50 Gym Machines With Names, Pictures, Price and How to Use

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Most people aren’t exactly familiar with the purpose and the names of the existing gym equipment. One would be surprised at the number of tools, devices, and machines designed for a person’s workout. This is a list of the comprehensive gym machines, along with their names. So, read on to find out more—

#1. Power Rack / Full Rack / Power Cage

Power rack, also commonly known as power cage or full rack, is commonly found in gym equipment with various uses. One can use it for doing bench presses, squats, pull-ups, and, in some of the power racks, there is also a dip station included. This multi-purpose gym equipment needs a lot of space for itself.

#2. Squat Rack / Half Rack

Half rack, also commonly known as the squat rack, is just one-half of the full rack or the power rack. It takes lesser space when compared to a power rack and is also cheaper than the power rack. However, there are some limitations to it. One cannot perform as many exercises as one can on a full rack with a half rack. This piece of equipment is usually used only for pull-ups and squats. Though a power rack or a full rack can also be used for squats, there is an obvious difference in the appearance between the full rack and the half rack.

#3. Cable Crossover Machine (Functional Trainer)

A cable crossover machine is usually found in most of the local gyms. Any proper gym would own one or two of these gym machines. They appear as two columns that have a linear bearing and pulley system. The cable crossover machines of commercial grade are usually connected, and they take an ample amount of space.

The best part about this gym equipment is that you can train most of your upper body with this machine alone. Tens of exercises can be performed on this particular machine.

#4. Power Tower

This is another unique machine that has caught most people’s attention, mainly because of its size. The power tower has a heavy-duty stand, and it has a  dip station, a backrest, a pull-up bar, and a few times, a push-up bar or a sit-up bar that is usually located at the base of the machine.

A power tower is extremely accessible, in different qualities from different manufacturers. You can, of course, purchase the commercial-grade power tower, and that will cost you more than the regular ones.

#5. Weight Bench

Are you looking for a bench for your home gym? Well, then, it is best if you get an adjustable bench. There is not much difference in the price, and the scope to do exercises also increases with an adjustable bench. These benches have various incline positions and at least one decline position. It is best if you get a bench with these particular features.

You can use the weight benches for doing many exercises like abdominal workouts, bench presses, flyes, etc. Some of these benches come along with a steel bench frame that makes it ideal for doing bench presses right away.

#6. Hammer Strength Machine

The hammer strength machine can be found in most of the well-equipped local gyms, and this particular gym equipment is patented for the strength of the hammer. It uses iso- lateral technology. It is so designed that it copies the human body’s natural moves and simultaneously uses the mixture of arcs and one-side movements to increase a person’s strength.

A hammer strength machine is not yet available in a non-commercial quality for home gym purposes.

#7. Chest Press Machine

The chest press machine should be included in our list of gym machines with names. It is a piece of equipment that is meant as a stand-alone. This gym equipment works the same pectoral muscles as the bench press, with a slightly different design. Here, the task is to push the mechanical arms loaded with weight plates in front. Though these machines are not that popular, you can still find them non-commercial quality. This would help set up your home gym.

#8. Pec Deck Machine

Like the chest press machine, the pec deck machine is also designed to isolate the chest muscles, especially the pectoral muscles. To use this machine, you need to be seated, and your elbows need to be at 90 degrees. All you have to do is bring the mechanical arms on the sides to the front of your chest.

Here, you must focus on remaining in the same position and not moving or bending over. Apart from your pectoral muscles, you also strengthen your deltoids with this gym equipment. Most multi-functional machines include a pec deck.

#9. Preacher Curl Bench

The preacher curl bench is a piece of equipment that focuses on developing the biceps. It focuses primarily on the lower bicep, i.e., the brachialis. The preacher curl benches either use an included weight stack or weight plates. However, the weight stacks are usually only found in commercial-grade gym equipment pieces.

This gym equipment piece does not require a lot of space, and you can find an ample amount of them online for purchasing.

#10. Lat Pulldown Machine

The lat pulldown machine trains the chest and the back by pulling down the barbell by a pulley system. These machines can be purchased with either the included weight stacks or without them. If you have a lat pulldown machine without the included weights, then the standard or the Olympic weight plates would work best with them.

Before you even decide on purchasing a lat pulldown machine for your home gym, it is suggested that you try it out at your local gym and see if it is one that you would like to train your muscles on.

