ProForm 705 CST Treadmill Review, Buyer’s Guide, and Comparison

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The ProForm 705 CST is a space-saving treadmill meant for small spaces and apartments where a fitness enthusiast wants to keep getting better day by day. This treadmill is meant for you to carry out workouts at home while keeping you safe and giving you a comfortable experience.

It also assists you with 22 programs to make you aspire to be in the best shape yourself. It also comes with the highly futuristic iFit coach, which simulates various outdoor environments worldwide and changes the incline accordingly to give you a realistic running experience.

The ProShox Cushioning system protects your knees and joints from excessive impact, wear, and tear. People of any weight can use this machine to get fitter as this machine is designed for a maximum user weight of 325 lbs.

With various sensors and a 5” display, you get to monitor and customize various parameters of your exercise like speed, incline, calorie burn, and much more.
ProForm 705 CST Folding Treadmill

What I Like About ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

  • ProShox cushioning to make your workout easier and comfortable for your body, as well as reducing the impact on your joints while you work out from home or the office
  • 5” display to monitor and display vital statistics about your workout while also providing you coaching of the highest quality to enhance your workout from home
  • iFit coach gives you access to several workouts and coaches who suggest workouts to learn from the best and get in the best shape that you can
  • 325 lbs maximum user weight to support you even if you heavy so that you can also enjoy the benefits of a good workout
  • 12% incline. This allows you to enjoy the challenges of an extreme workout

What I Don’t Like About ProForm 705 CST Treadmill

  • Inaccurate pulse monitoring due to sensors on the handgrip, which are known not to provide accurate results as the body is constantly moving
  • Average 2.75 CHP motor, which is not enough for you if you are a runner and want to test your capacity to its fullest
  • Less running area for runners even if they want to run at 12mph, which is the maximum speed of the treadmill
  • Large footprint area which takes up a lot of space in your room instead of being compact
  • No tablet to enjoy the iFit coaching and workout videos provided by professional coaches
  • Difficult assembly even though the manual is provided as it says at least two persons are needed to set the treadmill up

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ProForm 705 CST Treadmill Features

The ProForm 705 CST Treadmill is one for the workout enthusiasts at home who want to amp up their fitness and add more to their workout. It comes with a 2.75 CHP motor, which offers a maximum speed of 12mph, which is great for people who want to do some light exercises.

You can walk as well as jog at this speed. Apart from the 12mph speed, you also are offered a maximum incline of 12%, which gives you the resistance to get a good challenge out of your workout routine.

It comes with impressive 22 programs to give structure and form to your workout. It is also iFit enabled, which means that you are offered an iFit compatibility.

With the iFit compatibility, you can buy any of their workout coaching taught by some highly professional coaches to become more disciplined in your workout.

A backlit display shows your workout parameters like speed, heart rate, calorie burn, and mileage.

There is also a fan to keep you chilled during the workout from your home.

The deck offers you a large running area of 22″ x 60″. This running area is more than the average treadmill so that you can enjoy your workout with more room for comfort.

To add to the enjoyment and comfort, you can enjoy two speakers for music, motivation, and meditation while working out from home. To connect your device, ProForm offers an auxiliary port.

The best part about this treadmill is that you can work out even if you are 325 lbs. which is the maximum user capacity of this machine.

Built-In Program

We’ll, the built-in programs in a treadmill are very beneficial to you as they add to your workout in many ways.

Similarly, the ProForm 705 CST has 22 built-in programs created and curated by professional athletes and fitness experts to elevate you to your highest potential even if you exercise from your home or the gym.

These programs are designed to focus on at least one aspect of your workout: speed, cardio, and strength. It adjusts the speed and inclines according to the preset you have selected, and it will offer you ways to get in your desired shape.

If you have an iFit subscription, you’ll be in for an experience of your life. The iFit program is a unique one as it stimulates the topography of a location you select from anywhere on the earth. It then adjusts the incline according to the land topography of the landscape you have chosen in the iFit Program.


The ProForm 705 CST has classified its warranty into three different parts. There is a different warranty period on the parts, labor, and motor.

The Proform 705 CST has a 2-year warranty on the parts. This warranty offering is not impressive as good companies usually give you a lifetime warranty on the parts. Sounds surprising? Check out the good brands.

The labor warranty on the 705 CST treadmill is pretty reasonable, which is just a year, and this covers the labor repairing and maintenance of your ProForm 705 CST. This is a good warranty period on labor as it covers the technician charges for any maintenance and saves a lot from your pocket.

The last warranty is on the motors for a lifetime. This period itself tells you scores about the motor’s quality as the manufacturers are displaying immense confidence in this motor and its reliability.

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ProForm 705 CST vs. Sole F63

The Sole F63 is a lead runner in the initial parameter itself with a 3.0 CHP motor, whereas the Proform 705 CST has a 2.75 CHP motor. Even though the difference doesn’t seem like much, the workout experience will be different.

Although the difference in the motor capacity of both the machines, the maximum speed in these two treadmills is the same, at an average of 12mph, which is ideal for jogging but not great for running requires a good 15mph of maximum speed.

The F63 takes the lead in terms of incline as it has a 15% maximum incline while the 705 CST has a 12% maximum incline. The 15% maximum incline is highly effective and completely changes your workout environment.

Both of them have the same running area of 20” x 60” in terms of deck size, which is good enough for you if you are an intermediate runner.

The ProForm treadmill has the ProShox Cushioning system, which is very easy on the joints and the knees to provide a comfortable workout experience. On the other hand, the Sole treadmill is home to the CushionFlex technology, which reduces the impact on joints by more than 30%.

The F63 comes with a larger 6.5” LCD with only 10 workout programs, whereas the 705 CST has a 5” backlit display with 12 more programs than the F63.

Both the machines have a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame. The 705 CST comes with a 2-year warranty on the parts, while the F63 has a warranty of 3 years on the same.

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