much of a difference as you move to a higher price range. When you find extraordinary changes, even the price range also increases absurdly.

Let us compare the Precor elliptical models of base range and top-end models. This well-reputed model has a basic EFX 221 that costs just under $2000 and offers 25 degrees incline, 10 preset workouts, 16 resistance levels, and a basic display.

Looking at the EFX 885 model, which is the top of line product by them, you get 35 degrees of incline, 25 preset workouts, 20 incline levels, 20 resistance levels, 15” touchscreen, and a lifetime warranty on the frame along with 5 years for parts, 3 years for console and 1 year for labor.

However, it costs a large amount of $11,000, which is outrageous, and now you can see why most people settle for mid-range ellipticals. Unless you need these features, it is wise to check out mid-range machines.

Popular brands such as TRUE, Life Fitness, and Matrix offer such ellipticals alongside Precor. Mostly these ellipticals are available on the manufacturer’s websites only.

So How Much Should You Pay For Your New Elliptical?

While examining the price range available in ellipticals, you also need to consider the usage requirement. Is it to recover from an injury? Or for sporadic use? Or only for light usage? Then entry-level machines are the best choice.

If you have more than one person working on the elliptical and require a few more features or a little more advanced machine, then mid-range ellipticals are apt.

But if you have a better budget and require commercial quality elliptical similar to the one found in a health club, then a high-end elliptical is what you are looking for.

Usually, most people purchase ellipticals in the range of $1000 to $2000, and the highest is made around $1500, making it the ideal price point. Meaning this is that you find the best balance between value and price.

It is best to put in as much budget as you can as the machine’s durability increases with the price, and with the years of service it offers, you can save substantially. Sometimes pitching in a few extra dollars can make a significant difference in both experience and long activity.

For instance, you are planning to buy an $800 machine, and if you consider it against a $1000 machine, the years of extended ownership might cost you only $20 per year, but it is impossible to purchase a new machine at the same cost.

If you do not need an elliptical for urgent purposes and can wait then, you might find special ellipticals that are expensive otherwise at an amicable price.

You might be eyeing it but might not be able to afford it due to the high cost. Sales are the best time to aim for such machines.

Top brands tend to offer huge discounts on their products during the holiday season. Especially brands such as NordicTrack, Sole, ProForm, Precor, Life Fitness, and Horizon are reputed for deep discounts. Also, special events and Cyber Monday and Black Friday open up great opportunities.

If lucky enough, you might get a $2000 elliptical for $1000 itself during these occasions. So, before rushing to buy a cheap elliptical, check out the sales for a bit higher costing ellipticals. You might chance upon just the one you were dreaming of.

It narrows down to what you need and how much you can afford to spend. Here we presented you with the wide choices you have and how they are useful. You decide which range to choose and what model is ideal for your purposes.

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