#11. Roman Chair

To continue with our list of gym equipment, we have the roman chairs. With these mechanical chairs, abdomen and lower back muscles get a solid workout.

This piece of gym equipment is quite popular amongst the home gym enthusiasts as it targets those muscle groups that most other gym equipment does not, and also, it does not take much storage space to keep a roman chair. Another thing that makes it desirable is that it is very affordable.

#12. Leg Press Machine

If you did not hear about the leg press machine, you might be very new to the gym business. Apart from squats, leg presses are the most practiced leg exercises.

A leg press machine can work in two different yet similar ways. Both ways start with a person sitting in either a flat or an inclined position, and then the weights are pushed with your legs in the front. Or else, you might also be pulling yourself away from the weight stack. You can also find that these machines can be found for home gym purposes.

#13. Leg Extension Machine

The leg extension is one of the amazing exercises you can do if done correctly. Otherwise, you are risking injuring your knee. It isolates your quadriceps muscles, especially in the front part of your thighs. It is so designed that it increases the strength and size of the quadriceps.

A leg extension is one of the few exercises that can effectively isolate the quadriceps muscles. This gym equipment piece can also be bought in non- commercial-grade quality, which is usually quite affordable and good quality.

#14. Leg Curl Machine

A curl is just a reverse extension. To start with, your legs are at a near 180-degree position, and then you slowly pull them back to your lower back. There are different designs in which these machines come. It can be bought in the flat design to lay back on your stomach while doing the curl and the upright position design. These machines are usually of commercial-grade quality and are on the expensive end. However, you can also find some of the affordable ones too.

#15. Calf Machine

A calf machine is not technically a machine- it is just a steel stand. Here, you extend your full body up to a few centimeters by raising your feet partially up from the steel tube you are standing. This will be effective in training your calves.

There are also machines designed to train your calves specifically, and they are just steel stands again with weights available to put on the shoulders so that there is a weight on the calves.

#16. GHD Machine

A GHD machine, also known as the glute-ham developer machine, is great for developing the hamstrings and glutes. The machine helps by utilizing back extensions and sit-ups. These machines are known to be on the expensive end. However, they are definitely worth the price.

Not many people are familiar with the term GHD and its purpose in itself, so we have added it to the list of our gym machines with names.

#17. Leg Abduction Machine

This is another gym machine that is not very well known. It is known as the leg abduction machine. This machine’s main focus is to increase the strength of the abductor muscles of the hip that are tensor fasciae latae, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. These machines are often available in public gyms that are well-equipped. Also, it is one of the very few machines that lets you rotate your legs at the hip joint.

#18. Treadmill

Without a second thought, this is the most common cardio equipment piece in almost every gym.

It is a machine that is so designed that it will help you run in a particular spot by using a rotating belt. This piece of the equipment dates back to the centuries to standard mills operated manually by humans or animals.

They are run with the help of an electric motor or a flywheel. There are a lot of available treadmills, even for home gym usage, which are extremely affordable. Ensure that you check the pros, cons, and real reviewer’s experience before purchasing any particular treadmill.

#19. Elliptical Trainer

Another great machine that is designed for cardio is elliptical. It works differently than a treadmill. The motion performed on these machines is best compared to cross-country skiing. It is because the elliptical has dual action handlebars. Also, an elliptical is very compact and does not usually take up a lot of space.

Apart from cardio, working out on an elliptical will ensure that a person has great leg strength, core strength, and stability. There are multiple manufacturers of elliptical machines.

#20. Indoor Exercise Bike

Indoor exercise bikes and treadmills are some of the wanted gym machines among gym enthusiasts. These gym bikes work exactly like outdoor bikes. The only difference is that you stay in the same place in these. There are a lot of different models that you can look at before purchasing the right indoor exercise bike for you.

#21. Mini Exercise Bike / Pedal Exerciser

These mini exercise bikes are a variant of the usual exercise bikes you generally see in the market. They are used by people who are not used to moving a lot, who sit at the same place for more than 8 hours a day, and for people who have injured knees—as these machines have low impact muscle movement.

These mini exercise bikes are great if you have a job in an office and spend many hours at a desk. They are so designed that they fit well under most desks and so, you can use them while working. Also, they are very cheap, making them even more desirable as they increase your health.

