Vibration Plates: Benefits and Disadvantages

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Vibration plates offer several benefits when you exercise on them, which include physical and health-related improvement. Also, they have a few things you need to be aware of and take care of. Vibration plates work by stimulation of your muscles which react by contracting and relaxing them.

Since it happens several times a second, your muscles get activated and receive a good workout in a shorter time in comparison to the traditional workout. This process also improves your blood circulation.

Vibration Plate Benefits

If you are looking for vibration plates, you need to know about all these before getting them.

Check out the benefits of vibration plates below:

Muscle Toning

Vibration plates come with different vibration frequencies ranging from 30 to 50 them for a second. At this speed, your muscles contract and relax, similar to traditional exercising without actually exercising.

However, just standing over a vibration plate is not equivalent to weight training. But it is better than doing nothing. Most users are confident of its output and have expressed that it does make them fitter.

Fat Loss

While weight loss is another benefit its users swear by, it is not just anecdotal as the muscle toning mentioned above. The research published in the Endocrinology Journal ascertains that vibration plates offer the advantage of weight loss.

It is not only supported by a scientific study, but its results also stand well in comparison to a treadmill concerning weight loss. The vibrations pass through your entire body, which tends to activate your liver that can metabolize fat faster.

This midriff section activation is not easily possible with traditional exercises or even using exercise equipment. It is not an easy task, but vibrator plates get that fat burned, which otherwise turns into glucose.

An experiment was conducted on mice that were subjected to exercise for three months for 20 minutes every day. Since our bodies work almost similarly to them, the results found in these trials are also eventually applied to humans.

This study documented that the vibration plates are effective for losing fat in their published article.

Weight Loss

Your fat deposits are utilized as they are formed due to the muscles you gain over time after working in the vibration plates. These muscles are the fat burners that require calories even when resting. This automatically leads to weight loss in comparison to adipose tissue.

They burn away the fat and support your weight loss goals along with toning your muscles. However, it does come with certain requirements, such as sticking with a healthy diet to achieve the results. It is possible when you get enough nutrition from a balanced diet and burn excess calories than your intake.

Increased Metabolic Rate

Your weight loss plateau can be countered with an improved muscle mass. As already mentioned, the muscle mass increases your resting metabolism that supports the decrease of fat deposits. The bed rest or diet mode is conceived by your brain differently.

It turns on the survival mode, meaning it starts conserving the resources, resulting in fat storage and decreased metabolism intended for your body to spend less energy than usual. However, when you work out using vibration plates, your metabolic rate increases.

Healthier Endocrine System

When you get to improve your metabolism, you also get to enjoy other benefits, such as a healthier endocrine system. Several issues related to hormones such as mensural pain, thyroid-related, or acne can be easily addressed using vibration plates.

Lower Stress Levels

One benefit leads to another in progression as you start getting fit. Here once you have your metabolism rolling and good hormone production, it further extends to stress reduction by keeping your cortisol in check.

This stress-causing hormone is responsible for the agitation, anger, and anxiousness you feel. When you have it at a high level, it prevents you from getting REM sleep or makes it difficult to achieve rested sleep resulting in insomnia.

The workout on vibration plates is not only exciting but also fun and relaxing. You can also use it as a massage device that helps in releasing serotonin and endorphin hormones that are produced by the pleasure and happiness centers of your brain. These hormones are effective at neutralizing stress.

Improved Bone Density

A study conducted in 2004 by Belgian researchers is published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, where their work shows how the vibration plates help improve your bone mineral density.

They emphasized their finding of a 1% increase in the hip bone density of the participants. After they used the vibration plates for 30 minutes for 3 days a week and in 6 months, their muscle strength showed significant change.

This data shows that the vibration plates have a considerable effect on your bone density that can help you to get stronger bones.

Better Balance And Flexibility

Due to the moving vibration plate, your center of gravity shifts as the plates change position and challenge your brain to maintain balance. Since it thinks you are falling, it immediately sends signals to various parts of your body to maintain stability.

It engages your core, lower back muscles, and midriff to attain a proper position where you can stay put safely. This leads to better flexibility and improved balance that does show in your daily life as it makes your physical engagement more productive.

You get to enjoy a better posture that keeps your back pain-free and also relieves you even if you have any pre-existing lingering pain.

Improved Blood Circulation

It is established that vibration devices are capable of improving the blood flow as they activate blood circulation. Along with blood circulation, it also improves lymphatic drainage, which is all you need to keep several conditions at bay.

