Sunny Health & Fitness Walking Treadmill SF-T7857 Review

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The Sunny SF-T7857 is an exercise machine that comes with a basic design. It is best for walking training and recovery routines and can also be used for health rehabilitation and physiotherapy.

The walking machine comes with a powerful 2.5HP motor with a speed range from 0.6 MPH to 5.0 MPH. The budget-friendly treadmill has a minimalist-designed LED display console. Users can easily set their goals with calories, distance, and time.

Overall, this is a decent exercise machine that is suitable for modest cardio training, stamina development, recovery training, weight loss, muscle toning, and so on. Due to this, the SF-T7857 is suited for home gyms, schools, sporting centers, stadiums, commercial gyms, training and fitness centers, hospitals, rehabilitation centers, and more.

What I Like About

  • Ability to support users that weigh about 295 pounds
  • It comes in a compact size and is great for use in homes.
  • It has a low-profile deck and is suitable for low-ceiling rooms
  • The rear base comes with adjustable stabilizers.
  • The front base comes with wheels for easy transport.
  • The front handlebars enable multiple grip possibilities.
  • Come with long support bars at the sides.
  • This is a good machine for physiotherapy.
  • Each side of the machine deck comes with elements for shock absorption.
  • Has speed increment in 0.1MPH, making it possible to get the perfect workout pace.
  • The console is user-friendly.
  • The console comes in a 3-in-1 system that is used to display details for time, calories, distance, and pulse.
  • Comes with good goal settings for calories, distance, and time.
  • It has a reminder function to remind the user of machine lubrication.
  • It can be assembled easily.
  • It can be maintained easily.

What I Don’t Like

  • Quick speed selection buttons are not included.
  • Workout programs are not included.
  • It lacks a pulse reading feature.

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Frame and Construction

While the SF-T7857 comes with a minimalist design, it is known for its strong construction. Users with a weight of about 295 pounds and more can use this device. The base frame and the sidebars have been made from steel to ensure durability and long-term serviceability. Also, the motor cover and the side rails have been made from ABS plastic components.

All steel bars have been coated with powder to give a durable paint surface that resists corrosion. This durable treadmill machine comes with various long support handrails that make it suitable for recovery walking. The handrails of this senior walking treadmill have been ergonomically designed to enhance function, performance, and durability. The bar has been coated with the same rubber coating foam as the sidebars.

This treadmill has not been designed to be folded. This means that you get to assemble it once and leave it that way. It stays in this usable position, and the deck can never be folded back up. This unit, when fully assembled, does not come in a large size; however, it is big enough to get the job done. It is just the right size to be used on any floor space.

This is a treadmill that has been engineered to help users perform light cardio workout routines and physiotherapy. It has a total weight of about 123 pounds and can be assembled and transported by two persons. The front wheels help for easy movement once it is fully assembled. This machine has been recommended to be used on rubber mats.

Running Area

The running area of the SF-T7857 has been designed to encourage performance and function. The machine comes with a durable and long-lasting rubber belt. It comes with a walking surface that has a dimension of about 111.7cm by 49.5 cm.

The machine will be able to cater to users that are about 196cm in height or more. It is only suited for walking and does not support running. The rollers of the SF-T7857 come with a crowned design that has been used to integrate sealed ball bearings. This is useful in the provision of smooth belt movement and traction.

This machine comes with a cushioned deck. Users have the luxury to use 8 separate cushion elements that have been placed on 4 different sides of the deck. The cushions have all been concealed with the side rail covers. The dual cushions located in the foot strike location appear slightly larger.

This is used to absorb a larger amount of the shock that has been generated with each foot strike. Generally, this treadmill offers a safer surface to walk on to improve your back and joints rather than walking on concrete or asphalt.


The machine seems not to have an incline system. While other treadmills seem to have inclined systems to help promote their ability to offer rigid challenge and resistance, this machine seems to lack an incline system.

Step-Up Height

In terms of the step-up height, this machine seems to get the job done as users can enjoy the walking surface 11.4cm above the floor level. This supports the easy use of the machine. It is also a useful device for users that seem to have some disabilities.

Motor and Speed

The SF-T7857 is a treadmill that comes with a motor. Users get to work the machine by using an externally located power circuit. The machine uses a motor system that is similar to that used in the SF-T7718 model. The machine comes with a 2.5HP peal power output that is used to offer a constant power supply.

The machine offers enough power to support users that weigh about 295 pounds. The treadmill can be used for a long time, and it will not lose its performance or overheat. The SF-T7857 comes with an in-built flywheel that is used to stabilize the belt motion and reduce vibration.

The SF-T7857 comes with a speed range that goes from 0.6 to 5.0 MPH. This speed can be suitably adjusted with the Down/Up movement buttons located in the console. You do not have any buttons for quick speed selection. This means that the speed can be gradually adjusted. The speed gets adjusted only in increments of 0.1MPH.

This machine is known to have a motor system that is not noisy at all. This means that users will be heard barely when they are in the middle of their workout routines.  Even when the sound of the machine does get louder during intense workouts, it is not sufficiently loud to distort the sound of your music or TV systems.

Another important aspect of the SF-T7857 is the power consumption feature. The motor is huge on performance but still conceived in a way not to consume your electricity bills.


The SF-T7857 has been equipped with a minimally designed console. The device comes with a collection of three small LED screens that are used to display calories, speed, distance, and time. The calories burned and distance metrics are displayed on the same screen.

However, users who need information on their pulse rates will not get it with this machine. The SF-T7857 will not be helping users monitor their heart rates when involved in an intense exercise routine. Rather, they will need to go get another device for this.

The console unit of this machine lacks basic preset programs. It also does not have online or Bluetooth connectivity. But users will be able to track and monitor their burnt calories, distance, and time. The console will help them perform a countdown from the selected number to zero if they select a goal.

This console unit is one that is very friendly. It comes with only five distinct buttons. The Start, Stop, Mode, up, and down buttons that enable users’ feed specific instruction into the machine. The machine also comes with a Sleep function in the console. This feature is activated if there has been a period of inactivity for about 10 minutes in the machine.


The deck of this machine comes in a pre-assembled state, so users will not have to bother with assembly or manuals. However, they will need to attach the console, the front grip handlebars, the front masts, and the support bars at the sides.

Attaching all these extra parts will only take a matter of minutes. Then again, users have been provided with all the tools that they need to assemble the machine. Furthermore, the manual helps with a series of useful instructions and several possible layouts of the machine.


The machine helps its users get a good value for money. It is a treadmill system that comes with minimal maintenance. When it comes to maintaining the SF-T7857, there are two important functions here.

The treadmill comes with a Lubrication Reminder system that notifies users when it is the right time to lubricate the machine. This machine has a belt feature that needs to be lubricated once every 188 miles. The console usually notifies the user every time that this has to be done.

Then again, before the SF-T7857 gets put to use, the machine has to be lubricated first. For this, users get a bottle of lubricant with the treadmill. After its first lubrication process, the machine will now undergo regular lubrication periods after every 188 miles performed on the machine.

Then the belt should be kept clean at all times. Then again, it will be nice if users consistently keep checking the machine for any loose parts and bolts.

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