#22. Under Desk / Mini Elliptical Machine

This list with gym machines with names is set to continue with another great under-the-desk machine, the mini elliptical machine.

These machines are tiny, and a few are even smaller than the exercise bikes. They are the same as the elliptical trainers. However, the only difference is that they do not have dual-action handlebars.

A few of these machines have exercise bands to have better stability and performance. However, most of the mini elliptical machines come without exercise bands. Most of these can also be used while standing, but they are mainly meant to be used while sitting. Most of these machines are quite affordable, too.

#23. Rower / Rowing Machine

Another gym machine that deserves to be on this list is the rower/ the rowing machine. This piece of equipment ensures that it trains your body in multiple ways. It strengthens your lower back and legs and is also great for cardio training.

Also, these machines are available in a non- commercial-grade quality, which makes them all the more affordable to all the people who want to purchase them for their home gyms.

#24. Dumbbells

Dumbbells are the widely known free weights in the world. They are extensively used in weight training, either in pairs or individually. The handle is made of steel or iron, and the weight part is usually made of cement, rubber, iron, or steel.

The dumbbells can also be adjustable. It means that you can adjust the dumbbell’s weight by using the screws and adding and removing the weights as per your preference and then screw them.

Adjustable dumbbells are usually sold in sets and are much more on the higher price end than the regular dumbbells. However, it never is a bad idea to have a pair of dumbbells ready in your home gym at your disposal.

#25. Straight Barbell

A barbell is similar to a dumbbell in design, but it differs mainly in length. They are made of long lengths with weights attached at each end. Just as in the case of dumbbells, these can be with adjustable weights or with fixed weights.

Barbells also come in curl designs that can be used for various exercises. The longest barbells are used for bench press and squat with a heavyweight.

#26. Dip Bars

Dip bars, also known as dipping bars, are two bars that are positioned so that they are stable on the floor. A dip station is a set of dip bars. However, the only difference here is that the whole setup is welded into a single piece.

Dip bars are one of the favorite pieces of gym equipment amongst gym enthusiasts. The reason is that they are easily available, accessible, and also, affordable. With a set of dip bars, you can train your chest, shoulders, triceps, and biceps. Most of the multi-functional gym machines include dip bars, power racks, and power towers.

#27. Push-up Bars

Push-up bars are another great tool that will help you with your training. These also go with the name of handles or press-up bars. They are compact and are affordable, too. Their main function is to improve the stability of your push-ups and also help in reducing the pressure on your wrists.

Also, they are extremely sturdy and stable compared to dumbbells for doing push-ups. A push-up with dumbbells is also not recommended.

#28. Pull-Up Bar

A pull-up bar is a common occurrence in almost every gym, public workout station, and you can also opt to get one for your home needs. It is a great tool that will increase your upper body strength along with self-weight exercises. There are multiple pull-up bars available in the market—ceiling, doorway, wall, and so on types of pull-up bars.

A pull-up bar is also a part of multiple-functional devices like power racks, half racks, and power towers. In the end, you have to decide if you want only a pull-up bar or you want to go for a power tower or a power rack.

#29. Suspension Trainer

You might have already heard about suspension training. This type of training has become quite popular in the past couple of years, and they are in extreme demand at present. They are, especially for home gym enthusiasts. It is a set of handles and straps meant to be suspended off the floor. They are similar to gymnastic rings. They build overall strength and also, stability. Some of the suspension trainers are also designed for outdoor usage.

#30. Battle Ropes

As part of CrossFit training, battle ropes are used. They are usually thick and long and are part of the High-Intensity Interval Workout (HIIT), strength, CrossFit, and cardio training. These ropes are usually a great addition, even to your home gym, and there are ample tutorials on YouTube on how to use these battle ropes perfectly.

#31. Kettlebell

Every single home gym must be having kettlebells. It is gym equipment that we often get to see. They are made of cast steel or cast iron and are just a ball with handles used to perform various exercises. You can find an ample amount of videos online on the type of exercises you can perform with a kettlebell, and so, we are not listing them down here. These kettlebells are used mainly in strength, ballistic and cardiovascular exercises.

#32. Foam Roller

Foam rollers are practically available almost everywhere at present. The days are long gone when they were used by only physical therapists. A foam roller is used for physical therapy, joint pain, and muscle release. Using the foam roller correctly increases flexibility and circulation and improves the overall balance.

