Treadmill Burning Smell: Reasons & Maintenance Tips

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Have you ever smelled something burning while using your treadmill? This is a serious sign that something’s wrong. When this happens, you need to stop using your treadmill right away and unplug it.

This isn’t just a small problem – it could lead to bigger treadmill issues like breaking your treadmill completely or even causing a fire.

This guide will help you understand why your treadmill might start to smell like it’s burning and give you some tips on how to take care of it so you can keep using it safely.

Taking Care of Your Treadmill’s Motor

Your treadmill’s motor is often the cause of a burning smell. This happens when it gets filled with dust, hair, and other debris over time. To clean it, unplug your treadmill and open the motor cover as your user manual directs.

You should then use compressed air and a vacuum to clean the area around the motor, especially focusing on the fan blades.

For less expensive treadmills, watch out for too much friction. This can lead to overheating in the motor’s cardboard-like parts, which can start to burn.

Keeping the Belt and Deck in Good Shape

Reducing friction and static on your treadmill can also help. After cleaning the motor, clean the belt, deck, and the bottom part of your treadmill.

Lubricate these areas if your treadmill’s instructions say to do so. Also, if the belt or deck looks damaged or worn, replace them according to your manufacturer’s guidelines.

Identifying Electrical Problems

If the motor, belt, and deck are fine, the burning smell might be from an electrical issue in the motor, console, or wiring. Too much static electricity can cause these parts to not work properly.

Using a mat under your treadmill can help absorb friction and catch debris before it reaches the motor.

If you think there might be an electrical short, it’s best to contact an electrician or someone who specializes in fixing treadmills.

When Your Treadmill Causes a Shock

If you notice a burning smell from your treadmill, it could be a small problem you can fix yourself or a bigger issue that needs a professional’s help.

Always use your treadmill’s troubleshooting guide first.

If you can’t find the cause of the smell, stop using the treadmill and get it checked by a professional

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