11 Treadmill Workout Apps for Virtual Running Adventures

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Running indoors can be hard to get excited about, especially when you love running outside. But sometimes, things like bad weather, health crises, or other issues make it impossible to run outside.

However, running on a treadmill has its own perks, even for those who usually prefer outdoor runs. With the right tools, you might even start to enjoy indoor running.

To boost your motivation, there are great treadmill workout apps that offer expert coaching, a sense of community, and fun competition.

They also have exciting and varied courses. Just download the app you like best, turn on your treadmill, and you’ll be surprised at how quickly you cover those miles.

  1. Nike+ Run Club: Compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartwatches, it focuses on motivational coaching and tracking workout progress. Offers over 50 guided runs, some led by famous athletes. Features include treadmill-specific workouts lasting 15-30 minutes with audio instructions and Spotify integration for personalized music.
  2. Peloton Digital: Provides 175+ Tread Studio classes for running, including live sessions. Classes cover various styles like interval runs and hill runs, set to pre-created playlists.
  3. Studio: Ideal for those missing boutique treadmill studios, offering classes from 10-60 minutes for all levels. Syncs with Apple Watch for interactive leaderboards.
  4. Aaptiv: Aaptiv stands out for its expert trainer-guided workouts. With a subscription fee of $14.99 per month or $99.99 per year, it offers audio-guided workouts for treadmill running and other activities. The app, compatible with iPhone and Android devices, features a vast library of over 6,000 on-demand workouts and more than 30 new classes added each week.
  5. Treadmill Trails: Features 30-minute virtual routes in scenic locations, with minimal coaching for a more independent workout.
  6. Zwift: Combines running with gaming, requiring a Bluetooth-equipped treadmill or cadence tracker. Offers an animated, game-like experience.
  7. PulseTread: Delivers daily 30-minute treadmill HIIT workouts with the option to use your own music. Offers various subscription models.
  8. Joggo: Joggo also offers a multi-purpose app for varied treadmill workouts. It includes cardio workouts for ellipticals and outdoor running, with personalized plans and bi-weekly adjustments. The app is compatible with Apple Watch and other smart devices and offers extensive educational content and meal plans.
  9. iFit: Provides a wide range of workouts including cardio and strength training, with a Global Training feature for virtual workouts in exotic locations.
  10. Zombies, Run!: A unique app that turns treadmill running into a game of outrunning zombies, offering an immersive experience with virtual races.
  11. SunnyFit: Targeted at Sunny Health & Fitness equipment owners, is a free app featuring over 400 on-demand exercise videos. It is compatible with iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets but does not support smartwatches. The app emphasizes community engagement and offers a variety of workouts including HIIT and distance runs.

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