#33. Resistance Bands

We have found that most people assume that both suspension trainers and resistance bands are practically the same. However, they are not. Resistance bands are pieces of plastic that are stretchy with different resistance levels. Strength is increased in resistance training. For instance, you can use your resistance bands for doing bicep curls. You can easily find a great deal of information online about the exercises you can do using resistance bands. Also, many manufacturers produce resistance bands. So, you have a wide variety of options as well.

#34. Plyometric Box

Plyo boxes, also known as plyometric boxes, are available in most larger public gyms. These boxes are mainly used for jumping—usually incorporated in CrossFit and HIIT training workouts. Plyometric boxes are also available for home gym usage. There are multiple options available online from which you can choose. However, you need to know what it is that you are exactly looking for and which are the Plyometric boxes that you need to purchase. For instance, did you know that there are cushioned boxes that are adjustable or metal boxes or 3- in- 1 wooden boxes? Well, they are.

#35. Jump Ropes

This list would not be complete if we included a jump rope here. We believe that we are completely right in saying that almost every other child on this planet has had a jump rope in their life. We are saying this as even if you have never had a commercial jump rope, the chances are that you can make one.

Jump ropes are amazing for cardio training. You may be surprised at the huge number of jump ropes produced at present. A few of them are made from rubber, while the others are made of leather. However, how can you decide on the design and the material that would suit your needs? Well, you have to test a few out in your local gym and then purchase the one that best suits your requirements.

#36. Ab Roller

Along with the push-up bars and the dip bars, ab rollers are among the most wanted home gym equipment out there. Why do you ask? Well, the answer is simple. It is because they are beneficial, small, and also, inexpensive. The purpose of this is to train your abdominal muscles into a sitting position on your knees while rolling the ab roller that is in front of you to an almost-laying position. However, it is best to consult with a certified trainer before starting this set of exercises with an ab roller. Do you want an alternative? Well, you can always seek out videos on YouTube.

#37. Exercise Ball

An exercise ball, also known as the stability ball or the swiss ball, is a versatile and huge piece of gym equipment that can perform a multitude of exercises for the whole body. It is an amazing tool to increase your overall balance, stability, and core strength. The best part is that you can also burn calories by jumping up and down while seated on an exercise ball and having fun.

It works as a great alternative to a standard office chair. Most people who opt for this do it because while seated on an exercise ball, one automatically increases his/ her trunk muscle activation, thus leading to core strength and improved posture.

However, it is not recommended to be seated on an exercise ball for several hours at a stretch. This can cause serious back pain. Are you unsure if this is the right choice for you? Well, get a confirmed answer by consulting a certified physiotherapist.

#38. Fixed Weight Bars

A fixed weight bar is usually a steel or a metal bar with a standard weight fixed at the end. You do not get to adjust the weights in a fixed weight bar. There is no fuss with removing or adjusting the weights. They are always ready and on the go. These bars are most widely used on bicep curls. A fixed weight bar is usually straight. However, sometimes, it can also be in the form of a Z in the middle of the bar. You can find fixed weight bars in most of the local gyms.

#39. EZ Curl Bars

The EZ curl bars are designed to focus on the preacher or the bicep curls. The bar is not straight, and it has a bit of a Z to it in the middle. And hence, it has the name—EZ curl bars. The muscle that the EZ curl bars focus on the building is the biceps. The Z shape in the middle of the bar helps you hold the bar with different grips, with each grip working the bicep a little differently from the last. It all depends on the way that you hold the bar. This allows you to build well-rounded biceps.

#40. Hex Bar or Trap Bar

A Hex bar or a trap bar is simply a barbell with a big hexagonal shape in which you can stand. These Trap or Hex bars are mainly used to do deadlifts, farmers walk or carry, squats, etc. The trap or a hex bar ensures that it engages the trap way more than a regular traditional bar.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to using a trap or a hex bar. These bars prevent you from getting hurt in the knees and activate your traps on the bright side. They also help you lift more weight than you can usually lift without the traps. The disadvantage is that your range of motion is limited, and the lifting is done from a higher position which is not as effective as it can be if you can lift from a lower position.

#41. Other Bars

There are many barbells that you might find in your local gym. However, we cannot list down all of them here. So, we have listed down a few of the more popular ones.

