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Top 7 Best Durable Treadmills for a Heavy Person

Treadmills are adored for their ease of use and for accommodating the fitness needs of every kind of user—those who love to lose weight, gain strength, or develop overall fitness.

If you are overweight and looking for a good home gym equipment to lose weight and become flexible, a treadmill should be the apt choice.

Heavy people want to look out for a high weight capacity treadmill, but with so many different choices in the market, what’s the best heavy-duty treadmill with high weight capacity?

Curated below is a well-research list of the top 7 best treadmills for a heavy person:

See the overview, pros & cons below. And you would also be delighted to find some excellent information on how to go about making the right choices and the benefits of using a treadmill.

Are Using Treadmills Bad for Your Knees?

Time and again we have heard that running/jogging causes a greater impact on the knees leading to knee pain in due course.

It isn’t unusual for people to worry about whether or not treadmills are a piece of good exercise equipment, especially when an individual is obese.

Contrarily, light exercises such as walking promote knee health making them better than before. So, using treadmills is never bad for your knees until you exercise at a comfortable speed and use the right equipment.

Sometimes, individuals even worry about walking on the machine thinking that it would strain their knees and ankles.

As a matter of fact, there are many of them who already suffer from joint pain due to excess body weight.

All the strain exerted by your weight causes backaches or knee pains most frequently in overweight individuals.

A study published in the ‘Journal of Biomechanics’ found that overweight people never experienced any strain in their joints while walking at a comfortable speed any more than normal-weight participants.

The main catch here is that the treadmill purchased must accommodate heavyweight capacity designed specifically for the needs of heavy people.

This way, the equipment guarantees remarkable shock absorption systems which makes the impact on your knees as low as possible.

It was indeed rare to find higher weight capacity treadmills that could withstand up to 400 pounds of user weight a couple of years back.

Even if you did find them, they were priced way too above nominal ranges affordable only by very few individuals.

Thankfully now, heavy-duty home treadmills (350-400 lb. capacity) are cheaper and priced only as much like an elliptical or exercise bike.

They are also more commonly available. But, if you are looking for treadmills with 450 lb. weight capacity you must be ready to shell out ample money to get a good-quality machine.

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What are the Benefits of Using a Treadmill for a Heavy Person?

Treadmill offers numerous benefits that catapult your body’s health. You might be walking briskly only for 30 minutes a day on the treadmill but I assure you that you would reap from the following benefits including lower blood pressure, decreased stress levels, and improved bone and muscle strength.

SourceTrim your waistline, improve your health – Mayo Clinic

#1. Lower Blood Pressure

High/increased blood pressure is a condition suffered by individuals commonly as they age.

Such an increase in blood pressure levels can lead to cardiovascular heart disease.

The best way to stay away from such risks in life is to exercise regularly on a treadmill that’s suitable for overweight people.

#2. Reduced Stress Levels

Stress is a word that’s been commonly used nowadays in life, both by young and elderly people.

Our inactive lifestyle is a vital contributor to increased stress levels. Exercises, especially walking, reduce stress, and create a positive impact in life.

Your happiness quotient plays a prominent role in impacting your daily activities–happier you are, likelier you are to perform exercises regularly.

#3. Strengthen Bone & Muscles

If you walk/run on a treadmill when you are overweight it leads to increased movement in your joints more frequently.

This way, you will be able to slowly build up your muscles. Such muscle strengthening and development help you move for longer periods and also make doing tasks easier and simpler.

One best trick would be to start at the minimum speed available on the treadmill listening to music or watching your favorite program on the television.

You might not even realize that you are exercising. Gradually build up the pace in due course.

#4. Best Alternative to Outside Exercising

You might wonder repeatedly why to waste money on a home gym equipment when you can quickly go out for a superb walk/jog in the park enjoying the scenic beauty and fresh air outside.

