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How to Find the Best Elliptical Stride Length?

Elliptical machines are trending, there are even studies that show that they are better than folding treadmills and that they have the lowest risk of injury and the best result.

That is why it is used by both beginners and high-level athletes.

They are currently one of the best machines for exercising at home and most used in gyms. But how to find the best stride length of the ellipticals?

Then you don’t need to keep looking. Here is a comprehensive guide to what you need to know to make your investment worthwhile. Do not miss it!

What Is Elliptical Stride Length?

An elliptical is a complete cardio machine, which allows us to exercise at home comfortably and safely.

It also helps to recover injuries, since they do not have any type of impact, as a treadmill can have.

What distinguishes an elliptical machine from any other is its stride length.

The stride length is the distance between one pedal and another when we have our legs open.

It means that it is the maximum step’s distance that you can perform, similar to when you are walking.

Why Is It Important for Your Performance?

It is important because the machine is based on it, i. e., the exercise depends on this stride length to develop muscle mass on your legs and the length must feel comfortable.

This means that if you train on an elliptical machine with a stride length that does not fit ours, the exercise may feel uncomfortable.

Imagine that you have to walk with very short steps, I am sure that it will be very difficult to exercise correctly for a certain period of time.

On the other hand, you should keep in mind that the function of an elliptical machine is to simulate a walk with a distance of normal steps or that correspond according to the length of the person’s leg.

And for those who want to lose weight, exercising on an elliptical machine gives you the same result as if you train with a treadmill.

Feeling comfortable doing physical activity is paramount.

For this reason, elliptical machines also prevent you from damaging your joints since it is a low impact machine.

Unlike a treadmill, elliptical machines take care of your knees and ankles.

It is excellent for elder people who have had surgeries.

How To Find the Best Elliptical Stride Length?

If you are a person above average height and want to train on an elliptical machine but are afraid to invest because you fear for its stride length, then let me tell you that you will be able to find the perfect elliptical machine for you if you consider our words.

As you know, elliptical machines have different stride lengths depending on their brand and price.

Unsurprisingly, the cheapest machines have shorter strides that range between 11 and 14 inches, which, even for a person of average height, will be a stride of short length.

If you are under 5′ tall, then 14 inches to 16 inches stride length would suit you.

On the other hand, if you are between 5′ 3’’ and 5′ 7’’ tall, you need an elliptical machine with a stride length between 16 and 18 inches.

Conversely, if your height is greater than 5′ 7’’, your stride length should be around 20 inches.

As you can see, the stride length is directly proportional to your height.

We must be aware that sometimes comfort and price do not go hand in hand, so if your budget is low, you must adapt and accept that you will not be able to stretch too much.

Still, on the market, there are ellipticals with strides up to 22 inches, which can be perfectly used by people with a height greater than 6’.

Here is the ideal stride length chart that you can refer to:

Your HeightIdeal Stride LengthRecommended Elliptical
Under 5'14-16 inchesSunny Health & Fitness SF-E3862
5' 3’’ - 5' 7’’16-18inchesProForm 150I
5' 7’' - 6'Around 20 inchesSchwinn 430
Over 6'Over 22 inchesSole Fitness E35

Typically, we have a math formula for you to calculate your ideal stride length:

Your Height (inches) × 0.25 = Your Ideal Stride Length (inches)

Noted: If the outcome is a decimal, round up to the next whole number.

However, working out on an elliptical with a longer stride length than ours can work much better both the leg muscles and the glutes.

So training on an elliptical with a long stride length can be beneficial.

What Is an Adjustable Stride on Elliptical Machine? Is It Good or Not? 

You can also consider getting ellipticals that have the feature of adjusting stride length according to your height.

It can be a great benefit and an excellent investment if it will be used by different people with different height.

In case you share the machine, this can be a good option and in this way, you can adjust the strides so that the steps are not too long.

Finally, to make a good stride, you must pay attention to the stability of the machine since it is very important during your training.

This means that a good machine has the ability to adapt to each user, and not vice versa.

Generally, heavier elliptical machines will be more stable.

However, with high-end elliptical machines, good design outweighs weight and can provide ample stability with a perfect stride.

Final Words

When deciding to invest in an elliptical machine, the first thing to look at is stride length.

Your comfort when exercising will depend on this and to find the best elliptical machine you should consider your height.

On the other hand, clearly, you should look at other characteristics such as the space you have in your house, the weight capacity, quality frame, price, etc.

If you do not have much experience on elliptical machines, you will surely look at different web pages where users make their comments telling about their experiences although you should not get carried away by those who have not checked the length of their stride.

In this sense, the length of the stride can be something very personal although an elliptical with a stride greater than ours can be very beneficial for our muscles, according to experts, since we will make twice as much effort when training.

However, note that the adjustable pedals are useful for reproducing a natural stride motion and avoiding injury.

In addition, the large footprint surface clearance allows users of any foot size to comfortably adapt to the pedals, reducing stress on the knees and ankles

If you had doubts, we hope we have clarified them and we encourage you to invest in a machine that will bring you many benefits for your health and that of your family and as we mentioned before, a great option can be an adjustable stride elliptical machine so everyone will be able to use it according to their height.