Why Heart Rate Monitoring During Treadmill Workout Is Important?

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Have you ever wondered why heart rate monitoring during treadmill workouts is important? If so, here’s a discussion worth your time.

First, it is worth noting that wearing one during a workout is unnecessary. So, don’t assume people aren’t leading healthy lifestyles by working out without the device.

Nevertheless, one can’t insist that using it when working out is important. Remember that the intensity of any exercise routine reflects on your heart rate monitors.

Therefore, one knows whether the workout sessions are challenging enough or a big joke. You must react accordingly and in good time if there is any danger.

So, without further ado, let’s discuss why heart rate monitoring during treadmill workouts is important.

The Importance of Heart Rate Monitoring During Treadmill Workout

It is time to understand why heart rate monitoring during treadmill workouts is important.

It Helps You Personalize Your Training Plans

Thanks to consistent heart rate monitoring during treadmill workouts, pointing out your heart rate zone becomes easy. Thus it becomes easy to personalize your workout program that is excellent enough to match your fitness goals.

For instance, is your fitness goal about withstanding specific exercises? Does it revolve around training your body for endurance for a certain race or exercise?

If so, your maximum heart rate should range from 70% to 80%. On the other hand, you will want to boost it to 80% to 90% of your maximum heart rate for speed training.

The same applies to training your body to produce energy despite low oxygen levels. After all, that range supports one’s anaerobic zone, which is ideal for training.

It Enhances Calorie Burn and Weight Loss

Besides monitoring your heart rate, these devices seem to do more. For instance, they can estimate the calories you burn during a certain workout session.

It uses a formula incorporating your high-intensity workout period, heart rate, gender, weight, and height to establish the figure.

Whereas it isn’t accurate, it is better than lack of even the slightest idea of what you are burning. This figure can help you adjust the intensity to enhance weight loss.

It Prevents Injury and Overexertion

Whereas exercising is great, pushing your heart beyond its healthy range is counterproductive. Heart monitoring during treadmill workouts can avoid such an eventuality.

Did you know that overexertion is a leading cause of treadmill injuries? Therefore, preventing overexertion also prevents injury.

Keep monitoring your heart rate and always retreat when necessary.

It Monitors and Improves Your Fitness Level

How quickly your heart rate gets high determines your fitness level. Therefore, it is hard to gauge it without monitoring the heart rate.

Fortunately, it is easy to monitor your heart rate using the right device. It helps you know when the right time is to increase the intensity, thus improving your fitness level.

It Helps You Manage Your Workout Intensity

The intensity your body can handle when working out reflects on the heart rate. It shows the struggle your heart is going through when pumping oxygen and blood during these sessions.

You don’t want an intensity that goes beyond your heart’s limit. So, ensure that you monitor your heart rate when working out.

You can set it to maximum, vigorous, aerobic, moderate, or low intensity. In most cases, one’s age informs the decision.

The Best Heart Rate Monitor during Treadmill Workout

Having identified why heart rate monitoring during treadmill workouts is important, let’s consider options when choosing a device for the job.

Your options fall under two categories: handgrip and wireless heart rate monitors.

Regardless of your choice, there are factors you can’t avoid overlooking. They include accuracy, compatibility, and accuracy. Others aren’t standards since they have something to do with one’s budget and preferences.

Nevertheless, being informed regarding the two camps can help you decide better. That’s why this section focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of the two, so check it out!

Wireless Heart Rate Monitors

Wireless heart rate monitors have advantages and disadvantages as follows;

Advantages of Wireless Heart Rate Monitors

The pros of wireless heart rate monitors include the following.

  • Thanks to its versatility, wireless heart rate monitors allow you to use them with other workout devices besides treadmills.
  • If you want a more accurate heart rate monitor, a wireless one is better than its handgrip counterpart.

Disadvantages of Wireless Heart Rate Monitors

On the other hand, the cons of wireless heart rate monitors are as follows;

  • You will have to pay more for a wireless heart rate monitor; hence, it is less affordable than its handgrip counterpart.
  • It can be a bother or distraction since you must wear it throughout your workout. Depending on your chosen device, it can be a wristband or a chest strap.

Handgrip Heart Rate Monitors

Handgrip heart rate monitors have advantages and disadvantages as follows;

Advantages of Handgrip Heart Rate Monitors

Some of the pros of handgrip heart rate monitors include the following;

  • If you are working on a tight budget, it is better than its wireless counterpart, thanks to its affordability.
  • Thanks to the built-in sensors on the machine’s handlebars, there is no need for additional accessories. Monitoring is easy and convenient, too.

Disadvantages of Handgrip Heart Rate Monitors

Whereas it has advantages, there are also cons, including the following;

  • As long as your treadmill lacks the built-in handgrip sensors, consider this monitor incompatible, and its limited compatibility is indisputable.
  • The accuracy isn’t as good as what its counterparts, such as wrist and chest strap gadgets, offer treadmill users.

Upon comparing the pros and cons of each option, you will easily make the best choice for you, no doubt.


A heart rate monitor isn’t necessary during workout sessions, but its importance is indisputable. The above discussion explains why heart rate monitoring during treadmill workouts is important.

You don’t want a workout session that does more harm than good. That’s avoidable as long as you monitor your heart rate during sessions.

It ensures you only handle exercises your body can handle at any time. Besides, you get to adjust accordingly whenever your body is ready.

Under such circumstances, you will lead a healthy life while exercising effectively. Remember that exercising is about challenging your body but not too much that you experience injuries and other health issues.

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