Sole E25 vs. Sole E35 – Who Is the Winner?

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Sole Fitness is a reputed brand that is a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality elliptical trainers for residential and commercial purposes and Sole E25, and Sole E35 are two great models that are worth the buy, but what is the uniqueness of each of these models?

What Are the Main Differences Between Sole E25 and Sole E35?

The main differences between Sole E25 and Sole E35 are:

  • The Sole E35 has a heavier frame and higher user weight capacity. These are two durable ellipticals with a high user weight capacity suitable for tall and big users. While the Sole E35 has a maximum user weight capacity of 375 pounds compared to E25 that can withstand only up to 350 pounds of user weight.
  • E35 has adjustable foot pedals, deluxe handlebars
  • Sole E35 is a bit expensive while the E25 elliptical is a more budget choice.
  • Sole E35 is a high-end elliptical that comes with an adjustable stride ranging between 20” to 22” while Sole E25 comes with a fixed 20” stride.
  • The E35 lives up to this expectation as the foot pedals can be adjusted and used as per user requirements, but this feature is lacking in E25.
  • Both models come with a backlit console, with the E35 gaining an advantageous footing with its slightly larger display.
  • The flywheels of the Sole E35 is 25 lbs while the Sole E25 comes with a 20 lbs flywheel but both promising a smooth workout experience.

What Are the Similarities Between Sole 25 and Sole 35?

  • Both front-drive ellipticals come with magnetic resistance offering 20 different resistance levels, powered inclination, and options to use any of the 10 different built-in workout programs.
  • Both have a step-up height of 14 inches.
  • Each has a handy provision for a water bottle holder to keep you hydrated while exercising.
  • E25 and E35 both come with a lifetime warranty on frames. E35 has a five years warranty on parts and electronics, while E25 offers only three years. The warranty is not an issue with Sole as the company strongly believes in its products’ durability.

Console Comparison

Both models come with a backlit LCD monitor, which is quite similar. The E35 offers a much bigger console (7.5 inches) compared to E25 (6.5 inches), making it more comfortable and easy for the user to read metrics from the console, especially in a dimly lit room.

The consoles in both models have a tablet/book holder, built-in fans for cooling down, built-in speakers that keep you entertained, Bluetooth audio to listen to some peppy music while exercising, and handlebar controls for easy access.

The Bottom Line

Training on an elliptical is an excellent option for shaping both the upper and lower bodies. And the elliptical machine is a piece of excellent equipment where ample calorie burning and weight loss are guaranteed.

You may have guessed the better model by now after going through the similarities and differences between E25 and E35.

You could settle down to either model as both come from the house of Sole Fitness.

E35 offers higher user weight capacity, a smoother experience due to a heavier flywheel, deluxe handlebars, adjustable pedals, better frame sturdiness, and even has a longer warranty on parts and electronics.

Accessories such as Bluetooth audio, USB charging port (for charging your smartphone or tablets while watching your favorite video), and built-in speakers are similar in both models.

E25 provides the best value for money spent, while E35 is a bit costlier. But E35 is more versatile.

User reviews and ratings are positive for both models, and if you are good with the maximum user weight capacity, E25 would be a great choice.

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