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Top 8 Best Passive Leg Exercise Machines for Seniors

Passive leg exercise machines brought a revolution to the fitness industry. For seniors, this equipment is a boon since its invention. It provides a more targeted workout, and the benefits are numerable.

To some senior people, the movement in elliptical and exercise bikes seem to be too dynamic. Despite the comforts in those machines, they feel discomfort.

Further workout in those machines might invite chronic issues like arthritis. So, to solve this problem, passive leg equipment brings a momentum-free workout.

In a hurry? Here are our top 8 picks of the best passive leg exercise machines for seniors:

See the overview, pros & cons below.

How to Choose the Best Passive Leg Exercising Machines?

To make a wise decision when buying a piece of exercise equipment for leg while sitting, take the following factors into account.

1. Feet Pads

The effectiveness of passive leg equipment lies in its feet pads. However, not all machines have feet pads embedded in it. Some machines operate directly by placing them flat on the floor.

Others have extended feet pads in the front to bring more momentum. This also allows more inclination when seated in a higher position, say a chair.

So, being seated in a chair and placing your feet on the most part will be more comfortable. We recommend that equipment which allows more inclination and extensibility.

2. Display Console

The main objective of the display console in passive leg equipment is to show the number of steps covered. Some users, especially seniors, are more curious to know about the progress report.

Therefore, it is important to choose a piece of equipment embedded with a display console.

Moreover, it must be wide enough to read the digits. Seniors find small and narrow digital consoles to be futile.

3. Motor Speed

In general, the motor speed is referred to as the machine’s RPM. The greater the RPM and the more dynamic the footrest will be. A slow max RPM will move the pads back and forth slowly.

In such cases, you won’t receive the optimum health benefits. However, if the RPM is too high, seniors will find difficulty for sure.

We recommend you to choose a piece of equipment with a moderate speed of 45-90 steps per minute. A piece of passive leg equipment having speed in this range will prove to be more comfortable and beneficial.

4. Controlling Features

For seniors, you must look for an easy to control equipment. The mode of the workout varies from person to person. Some might use the leg equipment for daily workouts, while others might be trying to recover.

Many passive leg equipment comes with a remote control feature. This innovative initiative helps seniors to manage the speed accordingly.

Therefore, we recommend you to choose passive leg equipment with two-speed settings and a remote.

5. Comfort

On choosing any equipment for elders, never compromise comfort with the price. Especially for passive leg equipment, the footrest must be accommodated elderly feet.

Moreover, it mustn’t vibrate, as vibrations will lead to feet aches. For some, vibrations can be relaxing, but we insist you be selective on that part.

8 Best Passive Leg Exerciser for Seniors

1. LegActivator Seated Leg Exerciser Machine for Seniors

The LegActivator is one of the best passive leg equipment in the market. The body is designed with the fundamentals of Ergo-therapy.

In simple words, the movements are more continuous and accurate. Vibrations are negligible, but there are some on high RPM.

The company claims the product to remove vascular problems, muscle cramps, and leg inflammation. The LegActivator is very amusing to use due to its continuity.

Although the user manual recommends 15 minutes of daily use, you won’t notice the time passing.

Its lightweight and compact design allow you to carry it anywhere you go. The weight is around 10 pounds, which is perfect for storing anywhere.

So if you are reading on a table, place it below, and rest your feet on its footpads. As stated above, we recommended a piece of equipment with two-speed settings.

However, the legActivator has a two-speed setting allowing you to set the 1650 and 1410 steps in 30 minutes.

Built quality, fit, and finish are top-notch and are made with high-quality materials. However, we found some heating issues on using it for 2 hours continuously.

This equipment draws its power from a 110V output. The plug has a durable melamine coating, which will last for years. It is easy to use, and the user manual is concise.

All you have to do is place your feet on the footpads and set the speed.


  • Innovative design
  • Relatively more comfortable
  • Fine built material
  • Precise Fit And Finish


  • Heats easily on continuous use
  • Vibrates on high RPM
  • Durability issues

2. Slim Circulation Motorized Leg Exercise Equipment for Seniors

Another piece of equipment that deserves to be on the list is slim circulation. Unlike other ordinary passive leg equipment, the slim circulation is more targeted.

It is specially designed to facilitate extra momentum and blood flow in the legs. Slim circulation also facilitates continuous blood circulation in the feet region.

We have seen a lot of people who received good results on using this equipment. Some claim to get relief from chronic ailments like blood pressure and high cholesterol.

This machine provides more relaxation when you will sit in an armchair.

The slim circulation exerciser makes your feet move back and forth gently. So you can easily feel like walking by sitting on your chair.

There are no complaints regarding heating issues, but the machine vibrates on high RPM. Moreover, it emits a rattling noise that most seniors consider to be frustrating.

