Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7705 Treadmill Review    

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A home gym setup has become a regular affair in most of our homes, and a treadmill is one of the most versatile exercise equipment that fits the bill of most of our health-related requirements.

The Sunny Health & Fitness brand is a popular one in the health equipment market, and the SF-t7705 is a user-friendly model whose specifications and working style are elaborated.

The SF-T7705 treadmill hit the marker in 2017 but still thrives as one of the most popular and reliable treadmill models.

The best highlight of this machine is its foldable nature, which helps us save much space as one of the primary requirements for most of us.

Besides this, the machine comes with an automatic inclination option, has a superb console that comes fitted with the latest features, and is suitable for our jogging, running, and walking needs.

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What I Like About

Every piece of equipment has its pros and cons, and the SF-T7705 model is no different. Let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages present in this model.

  • The side grip comes with built-in speed and inclination options
  • Minimal power consumptions
  • 9 different workout options help us focus on our fitness requirements
  • The creative design of the treadmill and its foldable nature makes it a space-saving model
  • Option to change speed up to 9 MPH with a 0.1MPH increment possibility
  • Auto-incline option up to 15% in the ranges of 3%, 6%, and 12%
  • The unit is sturdy yet easy to transport using the transport wheels provided
  • LED display
  • Additional accessories such as tablet holder, sound system, accessory tray, BMI function, pulse reading function, and pulse reading functionality
  • Simple assembly and easy maintenance with provisioning for lubrication reminder
  • Optimal warranty offered
  • Decent deck cushioning offered

What I Don’t Like

  • The beautiful console display gets blocked when we place the tablet on the tablet provisioning available.

Frame and Construction

The frame is sturdy and made of steel designed with rectangular and ovalized bars though the SF-T7705 is a light-capacity model that can withstand a maximum user weight capacity of up to 220 lbs.

This single-colored unit (gray) guarantees against rusting, and the machine boasts of multiple ABS parts, including the motor cover, side rails cover, the console dashboard, and many other covers.

The machine is optimal in size occupying .64″L x 27″W of space besides needing about 3 feet of clearance space at the rear side and another two feet of clearance on either side of the machine.

But this doesn’t stop individuals, even with space constraints, from purchasing this model as it is foldable, including the decks.

When locked in a vertical position, the machine attains a maximum length of 34.5″ while its height increases by another couple of inches.

You can place the machine in a fixed place or move it around anywhere you like as the manufacturer has done a splendid job with the machine’s portability feature.

Two small but solid wheels help in the easy movement of the treadmill in its folded position.

Besides these, another set of rear wheels acts as additional stabilizers.

Running Area

Any treadmill relies primarily on its running deck to offer the maximum comfortable exercise experience.

Without a doubt, the SF-T7705 model has an advanced cushioning feature that includes 6 internal cushions (3 on either side) and 4 silicone pads (2 pads on each side) that minimize vibration effects.

Such comfortable cushioning effects guarantee better protection to our joints and knees while running or walking on the treadmill.

Tall or short, don’t hesitate to make use of this treadmill as the unit comes with a pretty big running area measuring 49″L x 15.5″W (124.4 x 39.3 cm).

Hence, even if you are 6 feet tall, it is possible to use the treadmill comfortably.


Varying inclination options are a sure-shot attraction for anyone who loves incorporating challenges in the daily workout routine.

The SF-T7705 model comes with 15 levels of inclination and comes with an automatic incline system.

Using this system, it’s possible to change the inclination options while working out.

Choose anything from 0-15%.

It is possible to change inclination levels gradually with 1% increment options available or make rapid incline changes using the 3%, 6%, and 12% inclination options.

The machine also has the feature to adjust the inclination option automatically per your chosen workout program.

Besides the drive motor, the company has fitted a motor and a lift (available at the front of the deck) for the incline system.

The lift primarily elevates the deck’s front when changes are made to the inclination levels manually or through any workout selection.

Step-up Height

The step-up height of the treadmill varies depending on the inclination level set.

At a 0% incline, the height is around 6″ (15 cm) and goes up by a couple inches when the treadmill is at its maximum inclination (15%).

To accommodate the step-up height, it is always better to set up the machine in a place where the ceiling height is at least 15″ more than the individual using the treadmill.

Motor and Speed

Being an electric treadmill, the SF-T7705 operates using a power source.

The choice of motor and its speed has a huge impact on the operational performance of any piece of exercise equipment.

Though we cannot call the motor design and the power of the SF-T7705 treadmill one of the best in the town, the 2.20 HP motor power is reasonable enough to support any of our workout needs, including running.

On the other hand, basic motor provisioning is advantageous in power consumption as this is minimal.

Use it a couple of times on a day-to-day basis and be amazed to find that the electricity charges don’t shoot up beyond a couple of dollars.

Being at home, we feel comfortable to workout at our desired time, but this should not be a hindrance for others.

Though the machine promises to generate minimum noise, the noise range depends on your speed of operation.

The provision of a flywheel enhances the machine’s stability while reducing the vibration caused.

This model supports any speed between 0.5 and 9.0 MPH in the speed range.

We can make adjustments in the range of 0.1 MPH, which is highly beneficial as it allows us to make fine changes to speed levels that don’t impact our balance over the treadmill.

The manufacturer has gone one step ahead in including quick speed control buttons that set workout speeds at 2 MPH, 4 MPH, and 6 MPH, respectively, making it easier for us to navigate between speed levels with the touch of a button.

This way, never hesitate to change your pace as required to intensify workout levels.

Like the inclination levels, some of the workout programs auto-adjust speed levels according to the nature of the workout.

Hence, choose any in-built programs and enjoy the automatic speed adjustments of the belt and the inclination of the deck available.


The SP-T7705 comes fitted with a mid-range console that has an LCD.

The backlight LED display makes it easier to read the metrics data available.

We get a neat and clean console whose display is divided into many fields such that we can access multiple data simultaneously, including time, speed, calories burned, distance, number of steps, heart rate, and inclination.

The measurement unit for speed and distance includes miles and MPH, and the machine keeps track of the distance covered in terms of the number of laps.

Options to read pulse data are available through the machine’s side grips, but please be aware that it is impossible to get pulse readings via a chest strap or a wireless armband as the console is not telemetric.

Choose from any of the 9 different workout programs installed where each of them is interval-based and has the capacity to auto-adjust speed and incline levels according to the program’s need.

The SF-T7705 treadmill doesn’t let you stay behind in tracking your fitness levels at any point in time, as the Bluetooth-fitted console allows us to track our fitness progress using the Sunny Health & Fitness app.

This way, adjustments to speed and inclination levels can be made using our phone once we have thoroughly analyzed our fitness progress over time.

Before setting your fitness target, you could measure your Body Mass Index to correlate between height and weight and fix upon required goals.

Apart from the primary features, the machine comes fitted with secondary features such as the sound system, tablet holder provision, and a holder to hold accessories.

Though the sound system consists of dual speakers, we cannot use the Bluetooth functionality to connect to the system.


Assembly has always been a problematic chore for many, but the Sunny T-7705 treadmill is pre-assembled.

All that’s to be done is unpack the product, use screws to fit the two front bars, and voila! The machine is ready to use in 15 minutes.


Maintenance is a part of the package when we purchase exercise equipment; likewise, this model needs regular lubrication of the belt and the deck.

Besides this, monitor the machine to ensure that the parts and bolts are intact.

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