Women’s Health Men’s Health 1866 Power Tower Review

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The Fitness Reality X-Class 2866 and the Women’s Health Men’s Health 1866 power tower are nearly identical. The only variations are the backrest piece’s paint finish and the metallic caps on the unit’s top grips.

The steel frame of the Women’s Health Men’s Health 1866 multi-function power tower is built of rectangular tubing. A corrosion-resistant paint finish is applied to all steel bars used in its construction. The main color is black, except for the backrest support bar painted red. For the time being, these are the only colors available for this trainer.

Women's Health Men's Health Multi-Function Power Tower

The entire power rack is somewhat weighty when fully built. It has a net weight of around 128 lbs (58 kg). It also has a low center of gravity, which means it should be stable. Nonetheless, the unit’s base bars feature tiny steel plates welded to their ends with pre-drilled holes so that they may be secured to the floor if necessary. Although the device contains rubber pads to protect the floor, it is advised to be placed on a rubber mat, particularly if it is not fastened to the floor.

The front of the unit’s base bars is curved. Its general stability increases as a result of this. The curved parts can also be used as step-up points when using the dip and leg lift station. The transversal reinforcement bar has three attachment hooks on the back portions of the base bars, allowing you to attach it closer to the back or closer to the center of the base.

The upright bars of the unit is tilted rearward for further stability and as a counter-balance for leg lifts. The adjustable handlebars contain six attachment points. For low-level dips, there’s also an attachment placed for them on the front portion of the two base bars.

This power tower isn’t particularly tall. It is approximately 63′′ (160 cm) long when fully completed, and 48′′ (120 cm) broad at its widest point (at the top pull-up grips) (122 cm). The unit is 83′′ (210 cm) tall. Thus it will fit in a room with a ceiling height of 7 feet. However, at least one foot of clearance is advised to be left above it to properly complete all pull-up exercises. It’s also a good idea to provide at least two feet of space on each side of the tower and three feet at the front.

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Table of Contents

Workout Station

Three fitness stations are available at Women’s Health Men’s Health 1866 power tower. The options are a multi-grip pull-up station, a dip and leg raise station, and an adjustable training station.

Pull-ups Station. The pull-up station on the tower has various grip sets. It allows you to do pull-ups or chin-ups with either a broad grasp, a close grip, or a parallel grip. The distance between the ends of the top broad grips is 48′′, as previously stated (122 cm). A coating of PVC foam is added to the grips to increase the contact. They’re also strong enough to sustain up to 400 pounds (181 kg) loads.

Dip Station. A strong ergonomic dip and leg raise station are included with the WHMH 1866 power tower. They have foam cushions that are protected by a coating of long-lasting vinyl. The dip arms also feature twin grips at their ends, each with a 1° inward slant. The upright grips may be adjusted in two places. The horizontal grips support leg raises, while the vertical grips assist dips. Similar to those used on pull-up bars, PVC foam sleeves are used on both grips.

The backrest of the tower is not adjustable. It’s not very huge, but it does include a thick (3′′) layer of foam padding that should be sufficient for leg lifts and other similar workouts. Its cover is constructed of long-lasting vinyl that is sweatproof and simple to clean.

Adjustable Station. There’s a pair of handles that look like pull-up handles on one end, and on the other, there’s a set of 4′′ foam rollers. There are seven attachment locations on the tower: six on the upright bars and one on the base bars. These allow for various pull-ups, dips, and even upside-down abdominal workouts to be performed.


Complete user assembly is required for the WHMH 1866 power tower. On the other hand, the assembly isn’t difficult and shouldn’t take more than an hour. As a general rule, start with the base and work your way up to the two upright bars, the backrest, the dip station, and finally, the remainder of the grips. The directions for assembly are quite clear in the booklet. However, no assembling tools are given.

Maintenance is minimal after the power tower is fully built. All you have to do is maintain the device clean and check for loose parts regularly.


Women’s Health Men’s Health 1866 is a power tower that may be used at low ceiling homes. It has a multi-grip pull-up station, a leg raise and dip station, and an adjustable set of grips for various other exercises. It has a solid overall design and a maximum user weight restriction of 400 lbs. It allows you to execute over 30 exercises.

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