Footpads are ergonomic and cushioning that doesn’t allow any senior to complain. This passive leg exerciser can be used for an extended period.

It enhances your walking balance without exerting any pressure on your joints. You can easily find your selected speed by the 2-speed adjustment system.

The fit and finish of the Slim Circulation weren’t up to the mark, but the looks were impressive. Slim Circulation is easy to use with reliable safety features.

However, we recommend you use it only in a sitting position. Doing such will add extra durability to your equipment, and will keep you safe.


  • Relatively more comfortable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Better longevity
  • No heating issues


  • Footpads vibrate on high RPM.
  • Emits unnecessary noise

3. Soozier Seated Electric Leg Exerciser for Seniors

The Soozier passive leg exercising machine is a piece of effective equipment for the senior. Due to its gentle movement, the product has a good reputation in the market.

Place your feet on the footpad, and it will gently move your feet back and forth. Soozier is specially designed to improve blood circulation and ease leg pain.

Build quality is rigid, and the material used is ABS plastic. So, you can easily expect the frame to last for a decade.

Due to its compact size, it is more compatible to carry than its adversaries. At home or the office, this equipment will serve you all day long without overheating.

Soozier is a lightweight machine having dimensions and weight to be 18.25″ × 16″ x 5.25″ and 8.8lbs, respectively.

Just like many other exercise equipment for legs, the Soozier has a 2-speed adjusted speed record. You can adjust your speed by using the touch screen of the display console.

For more convenience, you can use the device’s remote. It comes with five adjustable speed levels allowing you to choose the work out of choice. But, you might feel vibrations with noises on tuning the device to its max RPM.

Coming to the ease of use, the Soozier has an impressive ergonomic design. The best feature of this machine we felt was the variation of movement.

It has folding legs that can be used flat on the ground or inclined. The motor draws its power from a 100-240V AC source and provides an output of 20 watts.


  • Better ergonomics
  • Feature-loaded
  • Better performance
  • No overheating issue


  • Consumes more power
  • Elongated power cord

4. North American Health + Wellness Home Track Circulation Exerciser for Legs

As the name says, this machine is more targeted towards blood circulation. On receiving the product, you’ll surely be impressed with the looks.

The color code is neatly laid without any extra combinations. The product has a dimension of 5.57× 5.97× 3.99 inches. On placing the feet on the footpads, you’ll experience a walking-like motion.

As compared to the adversaries, the Circulation exerciser allows a more dynamic movement.

However, we found the fit and finish to be poor. The build quality was fine, which was from a high-grade plastic material.

The circulation exercise comes with a two-speed adjustment switch. All you have to do is set your feet on the pads and turn the switch on.

The knees of the elderly people are very sensitive to shocks. But this passive leg exercise machine doesn’t exert excessive pressure on the elderly knees.

So, if you are a senior, you can use it for an extended period. Many senior users reported improvements in their walking balance.

Your efforts will turn to be fruitful when only working with it regularly.

The circulation exercises have remarkable longevity. We didn’t find any heating issues on inspection.

However, you might experience vibrations with noise on high RPM. Another limitation of the circulation exerciser is the lack of remote control.

It isn’t friendly for the seniors to bend down at regular intervals to adjust the speed.


  • Value of money
  • Compatible design
  • Better ergonomics
  • Remarkable longevity


  • Difficult to use
  • Lacks features

5. Happylegs Blue – The Seated Walking Machine

Since 2002, HappyLegs Blue is one of the most durable passive leg exercisers in the segment. The product comes with a decent and organized look.

Being feature-loaded, the HappyLegs Blue is recommended by many physiotherapists. The company claims the product to be clinically validated, which is true.

Durability can be estimated by the fact that it offers a five years warranty. So, you can expect it to last for a decade if maintained properly.

Moreover, the equipment comes with a 3-speed adjustable system with 9-15 volts. Movements of this machine are not constrained rather spacious.

This ensures a permanent treatment of chronic ailments like diabetes and hypertension.

The company also claims to reduce swollen legs and overweight. We recognized this statement to be true in most aspects by seeing its reviews.

But, the fit and finish layout aren’t up to the mark. This wasn’t what we expected from a company running since 2002.

Coming to the measurements,  the product has a dimension of 17.3×12.99×3.54 inches, and a weight of 11 pounds. In contrast to its rivals, it’s heavy and will create difficulties for seniors to carry along.

The happy legs blue is probably the first in terms of performance. The machine is fast and silent. However, we experienced overheating in the footpads on using for an hour.

This is due to the heavy power consumption and vibrations in the third-speed setting. When it comes to speed, the first, second, and third allow 3120, 3960, and 5040 steps, respectively, in one hour.


