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What Is an Arm Blaster and Does It Truly Work?

If you are truly the person who has a deep passion for building up strong biceps, then you must have admired Arnold Schwarzenegger, the bodybuilding sensation of the 19th century, for his etiquettes.

Ever came across his photo with a huge chamber bar and a belt-like instrument wrapping over his neck onto his below the chest region?

Arnold is using an arm blaster

Since that particular instrument is unfortunately not much in the knowledge of today’s generation so it might have left you boggled at that time.

That classic instrument is nothing but what we call ‘arm blaster.’

Did you wish to know more about this lost instrument? So, here’s a mini-encyclopedia about the same.

What Is an Arm Blaster?

Arm blasters are somehow not such a piece of popular gym equipment at the present hour. Therefore, often people are puzzled about what arm blaster is.

Many of you have heard the term at some point in time and had been clueless about it.

But, now, you won’t be unaware of it anymore.

Arm blaster is simply a harness that wraps through the neck and falls over the abdomen. There are deepened structures resembling grooves at both ends into which your arms are dug in and fastened.

fitness man is using the arm blaster

Its prime function is to lock the arms while performing biceps curls. Arm blasters can also be snapped with dumbbells and barbells when required.

Who Invented Arm Blaster?

Arm blaster was invented by none other than the iconic personality Arnold Schwarzenegger.

He has been the legend of bodybuilding back in the 1970s. This simple yet brilliant tool enabled Arnold to lift his arms from 21″ to 22½”.

In his book, “The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding,” the legend wrote about his super arm blaster as the equipment which confers “sturdiness of preacher curl with the elbows fixed firmly in place, which is good for training the lower biceps.”

Does Arm Blaster Actually Work?

Of course, they do!

Arm blaster had been among Arnold’s essential tools.

The very purpose of this tool lies in locking your arms in a firm position against the trunk.

This condition leads to the proper isolation of the biceps.

The main motive here is to optimize the bicep curls activity.

Should I Use an Arm Blaster?

Anyone who wishes to enhance their bicep curl exercise process can satisfactorily use an arm blaster.

Still confused? Try to look at the positive perspectives.

You receive ample perks after getting this “not so famous” bicep bolstering device.

  • Get the perfect posture for bicep curls without any struggles
  • Harness the benefit of ergonomic design that saves you a lot of space, unlike spacious benches.
  • No scope for cheat curls and ego lifting with risky heavyweights
  • Isolate your short head biceps at the right position
  • All this comes to you at a budget-friendly price

Suppose you are really into the thought of improving the quality of your reps. Then, arm blaster has a lot more to offer you.

Benefits of Using an Arm Blaster

The arm blaster is a simple yet ingenious tool. It serves you with a lot of benefits you probably can’t perceive just by looking at it.

1. Locks the arms perfectly

The intention behind the invention of the arm blaster was to increase the efficiency of bicep workouts.

This could be feasible by cultivating support that would keep both elbows close to the sides, avoiding any swings, and the entire focus could be drawn towards the biceps only. Hence, we call it the isolation of the biceps.

No human beings exhibit such a level of perfection that he/she will be able to perform the curls without swinging elbows.

Therefore, arm blasters magnify the precision level for you.

They take up the task of firmly holding your elbow in the exact position, not permitting any flare. This eventually boosts up the bicep curl’s exercise results.

2. Progressive increase in tension

What does this mean? A progressive increment in tension is the central way to build up muscle strength.

If you lower the weight down without arm blasters, the tension drops in the biceps, and consequently, the efficacy of the activity is reduced.

But the panorama with the arm blaster is different. The tension never disappears with the progression of the activity. The muscles are consistently overloaded and bolstered.

3. Prevents ego lifting

Ego lifting comes into play when bodybuilders try to lift the heaviest weight possible. This is probably done to impress their peers and the people around them.

When your arms are locked in the blaster with the excessive heavyweights, the weights don’t move much. Rather, your arms fall prone to risks of strains and pains.

Arm blaster ensures safe curls by informing you to reselect the correct weight that doesn’t use up the momentum and enables you to perform strict curls.

4. The bicep bump

You get bestowed with impressive bicep bumps that look great. This happens due to steady muscle contraction on a repeated basis coupled with the sufficiently right amount of weight.

5. Cheaper than its alternatives

The fact that arm blaster costs far less than its alternatives might sound appealing to most of you.

