Why Does a Treadmill Trip the Breaker and How to Prevent It?

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Treadmills consume a lot of energy, but the circuit should be able to handle them. They’re made so that an electric device may be powered by a typical household circuit with the appropriate amperage.

A treadmill, on the other hand, can occasionally trip the circuit breaker. Treadmills aren’t the only reasons to cause it. You must determine what causes the circuit to trip, which we will analyze here.

Why Your Treadmill Is Tripping the Circuit? Top 3 Reasons

A circuit breaker can trip for three reasons. The first is an overloaded circuit. When an appliance tries to draw too much electricity, this is the result. The circuit trips to protect the circuit from overloading or burning, which might result in wire damage.

In this scenario, the trip is beneficial; all you need to do now is locate the appliance generating the overload.

A short circuit occurs when the black wire hits another wire but not the ground wire. This might be a problem with the appliance, the socket, or the power outlet.

It’s more severe than an overloaded circuit since it’s usually accompanied by a burning odor. Before you examine, make sure the device is unplugged. If you can’t pinpoint the source of the problem, an electrician may be required.

A ground fault is another cause for circuit trips. This is when the black wire comes into contact with the ground wire or the metal covering. As a result, an overloaded circuit is likely to be the most prevalent cause.

This issue will very certainly necessitate the services of an electrician. The three explanations I’ve provided are also listed in order of likelihood.

Likely Issue with a Treadmill

Of course, if the trip occurs when you first start the treadmill, you may be quite certain that it is the issue. There are several possible causes for the trip caused by the treadmill.

It’s most likely an overloaded circuit, with the treadmill attempting to use too much electricity in its normal operation. There might be several causes for this.

Usually, the problem is that the motor is drawing more power than usual. This is more frequent in older treadmills. Not because they’re older, but because of other conditions that require the motor to work harder than usual.

The treadmill needs to work harder to turn the belt when there is too much weight on it. To see whether there’s an issue with the power cord, look it over.

It’s crucial to know when the circuit breaker trips. Is it anything that happens when you turn on the treadmill? When does the belt begin, or when do you stand on it?

This tripped circuit breaker page has further diagnostic information. An outdated belt might cause the motor to strive harder to power itself, causing the circuit to overload and trip the breaker.

Many appliances using a high amperage at the same time might potentially overload a circuit. This is cumbersome, and you may need to turn off the circuit’s topmost drawers.

If you’re unsure about anything, you should see a professional especially when it comes to living electrical lines. It’s preferable to be safe than sorry.

How to Stop Your Treadmill From Triggering a Circuit

GFCI outlets are more often found in garages and outdoor areas, whereas AFCI outlets are found in living rooms and bedrooms. Try relocating your treadmill to a separate power outlet to prevent it from triggering a circuit. However, most residences are required by construction standards to have AFCI outlets.

If the problem with your treadmill tripping a circuit persists, you should consult an electrician for assistance in determining the best course of action.

Your electrician may, for example, recommend that you use a different treadmill type or power outlet.

You should also look for any symptoms of treadmill issues, as they might potentially trigger a circuit. This may be done by operating the machine and looking at its various components, such as the belt, console, and cables.

Investing in some wiring work to create a separate circuit for your treadmill can also help you avoid circuit tripping difficulties in the future.

Make Your Treadmill Have Its Own Circuit

To prevent your treadmill from triggering a circuit, ensure your power outlet can handle the amount of electricity it consumes.

If your 15 amp outlet continues blowing due to the treadmill, you should designate a separate 20 amp outlet for it. To view an example, watch the video below:

You must get an expert to perform it for you for safety concerns. Please don’t try to accomplish it on your own. You can use your treadmill without tripping a circuit once you’ve changed a dedicated circuit for your treadmill.

AFCI Outlet vs. GFCI Outlet

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) is designed to protect people from the potentially fatal threats of electric shock that can occur when components of an electrical appliance or equipment they are using get electrified as a result of a ground fault.

The objective of an AFCI is to protect against deadly arc-faults that could produce an electrical fire, putting people in danger and causing property damage.

According to the National Electric Code (NEC) and all municipal construction rules, many outlet receptacles throughout the home and in outdoor locations must have GFCI protection.

GFCI outlets are designed to trip their breakers if there is too much energy flowing through the ground port.

Plugging a treadmill into a GFCI outlet will almost surely trip the breaker and turn it off because treadmills use the ground prong on outlets to discharge static electricity. If this happens, consider using a different outlet for the treadmill.

The treadmill should be put in a separate area because GFCI breakers frequently cover other nearby outlets. It’s also critical that the treadmill is wired onto a separate circuit.

AFCI outlets detect electrical arcs and shut off the power flow if they are detected. Treadmills at AFCI locations may also be problematic.

AFCI outlets, on the other hand, are now required in all dwellings to meet construction standards. If your machine is tripping your house breaker through an AFCI outlet, you should consult an electrician and switch to a different type of outlet.

Last Thoughts

Anyone who owns a treadmill has probably had their equipment trip a circuit at some point. This usually happens when a circuit is overloaded.

Check your treadmill from time to time to resolve any difficulties that may occur since treadmill troubles can easily trigger a circuit.

To avoid your treadmill tripping a circuit in the future, don’t have many appliances sharing a single power outlet in your house. Treadmills consume a lot of energy.

Therefore you should have a separate circuit for them. You can enlist the assistance of an electrician to complete the task.

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