What Should You Wear on a Treadmill?

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When preparing for a treadmill workout, it’s easy to concentrate solely on the exercise and forget about other important factors, like what to wear.

The right attire for running on a treadmill is more crucial than many realize, and wearing inappropriate clothes can lead to discomfort and even health problems.

The importance of comfort and enjoyment in treadmill exercises like walking, jogging, or running can’t be overstated.

Wearing unsuitable clothing can lead to issues such as bacterial growth, resulting in health concerns, as well as discomforts like blisters, injuries, and pain.

To help you make the best choices, we’ve put together a guide on selecting the right outfit for treadmill workouts. This guide is essential as it answers a critical question: what should you wear on a treadmill?

It’s not just about choosing the right running shoes; the rest of your outfit matters significantly too.

What to Wear on a Treadmill

These are your options as you choose clothes before proceeding on a treadmill.

Polyester T-shirt

One should consider wearing a polyester T-shirt on a treadmill, thanks to their breathability. It also ensures less absorption of moisture even when sweating during a workout.

Equally important, such t-shirts dry fast, thus promoting comfort. These characteristics are also common with the Merino wool material; hence, it is ideal when choosing a t-shirt.

Alternatively, consider a lightweight top for ample ventilation. Besides, such clothes won’t restrict movements during workout sessions.


A tracksuit is a great alternative to sweatpants, especially during hot weather. After all, they are comfortable and breathable, hence ideal for workouts.

Nevertheless, ensure that their materials are synthetic fibres. Excellent choices include spandex, elastane, and polyester of up to 85%.

Such materials don’t cause too much sweat. If you sweat, the material also ensures you dry quickly.


This clothing is popular for all the right reasons, including comfort and flexibility. There is also the stylish aspect that contributes to this popularity.

It also turns out that you can wear leggings on a treadmill. Their materials are usually synthetic fabrics which are moisture-wicking and breathable.

Leggings are also stretchy and comfortable, thus ideal for this occasion. They won’t restrict your movement either; they are great for treadmill workouts.


Did you know that you can also wear official trousers on a treadmill? All you have to do is ensure that their materials wick sweat.

Such materials with these properties include silk, wool, and polyester. The material should also be stretchy and lightweight to promote comfort during these sessions.

There are also low chances of experiencing chafing when wearing such pants.

However, the restrictive and slim-fit trousers may not be ideal for treadmill workouts.

Remember, you might have to take long strides, and that’s where trouble strides.

Other suitable trousers are slacks thanks to their comfortable fit.

After all, they aren’t quite tight around your legs. Besides, the elastic waistband allows you to stretch comfortably during movement.

Sports Bra

It is no secret that not wearing a bra while on a treadmill isn’t usually a good idea. After all, too much movement around this area might lead to irritation.

Nevertheless, not every bra is comfortable when you are on a treadmill. That’s why it is advisable to stick to a sports bra for these workout sessions.

By design, this bra offers you the support you need during high-intensity workouts. Remember that sports bras are also different and designed for various purposes.

For this case, choose sports bras that are ideal for light activities. Besides treadmill running, they are also suitable for staying around, walking and yoga.


Most underwear types are ideal for wearing on a treadmill. All they need to offer is ample support and comfort, even when doing intensive exercises.

Ensure that you don’t experience irritation or discomfort from wearing such underpants. You shouldn’t feel sweaty either, and in case of such occurrences, consider changing your innerwear.

Choosing the right material and shape when selecting your underwear prevents chafing. Alternatively, you can wear shorts to avoid chafing and heat rashes.

Since boxers are suitable for hiking, they will serve the purpose when working on a treadmill. After all, they cover the thighs and have a snug fit too.

During warm months, avoid cotton underwear at all costs. On the contrary, opt for synthetic fibre materials to avoid too much sweating.

Heavy or big briefs may not be a good idea during this season. Stick to light briefs since the fabric isn’t in excess, thus bringing coolness.

Materials such as merino wool are also great thanks to their breathability. Do not overlook sweat-wicking properties when choosing underpants to wear on a treadmill.

Running Socks

These socks have synthetic materials; hence, they are breathable, absorb moisture and avoid blisters. Great materials include wool, acrylic and polyester.

Avoid cotton socks since they offer the opposite of what you seek. Socks that keep falling off are also a bad choice.


It is only necessary if you have long hair strands. It is no secret that they can be a distraction when running on a treadmill.

What You Shouldn’t Wear on a Treadmill

What should you wear on a treadmill? People often concentrate too much on this aspect, thus overlooking what to avoid.

Fortunately, we also have that covered to ensure you don’t make the mistakes that people exercising often make.

Clothes with Loose Parts

Regardless of how light and comfortable clothes are, avoid wearing them on a treadmill if they have loose parts. Dangling chains aren’t an exception in this case.

After all, if such parts get stuck on the treadmill, they can lead to injuries.

Cotton T-shirt

It is no secret that cotton absorbs much moisture and takes a long time to dry. Unfortunately, sweating is common when on a treadmill.

Therefore, you should avoid cotton t-shirts when heading for treadmill workouts. Otherwise, you will start experiencing discomfort as soon as you start sweating.


If you are looking for comfortable clothes, jeans often miss the cut. They are also relatively restrictive, hence unsuitable for wearing on a treadmill.

It worsens the matter if you opt for skin-tight jeans that cling to your body. Equally important,  their denim material is cotton, thus absorbing sweat.

Therefore, you should avoid wearing them during a treadmill workout session. However, if you have no problem wearing jeans, especially the loose ones, consider wearing them on a treadmill.

Regular Bras

Although there are exceptions, regular bras aren’t good for treadmill workouts. Other than giving support, they don’t feel comfortable.

A common occurrence is back pain during or after your workout sessions. Your sides may also experience discomfort as the bra digs into them, especially if it is extremely tight.

If you also sweat a lot around the breast area, you must change your bra. The same applies in cases where the breasts feel pain.


These underparts aren’t ideal for these workout sessions due to inadequate support. Since they are quite tight, discomfort may arise as you run on the treadmill.

They usually trap sweat, too, thus increasing the chances of infections.

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