There are not one or two but numerous benefits of using a treadmill indoors:

  • You are guaranteed of utmost safety reducing any risk of injury that could be caused due to uneven surfaces or moving vehicles outside
  • Treadmills suitable for heavy people come with a cushioned belt to lower pressure on joints
  • Helps your exercise any time of the day irrespective of the outside weather
  • Heavy people often feel conscious about exercising outside valuing others’ opinions too much. Exercising indoors shuns away any such hard feelings helping them workout comfortably without such thoughts

We even have research showing that slow walking on a treadmill helps:

  • Minimize chances of falling, especially when you are an elderly person
  • Accelerate weight loss by minimizing appetite
  • Lowers risk of cataract problems
  • Ensures larger dropping in pounds by increasing calorie burning abilities during and after exercise

Source: Slow walking may be the best prescription for obese

If you are not satisfied with these benefits that bring from treadmills, try rowing machine or elliptical trainers, which are also considered the most versatile exercise equipment for bad knees.

And also, exercising on the rowers—a kind of low-impact full-body workout machine—would target 85% percent of your body muscle, which can provide total-body workout options for you while eliminating the impact on your knees.

Source: Best Exercise Equipment for Arthritis and Knee Pain

The Best Way to Use a Treadmill

It’s not right to jump into exercising as quickly as you step into your home gym or any commercial gym space.

Follow the below-mentioned protocol to reap maximized benefits from exercising on a treadmill:

#1. Warming Up

It’s cool to step onto the treadmill and start running immediately at top speed but as an exercise, I believe that you understand the importance of warming up–it helps increase your heart rate and body temperature preparing your body for the simple/strenuous workout session.

This also minimizes your risk of injuries.

#2. Understand the Features

Good treadmills come with features such as calorie counter and multiple workout programs.

Get to know these features and make use of them when you are particular about time schedules and regularly working out.

#3. Handrails

Handrails on the treadmill are of utmost use when you are a newbie to exercising and to those who face stability issues with their feet.

The supporting handrails help you stay confident when the treadmill is in motion.

As you gain confidence, strength, and progress with regular exercising I promise you that you will use less and less of the handrails which are praiseworthy.

I recommend swaying your hands too while walking/running to improve your form and burn greater calories.

#4. Cool Down

A cool down is required just like a warm-up to slow your heart rate in a controlled way.

Never stop the treadmill abruptly after running at top speed. This will make you feel dizzy and we don’t need that!

What To Look For When Choosing the Best Treadmill for Heavy Weight Persons?

Don’t let confusion creep into you when you are finalizing on the best treadmill for heavy guys but look for the following features such as tread width, speed, heavyweight capacity and suitability in every treadmill that you see to choose what’s best for you.

#1. Tread Width

Treadmills for heavy individuals must have a wider and thicker tread.

The average width of any treadmill belt is 18 inches while heavy-duty treadmills come with a width of 20 inches or larger.

Greater the width, the more comfortable it is for the user to walk/run on it.

#2. Speed

Heavy people usually don’t prefer high-speed treadmills as they feel comfortable exercising at average speeds.

But, if you are highly ambitious or any other family member would also be using the same machine, it is better to choose a piece of equipment with a high-speed option.

As you progress, you might feel like increasing your pace and if you have chosen a model that maxes out at six miles per hour it will do you no good.

#3. Heavy Weight Capacity

Treadmills generally hold between 100 and 300 pounds of user weight.

Heavy-duty treadmills bear up to 400 pounds of user weight capacity and boast of sturdy frame and construction.

Select a model that satisfies your requirements.

#4. Suitability

A heavy-duty treadmill for heavy runners requires spending a generous amount of money.

Hence, make sure that the model that you choose satisfies your needs, has all the required features, and is easy to use.

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Top 7 Best Treadmills for a Heavy Person

Given below are the top 7 treadmills for a heavy person chosen based on the above-mentioned criteria.

#1. Life Fitness T5TC-XX00-0104 T5 Treadmill with Track Connect Console

The super-cool treadmills help the user exercise on three different running surface firmness settings, thanks to the FlexDeck Select system.

You could call this machine your personal trainer as it recalls your choicest walk, run and jog speeds besides helping you with numerous other workout programs. All of this, at the touch of a button!

Suiting the needs of a heavy individual the machine is designed with a spacious running surface enabling longer stride movements.