Titan Rackable Camber Bar: This bar ensures that the weight is placed towards your lower body—the hamstrings, lower back, glutes, and hips. It is also readily swing-able, which forces you to ensure that you use your core muscles to stabilize it.

Rogue Safety Squat Bar: This bar ensures that you can squat safely with your spine in an upright position, and it also helps improve your form while allowing a better motion range while squatting.

Titan Strongman Log bar: These bars are not so common, but if you do belong to a specialty box or gym, then you might have already come across one. However, they are slowly gaining popularity. The best feature of these bars is that they have a neutral handgrip that is comfortable and does not cause any harm to the wrist joints. Also, they are unstable. This means that you have to force your core to stabilize it. Most people lift lesser weight than they usually do with a standard bar. However, one looks cool on the plus side while using log bars, making it more fun to use them.

Rogue Stubby Axle: This bar is so designed that it increases your grip strength. It has no knurl, and it is nearly two inches thick. It is hard and fat to hang on to.

#42. Smith Machine

A smith machine is a weight training machine with two rails and a barbell set in between them. The rails help guide the barbell movement, either up or down, and the safety stops help prevent any sort of injury.

Smith machines are usually used for bench presses, squats, and similar exercises. It is a piece of good gym equipment for even beginners as it is stable, safe, and allows one to lift heavy weights without any problem. However, we recommend using a barbell or dumbbells and a power cage for doing your bench presses as a smith machine does not work as many muscles and limits movement.

#43. Weight Plates

There are two different kinds of weight plates that you can find. The Olympic weight plates and the standard weight plates. The difference is that the Olympic weight plates have a diameter hole of 2 inches, while in a standard weight plate, the diameter hole is only 1 inch. To assist in their lifting, the Olympic plates also have a slight lip on them.

#44. Bumper Plates

Bumper plates are so designed that they fit Olympic barbells. The difference between Olympic plates and the bumper plates is that the diameter of all the bumper plates is the same and made of rubber. However, the diameters of Olympic plates depend on their weights. This means that the diameter of the plate is smaller if the plate is of lesser weight. Also, Olympic weights are usually made of iron.

The reason for bumper plates to have the same diameter as that with uniform diameter, along with the fact that they are made of rubber, makes it OK for a person to drop the bumper plates onto the ground without damaging the barbell plates or the ground. Sometimes, when a lifter is lifting too much weight or is lifting to failure, they usually drop the barbell, and so, with the bumper plates having made of rubber, no damage is done.

#45. Air Bike

An air bike, also called a fan bike or cardio bike, uses a big fan to resist the wind. This bike is great for working out the hamstrings, the quads, the glutes, and the calves. It also helps with some arm workouts, thanks to the handles for the arms. While using an air bike, adjust the seat to perfectly fit your legs. Your legs should be able to extend almost fully, and the seat of the air bike should be as far from the handles so that it doesn’t hit your knees when you are pedaling.

#46. Vertical Climber

A vertical climber is a piece of gym equipment commonly found in local gyms. Before you decide to purchase your vertical climber, ensure that you check one out for yourself at your local gym. It is a cardio machine that is so designed to stimulate climbing. It gives you a full-body workout focusing on the calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings.

#47. Ski Erg

A ski erg is a gym machine that ensures that your upper body gets a cardio workout, and the motion is somewhat like skiing. This machine gets your heart to pump. If you are really in shape, you can easily work your triceps, pecs, abs, and your lats with this machine. On the lesser front, you can also work your hamstrings, calves, glutes, and your quads. To get your lower body potential right, too, you need to get your form right with this machine.

#48. Vibration Platform Machine

A vibration platform machine ensures that it transmits energy into your body, and it forces your body’s muscles to relax and contract multiple times every single second. Due to this, it may feel like you are exerting yourself. Also, there is a vibrating platform machine on which you can stand, sit, or lie down.

#49. Exercise Mat

An exercise mat is basically a mat that you can carry along with yourself to the gym or which you can have at your home gym to perform your strength and stretching exercises comfortably and safely on the floor without worrying about having any accidents. These mats are usually made of thick foam and are anti-slip in nature. They don’t move, shift, or fold when you are exercising on them.

#50. Inversion table

An inversion table ensures that flexibility is increased, posture is improved, and stress is relieved. It is basically a table that helps you suspend your body’s weight in a controllable and comfortable motion. You can easily adjust the level of inclination and do various kinds of exercises with equipment like this.

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