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Do Treadmills Need a Mat?

A treadmill is heavy and will take up much of the room of your space. No matter what material of your flooring, hardwood, carpet, concrete, or tile, you should protect them away from scratch or collapse.

Do treadmills need a mat? Yes, a mat is the safest way to minimize the noise generated by the equipment while using it. The faster and harder you exercise, the greater is the impact transferred from the body to the floor. This results in more and more noise and vibration created, all of which could be subtly averted by using a mat.

If not, the vibrations could loosen important parts, nuts, and screws, which lead to dirt accumulation, which in turn reduces the longevity of the equipment.

If you have hardwood flooring or any other flooring, too, providing your floor with extra protection such as treadmill mats never hurts. This way, you are saving your valuable flooring and also preventing any movement of the equipment if in case the floor is quite slippery.

Stability is one of the main advantages of using a mat as a protective layer between the treadmill and the flooring. You don’t want your equipment to keep moving around as if it is on a dance floor, causing you to slip and fall!

Avoid unnecessary slippages, disco dances, noise, and vibration, which announces to the entire world that you are working out on a treadmill by using a good-quality treadmill mat that serves the purpose.

The treadmill is a huge piece of equipment that’s purchased with utmost care. It generally takes up huge spaces in the home gym.

The requirement of a treadmill mat is often a point of discussion among buyers, whether it is required or if it simply an expensive add-on accessory that’s offered by sellers amplifying its use while you are purchasing a treadmill.

But I would indeed recommend using a treadmill mat underneath the equipment, not for one or two but numerous advantages offered by the accessory. See my recommended treadmill mats for carpet.

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