You could reach up to a maximum speed of 12mph with a 0.5% incline increment possible up to 15%.

Any user who weighs no more than 400 pounds (250, 300, 350, also include 400 pounds) can use this machine with the utmost comfort.

Do HIIT workouts or any other challenging workouts enjoying the connection to interactive apps that enhance user experience.

The console is unique in this Life Fitness treadmill as it has been smartly designed with a dual-zone feature: entertainment and a workout zone.

Place your smartphone and tablet at eye level for enjoying music and videos while working out.

The workout zone helps you follow your exercise performance with self-illuminating lights that become bright when usable and dim when not in use.


  • Lifetime frame warranty, 10 years on motor and 7 years on parts
  • Adjustable FlexDeck design to enable different running terrains
  • Possibility to place electronic gadgets at eye-level
  • Choose from different deck firmness settings to mimic exercising on grass or pavement


  • Heavy equipment weighing 341 pounds unsuitable for those looking out for a compact machine

#2. 3G Cardio Pro Runner Treadmill

Unlike the treadmill model above, the 3G Cardio treadmill is well-designed to be a compact machine for an obese person that could easily be folded and stored away occupying minimal space.

Don’t doubt the machine due to its compactness as it supports up to 350 pounds of maximum user weight capacity.

Speed might not be your primary concern but the treadmill offers you with optimal speed ranges between 0.5 and 12mph.

The manufacturer has proved his concern for the health of heavy people by coming up with a large orthopedic belt design that keeps the user comfortable while exercising.

You could even change the incline settings from 0.5 to 15% for keeping your workouts challenging and engaging.

The machine itself is stable and constructed for intense use.

We need to talk about the motor here—the treadmill comes fitted with a 3.0 horsepower motor that makes its functioning as noiseless as possible.

Any heavy person could choose this equipment if he/she wants to work out without disturbing others in the household.


  • The machine could be easily shared with other users due to its sturdy frame and construction
  • Good incline and speed settings
  • Built-in heart rate monitor and an optional wireless HR chest belt
  • Large orthopedic belt
  • Handrails enhance user safety and stability


  • No option to connect to apps for a versatile exercising experience
  • Cannot save personalized programs

#3. Bowflex Results Series Treadmill

The Bowflex Results Series treadmill is one of the simple yet performance-oriented heavy-duty treadmills for big and heavy people in the market.

You get to choose from nine specialized ‘push and go’ workout programs and view your exercising results simultaneously on a bright and colorful backlit LCD console.

The company has designed the treadmill keeping simplicity and ease of use of the trainer in mind.

You have one-touch adjustments for changing speeds between 0 and 12mph as well as inclination levels from 0-15% with the touch of a button.

All these make it a piece of versatile equipment for users who love to experience challenging exercise routines as their fitness levels increase.

You get a neat and large running deck surface and a 3.5CHP motor that provides you with uncompromised running/walking experience.

There is an option for Bluetooth connectivity but it’s limited to certain Apps. But you can enjoy your workout with Zwift by using a Bowflex series treadmill.

You could even customize your programs at the touch of a button using the ‘burn’ meter.

See more Zwift certified treadmills here.


  • Soft Drop folding ability helps you open and close the equipment smoothly.
  • Accommodates up to 375 pounds of user weight
  • Good tread width for comfortable exercising
  • Optimal incline and speed ranges


  • The treadmill is quite heavy
  • Can link to a restricted number of Apps

#4. Sunny Health & Fitness T7643

Are you serious about saving more and working out using a budget treadmill? If so, the Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 could be your best fit.

The treadmill boasts of a big walking surface, big button, and big handrails that help you show big calorie-burning capabilities.

It even has a big user weight capacity holding up to 350 pounds of user weight. A perfect treadmill for plus size who has a limited budget.

Though everything here is big, you needn’t worry a bit about storage or compactness as the machine comes equipped with a soft drop mechanism—you can easily fold and unfold the machine without any fuss.

The transportation wheels provided with the equipment helps you easily move the machine to any room of your choice.