It also consumes less space than preacher curl and incline bench from a storage point of view. As for individuals with a private home gym, arm blaster is the most convenient equipment.

6. Exhibits great versatility

Arm blaster can spontaneously gain compatibility with anyone between the chamber bar, straight bar, and dumbbells.

7. Lightweight model

You don’t feel burdened up when having it on your neck. Its lightweight construction doesn’t trouble you while performing bicep curls.

Why Arm Blasters Are Not Famous Anymore

Suppose you give $5 to a small kid. What will he do with it? He might ignore thinking it to be an ordinary piece of paper.

Now, give some candies to that kid. Then what’s the reaction? The kid will happily take the offered candies as he knows what to do with them.

Notice the last line. The fact is something is only important to you when you know “what to do with it and how to do it?”. Isn’t it?

The thing is the lack of knowledge. The majority of people aren’t familiar with the correct way to use an arm blaster.

Once everyone becomes aware of the benefits and potential to enrich the bicep workout, it will become everyone’s favorite workout element.

Alternatives to Arm Blaster

There are two most consummate alternatives to old-school arm blaster – preacher curl and incline dumbbell curl.

1. Preacher Bench

The preacher curl is a well-known exercise meant for bolstering biceps. This exercise is performed essentially using an apparatus called a preacher bench.

The very purpose of the preacher bench is to provide an isolation zone for the biceps.

There is an incorporated tilted pad on a bench that locks your arms, hindering any movement.

This function is analogous to what arm blaster does.

The cushioned pad and a slanting metal plate support the elbows at two locations as you lift the weights.

The preacher bench outshines the arm blaster as it permits a greater amount of weights to be used for curls.

Preacher curls are best compatible with chamber bar or EZ curl bar, although straight bars and dumbbells are also feasible integrations.

The additional advantages include less stressing of wrists and elimination of momentum, leading to essentially stricter movements.

2. Incline bench

The next, we have inclined dumbbell curls. The exercise that too focuses on stronger biceps.

Just like preacher curls, dumbbell curls are clubbed with an incline bench.

Positioning on the incline bench configures the arms perpendicular to the horizontal.

Your arms get faultlessly gripped in position. This sets the solitary posture for biceps and the enforcement of rigid form.

Moreover, the incline bench permits an increased range of motion.

This single multipurpose gadget is a promising alternative to traditional arm blasters.

How to Use Arm Blaster Correctly?

After knowing about this wonderful workout tool, you would definitely like to utilize it.

For this, you need to get affixed with the accurate way of using an arm blaster for bicep curls.

The strap height plays a key role. The position of elbow pads should be that they lie slightly above the elbows when arms are down.

The arm blaster, when set too high, turns out to be a bad practice.

When done so, elbows and sternum experience stress and your curls become uncomfortable furthermore.

Under such conditions, you will not be able to carry on with the exercise for longer sessions.

The key is to find the right position so that your elbows drill into the grooves of the pad when you curl.

The arm blaster must not press into your stomach anyhow, during the curls.

Secondly, biceps don’t need overly high weights to build up. This will rather harm you.

The wisdom lies in selecting the appropriate tonne of weight, which your arm blaster can spontaneously support.

Here is a video teaching you how to use an arm blaster correctly.

How Do You Use Arm Blaster for Triceps?

Not only biceps, but arm blasters can also amazingly engage your triceps as well.

The triceps are one of the prominent body muscles.

These run along the humerus bone of the upper arm extending between the shoulder to the elbow.

You can straighten your elbows only when triceps are contracted.

Triceps workouts are great for stimulating upper body strength, stabilizing the shoulder joint, and improving flexibility.

arm blaster for triceps workout

The efficiency of the workouts is increased four-folds when the arm blaster enters in.

Wear an arm blaster during pushdowns to consolidate your triceps.

As you pull the bar down, elbows are impelled forward during a contraction that converges all of the stress towards the triceps. And the results are just spectacular!

Final Words

Arm blasters are somewhere forgotten super tool with immense potency to bestow you the kind of biceps you always dreamt of.

Especially for weightlifters and bodybuilders, stronger biceps and triceps will elevate your performance.

Except for the inability to cope with the unduly heavyweights, there is no backlog linked to arm blasters.

After all, they were concocted by the legend himself!

An affordable price, ease of use, versatility, and compatibility with different bars are the prodigious facets of this mighty piece of equipment.

So, they are worth your investment.

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