Tips on How to Keep Your Home Gym from Smelling

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Home gyms cost you space, and most people try to multi-purpose their space by setting them in places such as garages where ventilation is low. This tends to keep the odors trapped and smells lingering inside them.

It does not feel great to spend a lot of time there, and eventually, people stop working out to avoid that malodourous ordeal. Yes, smells are powerful enough to alter the state of your mind, and they can drive you away when atrocious enough.

While there are several reasons for the smells emanating from your home gym, the good news is they are fixable. All you need to know is the source and how to keep it in check.

Gym odor will be history now

You will be surprised to see how many things you never realized contributed to the bad smell and how easy it was to avoid most of them. Individuals experiencing foul smells in their home gyms will find great relief after following the below tips.

Eliminating smells need more than cleaning.

You might be a vigilant cleaner with a properly scheduled cleaning routine for daily, weekly and monthly chores. It has nothing to do with your gym smelling bad as other culprits escape this cleaning regime and irritate you.

Going through everything that can make your gym smell bad can help you check which instance suits your case and eliminate it effectively. A fresh-smelling gym is not only inviting in the mornings but also has a positive impact on your mood.

Once you keep doing these things, you will not allow any odor build-up in your gym, and that keeps it fresh from time to time. Returning to it will be easier than returning to an awfully smelly place. Just don’t let the bad smell, which is controllable to come in your way to hinder your fitness progress.

Easy tips to keep your gym smelling fresh

You will be surprised to know how these small little tips will save you from a lot of hassle and how easy they are to implement for keeping your work area smelling fresh.

No room for dirty clothes

Leaving your workout clothes inside the gym post-workout is a bad idea. Keep the hamper away from your gym, even if it is meant to hold only your gym clothes. This ensures that the stinking clothes that smell your sweat and all the body smell that sticks to them are kept far from your home gym.

It might not seem much of an issue during the cold months, but as the temperature goes up, you can smell every bit of it. If you want to keep yourself from throwing up during a workout, take my advice and just keep it out. Yes! The smell is that bad!

Prefer clean clothes

It is not advisable to wear already used clothes, meaning you should wear fresh clothes each time you work out. Most people air them out to dry and simply wear them back as free from dirt. But they stink like anything, and your mind cannot focus well with all that odor lingering.

Trust me, if you are trying to save a few laundry trips, that smell and bacteria they contain are not worth it. Furthermore, the smell does not just affect your mood, but it also gets rubbed onto every piece of equipment you use, leaning your body against them, such as a bench.

Reusing the air-dried, sweet-smelling clothes is not saving you some laundry but multiplying your work by making your gym equipment odorous. After reading this, I think you will strongly reconsider using old clothes.

Ensure no smelly things are present

As already mentioned, home gyms are usually set up in places such as garages and a basement. These places also hold smelly things such as kitty litter or garbage cans, especially if you live in a townhouse.

Find another good place for such smelly things if you want to work out peacefully. Moreover, deeply inhaling all the gases they release is not a good thing to do as they can affect your health adversely.

Buy used equipment cautiously.

Used equipment is mostly upholstered or is sold for some reason the user could not get along with. So, when you examine the used equipment for buying, you need to check it carefully for weird smells. Yes, you need to smell it before buying.

It is not weird and much better than you ending up with rotten smells that are sometimes due to the materials used in upholstery. Go ahead, smell it! Avoid regretting it later when you cannot use your gym due to that horrible smell.

Consistent cleaning

Wiping down your machines after every use is beneficial for several reasons. Also, remember to clean your home gym thoroughly, including the floor, every week. Keep a ph neutral and non-toxic solution along with few wipes handy for quick wiping.

Much better if you have fitness wipes that are ready to use. If you prefer a homemade solution, the diluted vinegar and microfiber towel combo is a hit for a quick wipe down. All you need to make sure is to use them after a workout without fail for them to work.

Simply sitting in your cabinet, they do not serve any purpose, so use them to sparkling your gym and keep it smelling fresh. That was about daily cleaning, and weekly cleaning requires a little more time and effort.

Otherwise, you can see dust bunnies rolling on your floor and the sweat drips piling up, making your floor dirtier day by day. Sweep, vacuum, and mop your gym without fail, along with wiping down the equipment completely.

Provide proper ventilation

Check if the air quality in your gym is adequate, meaning if it has enough ventilation. If not, the air will not circulate properly, and your health is impacted adversely, and you need to deal with an unbearable musty smell.