These two things keep you from cramps in your hands and feet and edema, which seem to obstruct your daily life and keep you a troubled whole day if you are affected by them. As the properly drained lymphatic system allows free circulation of blood, it supports enough blood flow to your limbs.

When the blood circulates effectively, you not only get rid of existing issues but also make yourself fit by preventing certain conditions. Your diabetes chance reduces as your body metabolizes the insulin efficiently. Similarly, heart risks are also well addressed.

Decreased Cellulite

With so many changes happening in your body, it can repair itself using the positive impacts it gets to experience. Another such advantage is the stimulation of collagen production due to your fit metabolic, endocrine, and circulatory systems.

Collagen is responsible for making your skin smoother, and with the reduction in fat and acceleration of collagen production, you get a younger-looking appearance. As the fat bumps under your skin, i.e., cellulite, disappears, you can feel the smooth skin and enjoy the youthful appearance that can also boost your confidence.

Strength Training

Several people find vibration plates useful as they can simply stand on them and achieve results. But if you intend to gain optimal results, you can use a vibration plate for strength training. By challenging yourself using the body weight during the exercise routine, you get to train better.

Increase your balance and strength by using exercises such as lunges, push-ups, and static squats to any other similar exercises that can catalyze your fitness journey.

Fast Recovery

After a workout, your body pools up the lactic acid in your body, making it feel sore. At this point, cool-down exercises help in reducing the cramps and soreness. Resting your limbs on a vibration plate has a similar effect.

It is also useful to relax after a long day of work. You can use it as both warm-ups and winding down for your exercises.  It not only reduces pains and aches but also offers better blood flow.

Especially for those who are bedridden or recovering from an illness by stimulating your muscles and speeding up your recovery. However, make sure that your doctor approves it before you use it.

Low-impact Exercise

Though many high-impact exercises give promising results, you might not be able to utilize them due to any temporary or chronic health conditions. However, vibration plates offer low-impact exercise and effects similar to that of high-impact training.

You only need to keep challenging yourself appropriately to achieve optimal results. During difficult times or health relates restrictions, you can still use vibration plates for most of the conditions. Get to consult your GP on this and enjoy the exercise benefits even in such a state.

Even if you are in a health restricted condition, the vibration plates adapt well to your movements and support you to improve your strength level accordingly. So, they are the most user-friendly machines available for them.

Pain Relief

As the vibration plates improve your posture and blood circulation, it offers pain relief as your body seems to repair and recover itself. Your sore muscles get to relax, and your week spots get tended to make you healthier.

People with muscle cramps, joint pain, and sciatica have used it and expressed that it relieves them from pain. The vibration massage reduces the pain effect considerably within few weeks of usage.

Vibration plate risks

Now that we are aware of the benefits you can achieve using the vibration plates, you also need to understand the risks that entail them.

Possible Negative Effects

Though there has been plenty of research regarding the effects of vibration on your body, there is still not enough information on whole-body vibrations. Especially the quickly evolving dynamics of vibration plates from day to day need equally fast-paced research to validate the results.

The high-frequency vibrating machines reportedly have certain side effects such as tiredness, nausea, speech, and seeing issues along with tissue and nerve damage in few individuals.

Most importantly, you need to be aware of the safety standards of the equipment and purchase only the machines that are trustworthy of their functioning.

No Effects

Expecting them to work miracles despite the user’s bad lifestyle is one of the reasons why most individuals find no effects even after their exercise. Weight loss and strength training are quickly achievable only in conjunction with other strategic planning and combined with exercising.

Eating a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy lifestyle are all part of the elaborate fitness plan, and you cannot solely depend on vibration plates without providing your support in other aspects and expect to see results.

Marketing Gimmicks

Do not fall for the marketing tricks and do some research of your own by checking with exiting users or by learning about them from users on forums. Also, celebrities endorsing these machines do a lot more than just this, and you need to keep that in mind.

Do not expect that you get the well-toned shape by just sitting on them or standing on them. It requires a comprehensive effort to achieve fitness goals.

Wrap Up

If you have read this far then, you understand that vibration machine’s benefits outweigh their disadvantages. You can even avoid them by careful research and by following a healthy lifestyle. The only concern is you need to get the right instructions and guidance on how to use them.

Though you get these details in a manual, you need to check them and make a note of them to follow the instructions carefully. If you have a trainer, it would be even better.

You can address most of your health issues that rely on each other, and as you get to smooth them out one by one, you will emerge with a perfect fit and healthy body.

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