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How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use

Investing in a treadmill to start our own gym at home is a very good step to adopt a healthy life. But a treadmill is a machine that will use much electricity.

In order to calculate how much does it use, we should know what will influence the power consumption rate of treadmills.

How to Calculate How Much Electricity Does a Treadmill Use?

To get a quick calculation, you should take into account the maximum power of your machine (take 0.6 Kilowatts as an example) and multiply it by the monthly hours of use. And then multiply this result with your local electricity price.

To calculate the amount of energy that your treadmill uses, it will be necessary to do the conversion of Watts to Kilowatts because the bills appear with this data.

Now, it will be necessary to look in the user manual of your treadmill, the nominal power to which it corresponds.

In case this data is not found, you can do it on the website of the brand/model of the machine.

As a general fact, these machines can use around 300-900 watts.

In case you need precise data, we advise you to connect a power meter to your machine.

In this way, you will get good information about the different variables that may occur when training.

So in the event that you exercise one hour per day for 6 days per week, we will have 24 hours per month.

Likewise, we will have 600 x 24 = 14,400 watts. If 1 kilowatt is worth 1000 watts, then we will be using 14.4 kilowatts per month. Let’s take as an example that 1-kilowatt/hour is 12 cents to have a price of approximately $ 1.78.

This data will depend on the local price.

What Factors Determine the Electricity Consumption of a Treadmill

The electricity consumption of the treadmill mostly depends on the type and size of the motor. But there are other variables that we should consider, such as running speed, the users’ weight, worn-out degree of the belt.


The faster you run, the more energy you will use, meaning that if you run at full speed for 45 minutes, your energy usage will increase.

In case the treadmill is at home and is used by different people, the calculation can be a bit more challenging since everyone walks or runs at different speeds.

For example, you can start at 1.5 miles per hour, then go to 6mph and then go down to 4 mph.

The important thing about all of this is that you keep in mind what your constant average speed per hour is.

It should be noted that if you do 5 minutes of heating, it will not affect the results.


When calculating energy, you will also need to think about your weight since the heavier the person training on the treadmill, the more energy the treadmill will use.

This is because the machine will require more effort to operate since the effort with a 68 kg person will not be the same as with a 120 kg person.

Young People Running on Treadmills in Modern Gym

Tips for Saving Electricity When Using a Treadmill

You can make your workout energy efficient for the earth, so here are some tips on how to train with your treadmill and save energy at the same time:

  • Turn off the switch of your machine when you don’t use it.
  • Remember that the faster you run, the more energy you will consume. 
  • Note that the heavier the user, the more electricity he needs. 
  • It is important that you lubricate the belt with silicone to avoid friction against the board since this effort causes the motor to consume more energy.


Although buying a treadmill can be challenging, it will bring you long-term benefits if you know how to use it the right way.

There are many models and sizes, so before buying one, consider who will use it and if they will really dedicate the use it deserves.