Best Time to Exercise on a Treadmill

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People usually exercise at various times of the day, confusing those looking for the best out of their workout sessions. One wants to know the best time to exercise on a treadmill to make each second count.

It turns out that the ideal time for such sessions differs from one individual to another. After all, various people have different goals when engaging in exercise routines.

Benefits of Exercising on a Treadmill in the Morning

Upon choosing to exercise in the morning, you stand to benefit in the following ways;

It Improves Sleep Quality

If you exercise in the morning, you get improved sleep. For instance, you get to sleep deep for most of your nights.

Nighttime awakenings also decrease drastically. You should also forget to struggle to sleep since it takes less time to fall asleep at night if you exercise in the morning.

Effective Blood Pressure Management

It is no secret that exercising controls hypertension. People don’t know that working out in the mornings will improve its effectiveness.

Easy Control of Blood Sugar

Whereas exercising is good, it can do more harm than good if you have type 1 diabetes. After all, one might experience low blood glucose, also known as hypoglycemia.

However, since workouts are crucial, such individuals should consider working out in the mornings instead of the afternoon. It has been proven to decrease the risks of hypoglycemia for people managing blood glucose levels.

It Controls Your Appetite Better

Regardless of the time you choose to work, that’s enough to regulate one’s appetite. That’s because it reduces the hunger hormone while increasing the satiety hormones.

Nevertheless, upon working out in the morning instead of the afternoon, the effect on your appetite gets even better. It increases your chances of losing weight for obvious reasons.

Remember that you also make healthier food choices throughout the day if you work out in the morning.

It Improves Your Mood, Alertness and Focus

Besides destructing you from disturbing thoughts, working out also makes the brain produce a feel-good effect. Therefore, these sessions will reduce or even eliminate stress.

Upon doing it in the morning, your day starts on a high note. It is easy to be more productive and have a good mood throughout the day under these circumstances.

Equally important, morning workout sessions improve concentration and focus significantly. It controls the fluctuations of the cortisol hormone in your body, thus improving your alertness and helping you stay awake.

Did you know that this hormone increases in the morning? That’s why you need to exercise at such a time to control it.

Improves Body Energy Levels

If you exercise regularly, you reduce body fatigue and boost its energy levels. It makes nutrients and oxygen travel to your lungs and heart sufficiently.

That improves various aspects, including your overall stamina, endurance, and cardiovascular system. Under such circumstances, working out in the morning guarantees a fruitful day.

Mornings Have Fewer Distractions

Exercising also requires focus for effectiveness. That’s why you should do it early in the morning before regular issues pop up.

Most people don’t receive emails, texts, or phone calls until later. Take advantage of these uninterrupted moments to exercise.

Benefits of Exercising on a Treadmill in the Afternoon

According to experts, exercising on a treadmill in the afternoon has health benefits.

Between 2 p.m. and 6 p.m., your body temperature is at its highest. This may mean you’ll be exercising during the window of time your body is most ready, potentially making it the most effective time of day to work out.

The benefits include the following;

One Is Highly Motivated to Work Out In the Afternoon or Evening

Since working out is hard, you may need motivation to keep going.

However, it will be hard to get that motivation in the morning. After all, it isn’t easy to remain focused for long workout sessions in the morning.

So, if you haven’t felt motivated to work out for so long, consider shifting from morning to evening sessions.

It Is Often More Effective in Gaining Muscles

Working out in the afternoon or evening may be the answer if you are looking for big gains.

For instance, consistently working out in the evening for 13 to 24 weeks can help you gain more muscle mass than those who worked out in the mornings with the same intensity and for a similar period.

Remember that your hormone levels also greatly influence the ideal moment for a workout session. If you are looking for muscle strength and growth, the testosterone hormone is vital.

Besides, it is known for improving one’s stamina. Remember that your sex doesn’t matter in this context.

Also, your body produces high testosterone levels in the late afternoons. So, if your goal revolves around strengthening and growing your muscles, the best time for your workouts is afternoons, not mornings.

Natural Warm-up

In the evening, one’s body temperature is usually high by design. Consequently, your muscles will also be relatively warm.

It is no secret that an excellent performance demands having warmer muscles.

However, that doesn’t mean working out in the morning isn’t an option. On the contrary, you can ensure the performance matches that of evening workout sessions, too.

You are most likely wondering how you can achieve it. Expose yourself to humid conditions or warm weather before your morning workout sessions, which will turn out excellently.

Nonetheless, that means adding more effort, which is unnecessary if you work out in the evening. So, it is up to you to figure out what’s best.

Will you go the extra mile or take advantage of the natural solution?

It Enhances Your Performance

There are high chances of performing better in the evening than in the morning when doing maximal exercise, especially for short durations. Such activities include resistance exercises, sprinting, jumping, cycling, and swimming.

Studies have shown that consistency can improve your performance during workout sessions. So, if you have a specific time for your exercise routine, your performance will improve,

The same applies to people who warm up before exercising.

Nevertheless, most people know that and adhere to it throughout the sessions. However, under these circumstances, you can enhance your performance further by working out in the evening instead of in the morning.


There is no definite answer to the best time to exercise on a treadmill. After all, exercising is naturally beneficial regardless of the time.

Nevertheless, the time you choose to exercise determines how you benefit from the sessions. If time isn’t an issue, you can weigh the options and choose the best.

Remember that in most cases, what you get from exercising in the morning is as safe as working out in the afternoon. However, the effectiveness differs.

What matters eventually is not when but whether you set aside time for an exercise routine.

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