Is the Treadmill Bad For Your Knees?

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Concerned about treadmills being harsh on your knees? Here’s some comforting information: the impact of running on your knees is similar across different surfaces.

Running, in general, subjects your knees, ankles, and feet to significant force. This means knee discomfort can arise from any running routine, regardless of the location.

However, it’s not entirely accurate to single out treadmills as harmful for your knees. The reality is, treadmills are often considered a safer choice for knee health.

Their design can provide a more controlled environment, potentially reducing future knee pain linked to running.

This is why health experts often suggest treadmills for those with knee pain.

Their use has been effective in managing and alleviating such discomfort. So, while running inherently stresses the knees, treadmills might offer a gentler option.

If you choose a treadmill wisely, you won’t have a problem with your knees.

What Is the Effect of Running On Your Knees?

It would be great to understand any relationship between your knees and the running activity.

As you run, some changes affect your knees’ fluids and cartilage. The interesting part about these changes is that they are temporary.

After all, your cartilage has a recovery mechanism once you finish running. Besides, your body will adapt to the demands of running with time.

Therefore, running isn’t a cause of arthritis. Your body and knees get time to recover from the running effects upon resting.

On the contrary, running reduces your chances of suffering from arthritis. That’s because running compresses your knees.

Consequently, more fluid will travel to your knee joints, thus enhancing lubrication. So, besides benefiting your health, your joints also get something from the runs.

That’s not the only reason why most people consider running, though. Did you know that running is an excellent cardiovascular exercise?

It is also as simple as opening your door and starting the exercise. Since you don’t require equipment, it is inconvenient, especially with a tight budget.

Nevertheless, don’t compromise on the quality of your running shoes. Bad running shoes are bad for your knees.

Equally important, the running surface determines the exercise’s impact on your knees.

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