  • Fast performance
  • Feature-loaded
  • Clinically Validated
  • Relatively longer durability


  • Consumes more power
  • Overheating issues
  • Emits vibrations and noise
  • Poor fit and finish

6. LegXercise – Passive Exerciser for Walking

Another effective passive leg exercise machine is the LegXercise. The looks laid a decent first impression on many users. It appeared to be bulkier than other equipment in the segment.

This piece of equipment has a dimension and weight of 16.54 x 14.57 x 11.81 inches and 10 pounds, respectively. It is lighter than the previous product, but still difficult to carry along for many seniors.

The exercise is embedded with an innovative technology that mimics your natural muscle movement.

Hence the movement is more continuous and refined. You can use it, whether in-home or office at your convenience.

The exercise has a two-speed adjustable setting system.

Coming to the performance, the motor has a two-speed setting that operates quietly without any vibrations. The two settings allow 1410 and 1610 steps consecutively in 30 minutes.

However, the speed is subjected to the recommendation of the US government. Unlike traditional feet exercisers, LegXercise has electronic footplates at glide back and forth.

The movement is dynamic, but it won’t apply excessive pressure on your knees. This quality allows seniors to work on the equipment throughout the day effectively.

The footpads are ergonomic and accommodate feet of all sizes. However, it might be difficult to adjust for seniors at high RPM. The motor can draw its power from any 120-240V AC output.

In return, it generates 110W, which is quite acceptable for a passive leg exerciser.


  • Negligible vibrations
  • Produces relatively less noise
  • Reasonable power output
  • Ergonomic footpad design


  • Brittle footpads
  • Poor fit and finish
  • Durability issues

7. LegXercise Max

Another item of the LegXercise franchise is the LegXercise Max. It is a simple yet decent looking passive leg exerciser known for its performance. The looks of the product are quite neat and decent, just like its appearance.

The user manual was clear and concise, where all instructions are laid stepwise. LegXercise is a piece of middleweight equipment in this segment that has a dimension and weight of 18.5×16×8.25 inches and 10.6 pounds, respectively.

The figures reveal that the item is bulkier than its predecessor. However, the footpads have beads and are ergonomic and comfortable for elderly feet.

The manufacturing company claims its efficiency to be 25% more than its predecessor. But just like the exercise, it has a two-speed transmission setting.

In contrast to its claimed performance, the number of settings is relatively low. It offers an average speed ranging from 55-65 steps per minute.

In other words, you can cover more than 1.6km in an hour. Nevertheless, this figure is perfect for seniors to work on. We found the motor to be quite refined and vibration-free than the original LegXercise.

Just like its predecessor, the fit and finish weren’t up to the mark. So, you can’t expect the product to be durable for more than five years. Another user complaint is about its longevity.

It consumes more power than the original LegXercise and heats rapidly. We recommend you to shut the system off at regular intervals to maintain the temperate.


  • Better performance
  • Wider pedal movement
  • Ergonomic foot pads
  • Negligible vibrations and noise


  • System heats rapidly
  • Poor fit and finish
  • Consumes more power

8. LegXercise Pro

The last but not least product on the list is LegXercise Pro. The looks for this product are well-organized, which is better than the two predecessors.

With a subtitle as Pro, consumers expected a bulkier design. On the contrary, they found it to be more lightweight.

On measuring the dimensions and weight, we found it to be 18.4×15×6.9 inches and 9 pounds, respectively. Footpads are cushiony and ergonomic for all elderly feet.

The company claims the performance to be quite enhanced as compared to the two predecessors. The motor drives its power from a 110-240V AC source and operates silently.

However, there wasn’t any chance of the transmission system. Speed settings are 2-speed that can be controlled by a remote.

All you have to do is sit and turn the system on. We recommend you to operate it only when sitting.


  • Relatively more refined
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ergonomic footpads
  • Negligible vibrations and noise


  • Consumes more power
  • Lacks speed settings for the price

Final Words

With more options in the market, arises more confusion. Among the heap of choices, these products proved itself to be more efficient. All products have their pros and cons.

We revealed their strength and weakness in detail to help you make a better decision. The product descriptions are laid by personal experience and user reviews.


Who are these Passive Leg Exercise Machines For?

Passive leg exercisers can be used by anyone regardless of age. However, seniors find working on it to be more comfortable.

So, in general, the above-mentioned passive leg exercisers are listed for our beloved seniors. Every factor is taken into account for their comfort and convenience.

How Effective Are These Passive Leg Exercising Machines?

Passive leg exercisers are clinically recognized to be beneficial. It targets the lower limbs of the user by allowing a continuous movement.

These equipment are walking simulators that aids patients in their recovery stage. Besides, for people obsessed with work, a passive leg exerciser will serve the best workout routine.

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