As you breathe deeply and your body needs ample oxygen, you should keep the air fresh and breathable. Maintaining the air quality in your home gym is of paramount importance, and you should take immediate measures to improve its quality as much as possible for optimal benefits.

Here is how you do it to make the air smell fresh and rejuvenated with loads of oxygen in your home gym. Your home gym might be in a basement or a garage where no climate control measures are present.

So, most people prefer to close the vents to control the temperature but keeping the air vents open will let the fresh air in. If you have a window, keep it open as much as possible for better air circulation.

If working out of a garage, you can keep the door raised to 1 or 2 feet when you work out. So, keeping open the vents, windows, and door wherever possible will drive away from the musty smell and bring in the fresh air.

Beware of mold

Mold is a silent issue that lurks in corners and covers places like under a carpet and flooring. You need to constantly check for it and destroy it as soon as you find traces of it. Moist places with no proper heat and dark are favorable conditions for the mold.

Mold is not only toxic but also unhygienic. It also emits a certain smell that reminds you of old people’s places left uncared for many days. Getting your place checked for mold is prominent for your as well as your family’s health.

Dehumidification of the air

After ensuring good air circulation, the next step is to dehumidify the air to keep it from carrying odors. It is highly useful if you live in a humid climate as dehumidification can also assist in keeping the mold away through prevention.

When air is dehumidified, it is easily breathable leading to a better air intake. Odor prevention and improved freshness are added advantages. This inexpensive device can make a huge difference in the smell as damp air can retain more smell than dry air.

Air purification

Purifying the air using air purifiers has tremendous differences, and the quality of the air you breathe in shows a lot of variation in your health. Purer air makes your health better and thus helps you achieve your fitness goals faster.

So, air purifiers are not only useful in eliminating odor but so for invigorating your health. I agree that it is a little expensive, but I also admit that it is worth every penny. However, it is a one-time investment with a recurring purchase of an air filter.

You need to make sure that you buy a well-performing air purifier model and easily available air filters.

Air freshener

Though people use it as the first thing to eliminate odor, it only fixes the issue temporarily by masking the odor. You need to follow all the steps mentioned above to get rid of the smell permanently.

Only when you eliminate the source can you enjoy the real freshness and also keep it from returning again and again. You will find two types of air fresheners in the market, the one that masks the smell by adding more chemicals and the one that absorbs the smell in natural ways.

The second method is preferable, and charcoal air fresheners absorb all the bad odors effectively, leaving the air fresh and chemical-free. Always prefer such methods for keeping the air fresh rather than adding harmful ingredients to the air you breathe in.

Three easy air freshening options

Baking Soda: It is a highly used deodorizer that is effective in eliminating smells like magic, even in stubborn places such as a refrigerator where smells do not go away that easily. Baking soda can be a solution to the most stinky smells, such as garbage cans also.

So, it can efficiently absorb the malodors and leave the air fresh. All you need to do is to keep a box or two of it open and let it work its wonder. Overnight, your gym feels fresher than ever, especially after reducing the odor-causing sources.

Fresh Wave: I found this online, and it works amazingly to freshen up the air in your home gym. A tub or two of it will give you a good feeling when left open.

Charcoal Air Freshening Bag: Charcoal is highly effective at absorbing odors, and when you hang a bag of it in your gym, it gives you purer air. Bamboo charcoal is the most effective among them.

Professional cleaners

You should be fine after following the above tips, but still, if you are facing issues, it does indicate a larger problem and requires the assistance of professionals. They have a lot of experience in dealing with such issues and can find out the cause and eliminate it effectively.

Once you locate the odor source, you will understand what is causing the issue, and you can further avoid it or find a solution to keep that smell away. Though they are a bit expensive, you can find plenty of them online.


It seems a lot to do, but when I summarize all of these here in few sentences, you will see how simple and quick all these things are to do. Remove used clothes, use fresh clothes, no garbage cans and kitty litter in the gym.

Purchase used equipment with caution. Ensure proper ventilation, purify, dehumidify and freshen the air. Finally, make sure that no mold is growing in your home gym. See, it is all that simple. Well! You can always get professional help if the odor persists.

Oh! Don’t forget to turn on the purifier. Yes! You need to turn it on and change filters as instructed to maintain excellent air quality. Now get on that treadmill and enjoy the fresh-smelling gym or sit on the yoga mat taking deep breaths without the fear of throwing up!

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