Why Can I Only Do 2 Minutes on the Elliptical?

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Many people use elliptical trainers to get a good cardio workout. However, not everybody knows how these ellipticals work in detail.

As an elliptical trainer requires good coordination of arms and legs, it is important to know the right method.

You can gain optimal benefit only when you understand its complete working. Since ellipticals are popular among fitness enthusiasts, I believe this information would be useful to many individuals. Find answers to many of your issues regarding an elliptical trainer here.

Few trainers complain that they cannot work out for more than two minutes on the elliptical. While this issue can be easily addressed, you need to be equipped with the right knowledge.

The most important question, i.e., what constitutes an average workout time for an elliptical trainer? Though the answer is simple, it would be best to know more about working on an elliptical before concluding.

Check out this guide to improve your working time with an elliptical trainer. Also, include it in your daily routine and keep yourself motivated for a consistent workout. Try this exercise method and achieve excellent results in no time.

What Is the Average Elliptical Workout Time?

As already mentioned, when you work out correctly on an elliptical, you get the optimal results. On the contrary, if you use it incorrectly, you have some side effects. You do not get to see the proper results hindering your fitness goals.

Using an elliptical trainer at the right time is vital to reaching your fitness target. Not less or not more. If you use it for more time, you might end up straining yourself unnecessarily without any benefit for the extra time.

Similarly, you cannot burn the required calories when you use it for less time. So, what is the average time you should be using an elliptical for maximum results? An average of 150 minutes a week on an elliptical trainer is necessary for you to stay fit.

For instance, if you work five days a week, you must dedicate nearly 30 minutes a day to reach this target. A beginner can start with 15 to 20 minutes a session initially if you work five days a week. If you plan to work every day, you can start with 10-minute sessions per day.

You can gradually improve your time by three to five minutes as you build your endurance. When you reach the 30 minutes day session, it is easy for you to keep going and stay fit. Taking a break after 15 minutes of workout would be a good idea.

Those who can do only two minutes on an elliptical need to improve their capability using the below-mentioned tactics.

How to Use an Elliptical Machine to Workout Out?

Utilizing every minute you spend on an elliptical machine effectively helps you burn the maximum calories. Here’s how you do it.

  • Start with a leisurely pace for the first three to five minutes of your exercise.
  • Gradually increase the intensity in the next few minutes
  • It would be more effective if you could stop using the handrails for balance
  • To engage your upper body, work it while riding on the elliptical machine
  • As you start feeling breathless, decrease the speed a little bit
  • Make sure you are working fast enough and still be able to talk

These steps will ensure that you achieve the highest efficiency in your training. Let us see how to implement these steps in detail.

Rhythmic Movements

Striding on an elliptical machine can be compared to dancing. Running on a treadmill has a rhythm, making it more enjoyable. Similarly, if you can discover a rhythm with your elliptical workout, it is more doable than without one.

It is easy to achieve a rhythm when you play your favorite song and go with the increasing and decreasing of the speed and the music’s beat. This helps you to keep the fatigue at bay and to exercise effectively.

Utilize the Resistance

Elliptical machines offer resistance using your body weight. This feature helps you to get more benefits by manipulating resistance as required.

However, with this resistance method, it is also possible that you are not using the resistance to your complete advantage.

Your workout session might be easy when you stride with low resistance, but you wouldn’t benefit from it. Unless you feel the tension while pushing the pedals and pulling the handlebar, you are not doing it right.

Add Breaks

As it is a cardio workout, you might feel breathless during the workout. It is an indication that you need a little break which can be 30 seconds or up to two minutes.

With these short breaks, you will not lose the speed you picked up, yet you get to replenish your oxygen levels.

This process makes sure that you have enough energy to keep working and helps you burn calories all along.

Short breaks do not affect your workout energy and help you catch up with your breath which is necessary for longer workout periods.

What Are Some Benefits of Elliptical Workout?

An elliptical trainer provides several advantages compared to other popular home exercise equipment. Let us see what they are below.

  • An elliptical trainer offers an excellent cardio workout with a low impact on your joints.
  • It improves your endurance due to the intense workout you can do
  • Your lungs and heart work more efficiently, resulting in a healthier body
  • It is possible to burn 400 calories by working for 30 minutes, approximately
  • You can work both your upper and lower body at the same time

Final Thoughts

After learning how to improve your workout time from 2 minutes to 30 minutes a day, I hope you can implement the same to gain maximum benefit from elliptical trainers. Consistency and determination can take you a long way in your fitness journey.

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