How Do Vibration Plates Burn Calories?

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Vibration plates can boost your weight loss results and tone up your body in less time than hours of workout in a gym.  These vibration plates are available in a variety of price ranges allowing you to spend according to your budget.

This availability of cheap to high-end devices give you an excellent choice for choosing the right equipment. It allows you to burn calories effectively and easily when used correctly.

How many calories do vibration plates burn?

Below is the estimate of the calories burned by a person weighing 70kg in the respective time mentioned while using a vibration platform.

Duration Calories Burned
5 minutes 49 Calories
10 minutes 98 Calories
15 minutes 147 Calories
30 minutes 294 Calories
1 hour 588 Calories
2 hours 1176 Calories
3 hours 1764 Calories
4 hours 2352 Calories

The vibration machine works by forcing your body to contract and relax your muscles several times in a second for maintaining balance. This is very much similar to regular exercises, but it happens quicker. That is the reason why vibration machines offer faster results.

In traditional exercises, you gain strength and build muscle using this exact contraction and relaxation method that happens when using a vibration machine. Since 90% of your muscles are put into action while you’re working on a vibration plate, it is very effective for weight loss.

It not only tones your muscles but also burns the fat stored as your body requires greater energy to perform this activity. Your muscle fibers get a lot of positive impact and action that enhances the fat burning process leading to higher calorie burning.

A vibration machine’s performance depends on several factors such as your current weight, height, the time you are spending on the machine, the exercises you are performing, and so on. You can sit stand up perform cardio on a vibration machine.

If you perform cardio, it burns more calories than just standing or sitting on it. You can get rid of more calories by getting your heart racing and with the support of vibration action. Performing cardio will have additional benefits apart from losing weight.

In an hour, you can burn approximately 200 to 500 calories while working on this machine. So, it will be about 50 to 125 calories in 15 minutes as an estimate for an average individual. However, as mentioned earlier, it depends on various other factors also.

How does a vibration plate work?

A vibration machine sends oscillating vibrations through your body, making it relax and contract the muscles and transferring the energy all about your body, getting it to activate several muscles simultaneously. This process has several other advantages, along with fat burning.

It is nothing different from regular exercise as the traditional exercise also leads to muscle contraction and loosening up, allowing you to spend energy. However, here you get to perform the same process several times more per second.

While exercising, as your body builds up the tension, you start feeling warm and tingly, indicating that fat-burning action is in process. With a vibrating machine, you get to feel it in a lesser time than other intense exercises.

Another major difference from traditional workouts to a vibrating machine is that you need not lift weights to load your muscles, but you just need to set the frequency and vibration amplitude. The vibrations are responsible for contracting and loosening the muscles to activate them and to cause intense muscle strain that trains them.

It requires much less time than conventional training for the process of muscle activation and also to target certain muscle groups when on a vibration plate. It also provides several other benefits in comparison to regular forms of exercise.

It can be said that when a vibration machine is used in combination with a healthy diet, you can achieve your weight loss goal without fail. You just need to make sure that your intake is less than the energy you burn for sure results.

Apart from burning fat, vibration plates are also capable of strengthening your muscles, improving their tone, enhancing flexibility, improving your posture, rejuvenating your muscles, and increasing your balance.

Who can use a vibration plate?

They are designed with busy people in mind, but they are suitable for most individuals and give you quick results. You can work out in the comfort of your home even if you do not have time to go to the gym. It does not occupy much space like other exercise equipment and is simple to operate.

Its easy-to-use functions and fast output giving nature made it popular among busy people who want to maintain their fitness. Even 15 minutes a day can give you fantastic results that too without exhausting you too much.

The main idea of vibration plate technology is to make fitness training effortless, allowing you to gain a fit body enjoyably. No matter from what walks of life you are from, you deserve a fit body, especially in these times of health crisis.

Forget the sore muscles and continuous body aches you get from rigorous exercising as a cost of fitness training. The vibration machine eliminates these parameters and gives you a healthier body without putting it into these hardships.

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) offered by vibration plate is a low-impact workout that requires minimal effort. As you can vary the intensity, you can easily start small and move to higher levels. As you start getting comfortable at a certain point, challenge yourself.

It is equally beneficial for professional sportspersons or people with chronic pain issues. The best thing most people like about it is you can burn fat even while sitting or standing on it. Since you can perform exercises on it, you get a better scope for an intense workout.

How to lose calories/weight with a vibration plate?

If you follow a sedentary lifestyle and just started on a vibration plate, you can see satisfactory results. It is as simple as standing on it for 15 minutes a day or adding few exercises for enhanced results.

You can see the results based on the exercises you perform. While knee bends and lunges are excellent starting points, you can progress to pushups and crunches for an intense workout. All you need to do is watch your diet and use the vibration plate properly for effective fat burning.

They are better than conventional exercises and do not tire you easily, but the calories they burn are higher when compared. Again, let me remind you there are many other factors you should consider before concluding the results of this machine.

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