You even get big buttons that help you start/stop or increase/decrease speed without any strain to your eyes.

The big cupholders help you store water bottles that keep you hydrated while exercising.

Enjoy unlimited entertainment placing gadgets up to 13 inches in size using the big tablet holder provided.


  • The backlit multi-display console helps you keep track of important metrics
  • Lightweight, compact and foldable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Big buttons and big handrails
  • Wide tread walking space


  • Quite loud motor
  • No inclination option
  • Maximum speed is up to 6mph only suitable only for walking or light jogging

#5. LifeSpan Fitness TR3000i Touch Folding Treadmill

If space restriction is your primary concern, don’t second doubt on buying the LifeSpan TR3000i treadmill that’s specifically designed to suit small spaces.

The EZFold design helps you fold/unfold and store away the treadmill out of sight once you are done working out.

Versatility is another main advantage of this model as the user gets to choose from 21 different built-in workout programs.

All of this is possible on this lightweight treadmill that’s certainly big on tread width and girth but compact on space.

Keep track of your calories burned, the speed at which you exercise, and overall training time using the simple but functional console that helps you monitor your progress.

Feel free to walk, run or jog on the stable treadmill that comes with slight shock absorption.


  • Lightweight, compact and easily foldable
  • Supports up to 350 pounds of user weight
  • Eight shock absorbers make it easy on your knees


  • Quite low control panel unsuitable for those suffering from poor sight

#6. The Horizon Fitness 7.0 Advanced Training Smart Treadmill

Horizon Fitness 7.0 is a quiet The main features that make this treadmill stand tall among the rest are its 60 inches cushioned deck, advanced Bluetooth connectivity features, and a powerful motor.

Use the one-touch speed and incline keys to change to your desired measures.

The 3.0 Continuous-Duty Horsepower motor powers your exercise and the exemplary drive system helps you change between workouts efficiently and smoothly.

The advanced Bluetooth connectivity helps you sync your gadget to the machine’s built-in speakers to enjoy listening to music or seeing videos.

Don’t worry about keeping your gadget safe as the built-in device holder helps you keep them safe even during your fastest run with its sturdiness. Its positioning is also appreciable without causing strain to your eyes.

Never worry about low batteries as the USB port helps charge your gadgets rapidly during longer training sessions.


  • Durable and easily storable with a foldable mechanism
  • Switch between running and walking settings from your handlebars
  • Handgrips in the front and side for stability
  • Maximum user weight up to 350 pounds


  • Uncomfortable for smaller people as the height of the handlebar cannot be changed

#7. Sole F80

Though expensive, the Sole F80 is one of the most robust treadmills available for heavy individuals. It is one of the few good treadmills that support up to 350 pounds of user weight.

The machine has been constructed with the utmost sturdiness to accommodate the running/jogging needs of heavy users.

The powerful motor is a great value addition to the machine but ensures that it functions in a relatively quiet manner.

Though foldable, the equipment occupies more space compared to other treadmill models. The wide running surface and long tread belt make it a sought-after one among users.

Sole’s Cushion Flex Whisper Deck provides maximum ergonomic design as it offers 40% more cushioning on your joints—this suits heavy users as they are at more risk for joint/knee strains.

You get an option to perform 8 different workout programs and there is a heart rate program that denotes your target heart rate.

The big LCD console shows important metrics and you are provided with a provision for placing your gadgets or magazines.


  • Lifetime warranty on running deck and motor
  • The 2-ply belt ensures long lastingness
  • Wide and long tread belt promises comfortable running deck
  • Excellent shock-absorbing system


  • The treadmill takes some time to speed up making it difficult for interval training
  • Expensive
  • Heavy and huge

Final Thoughts

Heavy users love to lose weight and choosing a heavy-duty treadmill that supports weight loss is important while making a selection.

Ensure that the treadmill that you choose comes with different speed and inclination levels, offers various features, and above all, supports entertainment options for a great exercise experience.

Warranty is also an important feature that ensures that you get the best for what you pay. Pick your heavy-duty treadmill from the list above and reap greater benefits.